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Behind the Scenes: Dropi Cod Liver Oil

Behind the Scenes: Dropi Cod Liver Oil

This is a new product which we developed in collaboration with a company called True Westfjords in Bolungarvík in the Westfjords They had a special interest in producing a Cod Liver Oil which was produced in a natural way and wasnt heated up to be as close to nature as possible and to the old methods So what we did, is develop a new modern method to produce Cod Liver Oil, which is never heated over 43°C which makes it a virgin Cod Liver Oil It has only the amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A from nature and the Omega 3 fatty acids from the natural stock its from fish which is caught the day before and comes in from the small boats in Bolungarvík and then we produce the Cod Liver Oil directly from the liver the day after

3 comments on “Behind the Scenes: Dropi Cod Liver Oil

  1. 🍎 I just bought this through Amazon. I like that it is not heated. I bought the liquid.
    . next time I will buy the capsules. The liquid tastes good. I will get back when I
    . finnish the bottle in 44 days . thank you 🐟 👌

  2. I usually use green pastures CLO- which is fermented- but thought I'd try this as it is so authentic in how it is made- not being processed at all and knowing its entire history is great. The only down side is taste- it tastes like CLO! I really actually like the taste of Green Pastures cinnamon tingle CLO. Right now I'm treating an illness so taking both brands of CLO to get an extra nutritional boost.

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