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Best Bangkok Street Food – Thai BRAISED BEEF Paradise! ร้านเนื้อตุ๋นท่าน้ำสาธุประดิษฐ์

Best Bangkok Street Food – Thai BRAISED BEEF Paradise! ร้านเนื้อตุ๋นท่าน้ำสาธุประดิษฐ์

– I feel a little bit like I’m at an auto mechanic shop here, but instead of coming here
to get spare car parts, you come here to get spare beef parts. The amount of beef they have
here, they have beef balls, they have shank, they have definitely some random, unknown beef parts. The aroma and the steam that it’s trapped within this low roof is
just, the aroma is amazing. This is the type of sauna you want to have when you’re in Thailand, this is what a Thai aroma
therapy is all about. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, it’s Mark Weins,
I’m in Bangkok, Thailand hanging out with my buddy
Joel and Su right here. For lunch today we’re at just
an amazing Thai restaurant in Bangkok, the name of
this restaurant is called Neua Toon Tha Nam Sathu Pradit. You gotta just check out the roofing, look at the storage on the roof there. So at this restaurant
they are doing the cooking at the corner of the restaurant and then they just have tables in the variety of shop houses, you can choose the shop
house you wanna sit at, but then they also have tables, open air under the very low ceiling. What a fantastic dining environment. Wow, if you’re scared
of, I’m like actually my head is right at the top here. Don’t stand up too fast when
you come to this restaurant. The meat sauna that I’m
experiencing right now under this low ledge roof
is just indescribable. You can order just a single bowl, like if you come here by yourself you can order a single bowl of noodles and you can either
choose to get Neua toon, which is braised beef,
which is fall apart tender, or you can get Neua
sod, which is fresh beef and she will assemble your bowl of noodles just with absolute expertise, but along with just a
single bowl of noodles you can also order a Mou
Fi, which is a fire pot. And that way you get a whole pot full, it’s a hot pot full of
beef with all the fixings. Do not touch your head on the power cords that run at the top of this restaurant. There’s braised beef in here,
there’s beef nuggets in here, there is beef meatballs, there’s striped, there’s probably a number
of other beef parts in here as well and it
just smells unbelievable. You can see the curdles of blood. When I was out there
looking at the kitchen, they also told me this is one
of their signature dishes, which is, it’s fried pork skin. This is almost like croutons. So I think you could probably toss them in your soup, but you have
to eat it really fast, because you wouldn’t
want them to get soggy, or you can just eat them garnishing as you’re eating the soup. – They have a name for it here that I’ve never heard before, mukwai. – Mukwai, the soup is not spicy at all. And what you do is you can dish yourself or actually since we’re
just eating friends and we’re eating together
we’re probably just gonna use our chopsticks and
go directly into that. The master pot, the main pot
and pick out pieces of beef, but yeah it’s not spicy or anything, so what you do is you mix your own sauce. I’m gonna go in for chilly flakes, a good, a good couple of spoonages of that and wow, I’m gonna go in for some vinegar, vinegar, chilly vinegar and then I’ll probably add a
little bit of fish sauce, just to balance it off. That is like a perfect,
perfect dipping sauce. We are ready to dig in man. So actually, should we just
taste that broth first? Oh there’s tendent in here as well, oh look at that soup and there’s also, oh there’s just like a,
that’s just pure meat parts. Oh it’s so beefy, comforting,
the amount of beef in this. That is the definition of mommy, there are, there’s that extra
flavor in there for sure, undoubtedly, oh that’s so
smooth and so beefy and salty. Oh, oh, oh, time to dig into the beef. I got to go and just get the. – [Joel] Choose your first piece. – The braised beef on the top here, oh I’m gonna rehydrate it
a little bit in that soup and actually I might not
even dip in the sauce, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna eat it. Oh, oh, oh, oh that is so tender. Oh that just melts in your mouth, that is ridiculously good. There’s so much condensed beefy flavor. And I’m gonna move in for some trike, which is the next visible
piece of meat on top here and oh a curly piece of trike. I think I’m gonna dip this into the sauce. Oh that sauce, oh yeah. Not so chewy, a little bit, definitely a little bit
of a rubbery texture, but really, really good, it’s delicious. That sauce is just pure fire,
dry chilly and really sour, so I can probably add a little
bit of fish sauce to it. Let’s go for a beef
meatball next cause you’re definitely need to soak in
the chilly for a little bit. Oh man, one of the toughest
things about eating meatballs is that there’s nothing
for, yeah there’s nowhere to put the sauce to cling onto. So you have to actually go
in with your chopsticks, grab some of that sauce and put it on top to maximize your sauce on the meatball. – [Joel] Coverage, your
meatball, your sauce coverage. – Oh yeah, all the sponginess, oh they’re
bouncy, they’re so bouncy, you can definitely tell that
these are 100% beef, all beef. – The consistency is even
all the way through, so, the mouth feel is so nice, oh my god. – And then what I like about
them also is they are not too smooth, they have a little
bit of like texture to them. So you need texture. – Some flavor in there,
that’s one of the best beef meatballs I have ever had. – Next up let’s try the, these
are like pork skin croutons. Really, really crispy on the outside, they started to taste like
melt, like butter on the inside. I think what would be absolutely awesome if you take your spoon and
then you submerge your spoon, just drown them out, oh, oh, oh, this is gonna be an amazing bite. Wow, it’s like the best I have ever, oh another fire pot has just arrived. How many of Aussie they go through, how many FDA servings of
beef we have in front of us. – 16, 18? – While this thing is still
boiling away, we gotta go in and this is a little bit different, so there’s more blood in the soup. Oh there’s, oh, what is
that, very gelatinous, wiggly, that’s exactly what I’m gonna eat. I’m gonna dip this, oh, oh, oh. Oh that is a big pice of wiggliness. Oh it’s so hot, oh that’s just dissolving
on my tongue, oh wow, whatever it is, it’s just insanity. – The tenderness is unbelievable. – Okay, over here we have the noodles, you can see how rich and oily
and blood curdle that broth is there’s noodles on here,
there’s the braised beef. And let’s try this baby, there’s always some woning
blurry in here as well. Oh with the noodles it’s amazing, they just soak up all of that beef broth. In this one you can really
taste that the broth is thickened from the blood. Again, an amazing beef flavor. We’re gonna sit here and
just dig through these piles of beef, it is just
so ridiculously good. And this one I’m gonna put on my rice. Guess I’ll eat it all together. Wow, and then taste it with some soup. That’s exquisite, that is
unbelievable, masterful. The beef flavor is just off the charts. It’s off the charts in here. – Hey, they all like
babies, hi, yeah hello. I’d like to have a new friend. – That beef went down
so well, and it’s gone, so we did the only thing
that was right to do and we ordered one more
entire pot, just to. You can’t, you can’t, you
actually can not stop. (speaking foreign language) Our grand finale, we got,
which is braised beef, 100% braised beef. – We handed him our order and he thought we were asking for the
bill, he looks, he goes, oh, these guys are ordering three. – I’m gonna ask him to redo it. I don’t think I can
pick up anything better in the world right now than a flaming, boiling pot of braised beef. You literally just wanna swim in this. If it was, if it was cooled down, I would, I really wouldn’t be opposed to taking a swim in this broth. It’s just perfection, it’s
absolute beef perfection. That is as good as the
first two fire pots. Digging your chopsticks in here is almost like going fishing with a 100% success rate. – [Joel] Oh dude look at this piece. It’s, it just looks like
it’s barely hanging on. – It looks like scary almost, look at that, the way the
fat clings to the meet and it just shakes on your chopsticks. – [Joel] It really is living. – It’s like an organism, look at that, that’s like a bungee cord, ha, ha, ha. Bye-bye, thank you, thank you. We just finished with that meal, that was one of those life
changing meat experiences. The beef was so incredibly good, come here, you can either
get the fire pot with beef, or you can get just a plain
bowl, well not very plain, but delicious bowl of
noodles and braised beef. Everything they serve I
think is just top notch incredibly, insanely delicious and I just absolutely
love this environment. This restaurant, they literally looks like they have, they own about four or five shop houses in a row. And so you can actually eat indoors, or you can get a table on
the outside, which just surrounds on kind of the
outside, like balcony area. Just remember not to stand up too hard and when you’re walking
inside you gotta duck, so that you don’t hit
your head on the concrete, but the beef is just
unbelievably good here if you’re looking for some
amazing beef in Bangkok. This is the restaurant you’re
not gonna want to miss. Bye-bye. Please remember to give
this video a thumbs up, I would love to hear from you
in the comment section below and also make sure you click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos. Thank you for watching, good-bye from beef paradise in Bangkok.

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