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Bench Set – Emerson Fisher 667i Actuator

Bench Set – Emerson Fisher 667i Actuator

Hi, I’m Landon with Spartan Controls and
today I’m going to show you how to do the bench set procedure on a Fisher 667i
actuator. Like all procedures, we should start out by making sure we’re
wearing proper personal protective equipment for the job at hand. To begin
we want to ensure that our actuator is secured and disconnected from our valve
stem. In this case, I have it secured in a vice but if it was mounted to a valve
you want to remove your stem connecting block before you begin. Next you’ll check
the bench that rating on your actuators nameplate. Next we’ll connect to our air
supply to our actuator and then increase our air pressure until our actuator
reaches the upper travel stop. While slowly decreasing the regular
pressure, notice the pressure at which the actuator starts to move downwards
leaving the upper stop. In my case, the actuator stems started to
move downwards above the bench set rating, so I will remove my actuator
pressure and then decrease the tension on my actuator spring. Now that we verified that the actuator leaves the upper casing at the correct pressure, our last
step would be to verify the stroke of our actuator. To do this, you’ll stroke
your actuator up to the upper casing using your regulator and then, using a scrap piece of tubing,
I’ll insert it through the vent hole in the casing and then mark that tube. Next
I’ll decrease my regulator pressure to my lower bench set value then reinsert
my tube and mark the actual stroke. The actual measured travel should match the
rate of travel of the actuator by plus or minus 10 percent. If it all matches up
you’re good to go and install your actuator on your valve. If it does not
match up there may be a mismatch between your bench set, actuator travel, and
spring. And this concludes our overview on how to do the bench set procedure on
a Fisher 667i actuator. Thanks for watching.

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