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Belutnya Keluar Semua Mancing Belut Sawah Ngobor Belut – Eel Fishing

come on Which head? Ceuss You can Come on in, haha well this is his face GELI !! Sleepy Taking it sleepy Shut up !! Come on viewers There is no? How come ?? There Was No Earlier It Doesn’t Blur Was that just eaten? yes Come on, our viewers are looking for more! Then I just received it Why is that so ?? Hah … Maybe you want to? Come on, let’s look for viewers Even though there are many that are large Usually,,,, Okay, we are looking for more But Eaten? Now that can, Utruk Already eaten just now It’s hard Small,, Steady Not bad Mana Truk … Here Invisible Yes What to do? Which head? already Ouch Cape viewers Hungry … tired It’s 11 o’clock Who really is? yes Maybe for Today Is Right Now Because We Are Tired Because We Are Also Afternoon Until Also Afternoon same looking for eels and the night the night we continue to beat us already tired thank you for watching until it’s finished thank you all Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

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