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Bellagio Fish Tank

Bellagio Fish Tank

Hi everyone, this is Andy from Nice Guy
Tech. So most of us have heard about phishing emails and phishing scams, but
they never actually related to fish. Well, that ship has sailed.
Have you heard of the Bellagio fish tank story? Some cyber criminals hacked into a
casinos High Roller database through the Internet of Things connected fish tank
thermostat. They got it through the thermostat and stole all the valuable
data from the casino. Now this is pretty scary because there are so many IOT
devices out there that we use on a daily basis. Are these also vulnerable to this
kind of cyberattack? Well the short answer is yes. Pretty much any piece of
technology today can be hacked. There have been incidents of cyber criminals
hacking into a robot vacuum cleaner and using the built-in cameras to look
around the home. Now I’m not saying throw away your Roomba. It’s a great piece of
technology. But I do implore you to change the passwords on all of your
devices. Please don’t leave it on the factory default passwords that the
device comes with. That is a surefire way of getting your privacy and data
compromised. So basically I’m saying be smart with your IOT devices because even
though they are convenient and helpful, they could cost you a lot if you are not
careful. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.

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