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Behind the Scenes of The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

– Hi, my name is Tarryn Fisher and my book is called The Wives. (relaxing music) It’s not based on a specific story, but there is a lot of polygamy in the news and on television today. It’s a very interesting topic, I think, especially for women
because we wanna understand how, why, so writing The Wives was me answering those questions. Well, thrillers are
predominantly psychological and I wanted to explore
the psychology of the why’s and how’s of polygamy, so I
was able to really get into the misogyny behind the idea of polygamy. And I think that’s pretty
unchartered in thrillers. I created the three wives to be in three stages of womanhood. They are three different ages and so you get to see how
a woman approaches love and polygamy from their age perspective. And the first wife, I
wrote her as insecurity, the second wife was written as bitterness and the third wife was
written as willful ignorance. And those were the main character traits that drove forth their
narrative in the story. I think to write a really great character you have to start with their flaws. Create something that is
very complex and flawed and then slowly redeem them and that is what makes
an interesting character and what gets the audience
rooting for that character. I don’t have a least favorite part. I like the whole process. I think I’m just sold out to
writing, I enjoy all of it. Oh, years ago, probably in 2006-ish, I was emailing Gillian Flynn a lot and this is before she exploded,
it was our first two books and she was gracious enough
to answer all of my emails. So I would say that Gillian
Flynn and Stephen King really piqued that interest in that genre, where you can get to explore human flaws in a very creative,
psychological narrative way. Interesting characters, a strong premise and the most important
thing is you have to be a little bit crazy yourself. (giggling)

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