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Berburu Tuna di Pasar Ikan Kedonganan

Berburu Tuna di Pasar Ikan Kedonganan

Before continuing to watch, don’t forget to click Subscribe, tunr on the bell, then click thumb, and then share this video to all of your social medias… Hello Guys, how do you do?? Wellcome to Eross Dhonny’s channel channel that will take you for a trip to a cool place and recommendations for you to visit. Right now, I’m at the Kedonganan fish market, which is a fish market located on the coast of Kedonganan, Seminyak, Bali. This fish market has become one of Bali’s tourism icons, especially for seafood hunters, If you come to this place in the morning, if you are lucky, then you can see the process of the fishermen lowering fish from their boats. and can also make a deal with fish sellers who sells fish on the beach. these fish are still very fresh, because, they had just been unloaded from a fishing boat Fresh guaranted if you don’t get the fish you want from a seaside trader, then you can look for it in the Kedonganan fish market This fish market sells a variety of fish, from the smallest to the biggest. from the cheapest, to the most expensive one, so, you can adjust your fish shopping. with money in your wallet … Lots of choices, because of this market sell a variety of marine commodities. shellfish, crab, fish, various kinds … There are so many choices you can buy at this fish market. Not only famous among local tourists, The Kedonganan fish market is also well known by seafood lovers from abroad Many foreign tourists who hunt fish in this market Because of the freshness of the fish and the cheap price and for sure, negotiable. Behh …. Usually, the mothers are the most happy when they hear the word: NEGOTIABLE As for me, Actually came to this market because it was delivering my friend who wants to buy fish for the grilled fish at the store tonight Not too bad, once paddle, two three islands exceeded. while delivering my friend, can get videos for my content Wow, that’s so cool … !! Let’s go around looking for the fish … at this Kedonganan fish market, Besides buying fish, we can also ask the fish seller to clean the fish as well like for example right now, I’m buying fish, then, I asked the seller to clean the fish scales, and cut the fish, so they are ready to be grill. so when i,m arrive at shop, no more cleaning this fish, just put it on the baking sheet, spread the seasoning, and ready to eat … really fun … really lighten my burden … Well, if you are a seafood lover, and want to taste typical seafood of Kedonganan, please come to this Kedonganan fish market … buy fish at the market, then bring it to the grilled fish stalls around the market. they are ready to grill your fish, and process it into grilled fish that is very delicious. besides being processed into grilled fish, can also be processed into various types of seafood variants. many types of seafood you can ask for. in the stalls around the market, to cook, into typical Kedonganan seafood , which is very delicious then, you just need to enjoy Kedonganan typical seafood who is already famous throughout the world … Don’t forget Guys… if you are traveling to South Bali, enjoy cheap Kedonganan seafood, negotiable, and it tastes amazingly delicious … Okay Guys… thank you for accompanying me to the Kedonganan Fish Market, before saying goodbye, let me remind you first, don’t forget to click Like, Share, and Subscribe… don’t forget to also give your comment for this video, Once again, thank you for taking your time to watch this video, See you in the next video, greetings from me Eross Dhonny,

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