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Belews Lake NC – Bass Fishing

Belews Lake NC – Bass Fishing

And today we are on Blewes Lake so lets see
if we can go catch some fish. Hey guys just had a bass blow up on my spook. Its a decent
little fish. On a spook lets get him back in the water. Got one on a spook guys. Its
decent fish right here. Nice spot looks like. Got this one on a spook. Were done fishing
for the day. We caught three fish today. I will show them to you. This one we caught
off camera. That’s a nice fish. And this one we got on camera. This one I caught on camera.
And then the last one the biggest one, caught this one on a spook. Nice Fish. ( Some random
dude Singing). We will let him go. One last look before we let him go. Here’s the release.
There he goes. Thanks for watching, Please show me some support and I will keep videos
posted. And please SUBSCRIBE.

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  1. Nice video, Im glad I checked out your channel! Keep it up and feel free to check out my fishing videos as well! Take care and tight lines!

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