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Ben Wolfe – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – Early June 2018

Ben Wolfe – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – Early June 2018

We’ve got some fantastic options out here
on Grand Traverse Bay, where we are now. It’s early June – we have some really good
bass fishing right now up in the shallows. We also have, in that 20-40 ft range, just
absolute phenomenal lake trout and cisco action. We still have cold water. It has really been a late spring. So, casting blade baits in that 20-40 ft range
is a really great option to getting lots of action on the cisco and the lake trout. One thing that has lots of anglers all across
the state excited is the salmon action that we’re seeing. All the way from St. Joe to Grand Haven, Muskegon,
even into Luddington – as those fish are migrating north for the summer – the salmon action
has been absolutely phenomenal. Lots and lots of bites for anglers getting
out on the big lake. For more information, or if you’re looking
for a Captain or Guide in the State of Michigan, give Sport Fish Michigan a call.

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