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BEST BREAM FISHING IN THE WORLD?! (7,82 kg) | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

BEST BREAM FISHING IN THE WORLD?! (7,82 kg) | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

When I were younger I pursued competitive
fishing for species such as … bream, roach, rudd, tench and so on. Today am I and Alexander Björk
going to fish for huge bream. Literally huge ones, so keep watching! Tobbe! It’s so massive it’s insane. It’s hard believing these sized
breams exist until you see one. – Incredible, magical fishes. If you’d like the catch the biggest breams,
perhaps the biggest in Scandinavia. … you should visit Rögle Dammar,
located in Skåne, Sweden. Exactly where we are located right now. Rögle Dammar is quite
similar to the ponds in the UK … five different ponds where all types of species exist. Each specie present huge examples,
however bream is the most spectacular sized one. We went test-fishing last night … resulted in me catching a
dream-sized bream of 7620 g (16.8 lbs) . 75 cm long (2.5 feet),
just admire the size of this bream. Only 1 hour of fishing resulted
in that dream-bream. Absolutely unbelievable,
probably never occurred earlier. It’s not impossible you fish for
days without managing to catch one. However the ones you manage are usually enormous. I have usually fished for
quantity rather than a few but big ones. Me and Alexander will showcase
techniques and what kind … of material which is required to catch breams of this size. Since there is usually some wait between the strikes. We have brought with us a
tent which we will spend our time in … since the breams are usually active during night. We’re using two mounted rods … equipped with strike-indicators. We’re fishing with a (bolt) rig that makes the fish hook itself. Afterwards when the fish runs, the indicators … connected to a “receiver” will signal the strike. You then run to the rods and do a
proper hook-set, and fight the fish. You can implement this
theory and perform it how you’d like. Since it’s my first time fishing here, my knowledge is pretty limited … where to fish, baits etc. It varies from places. This is why I’m fishing with Alexander Björk. He’s living here and have caught plenty of big examples. Bringing someone with knowledge is always crucial … since it increases the chances
of catching the dream bream. These ponds measure close to 3.5
meters of depth, in average. We are fishing besides the spot
due to the fishing pressure. To bait the fish, we’re using a
varied mixture of pellets and white/red maggots.
As our main-bait we’re using plastic corn on a heli-rig. The rigs are 20 cm long. Connected to a weight of 60 gram (0.13 lbs) … tied to a special line which prevents the
bream from swimming into it. To allow our bait to reach out 60 m into the pond,
we use a type of a rocket … and a heavier rod which allow
us to throw heavy weights. You insert the bait-mixture into the form … and close it. When I arrive I usually place my
baits at 10 different spots (rockets) to begin with. Quite a few people prepare like this … But I have noticed it pays off. Now I’ll start by throwing out 10 mixture-filled rockets into the pond. We have just prepared and got our fishing ready … so now we wait for the bream to strike our bait. When I manage to catch big perch
or pike I nick them “pigs” … However you prefer calling them “toads”
– Yeah, exactly! Let’s wait for the big toad then!
– A massive one! The activity has been low due to the time of the day. We went for a trip and managed to spot some carp. … so we gave the carps a try using a free-line And Alexander managed to catch this mesmerizing
carp close to 7 kilos (15 lbs). However, now it’s time to prepare for the evening. We’ll re-throw our baits at the spot
where our bait-mixture is located … we’ll also use more mash to attract more bream. That’s our main plan, let’s prepare! It’s important having a steady aim
when throwing out the baits … since we won’t touch the rig for up to eight hours. It’s therefor important to hit the right spot. How accurate was that?
– 100% All rods are ready, located at the desired spot … now we await the strikes. One great thing is Houtan, the man I went perch fishing with in Spain … has brought us some pizza which we can feast on … while waiting for the legendary “toad”! It’s not everyday you get a pizza
delivery when out fishing toads . Of course you’ll need some pizza! Lovely to meet you again Houtan!
– you too, you too! Appreciate it!
– Good luck with your fishing! Hope you’ll catch huge breams.
– remember what you said? it feels hot today! I just caught a bream around 4 kilos (9 lbs). It was harding waking Alexander up,
why didn’t you wake up? I am not getting up!
– So I had to net it myself … but it’s great to see some activity. We’re fishing on a good spot,
let’s await another bream. Let’s continue our sleeping and
hopefully wake up by an alarm. Alarm intensifies
Tobbe! Hooked up with a fish.
– In the middle of the night. Is it big?
– Well, feels quite heavy. Exciting! It’s almost reeled in. Yes! Toad Alexander!
– This is really huge Tobbe. Incredible. A real toad! 7820 gram (17.2 lbs). Congratulations!
– Thanks. What a enormous bream! The second bream exceeding 7 kg (15.4 lbs)
– Congrats, two above 7 kg! It’s completely dark outside
so we keep them in a net. It’s very durable so
the fish won’t get harmed. The fish will recover during the night
… and we will take photos of it tomorrow in the light. Good morning! We slept well through the night due to low activity.
Now it’s time to take pictures of his bream … and release it, exciting! Do you believe there’s a toad inside?
-Yeah, there’s a toad. I’ll use this equipment to reduce
the amount of pressure put on the fish … so instead this equipment absorbs the pressure. It’s a brutal fish! We’ve had fenomenal fishing during these days … fishes of these sizes are not common so to say. When holding a bream of these size, I
place one hand underneath the head … then two fingers above the anal-fin. You straighten it by using your thumbs … and then lift it up. It looks so big it’s sick! You can hardly believe breams of
these sizes exists until you see one in person Magical fishes. Now my fishing for spring-bream has reached it’s end. This type of fishing has been extremely enjoyable. I have caught a dream fish. Alexander, how great has our fishing been? It has been above our expectations. Totally sick. Normally you can spend up to
15 nights without catching anything. Perhaps one big bream. It’s hard managing to catch one
during this time since they are slow … but we have really succeeded. It has been fantastic. And if you’d like to continue
watching these types of videos … make sure to thumbs up and subscribe in order to prevent you from missing these videos. Follow me, Alexander and
Kanalgratis on Instagram and Facebook. Links are in the description. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this special video … since we usually fish for other species. Take care and good luck fishing!

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  1. man I wish it was an international / english channel. Can't listen to those languages with subtitles while I think the vids could be fun :/

  2. The fish are in beutiful condition ,their HABITAT must be perfect. Great video again guys !.
    Regards from the UK.

  3. Riktigt bra Tobbe! Skulle vela se som en annan nämnde, tex havsöring. Håll lite utkik efter fiskekort i bergeforsen, finns oerhört goda chanser på lax där och det skulle kunna bli en sjukt Nice video!

    Ser framemot en grym fortsättning! Mvh

  4. Jag fick en Brax på skeddrag i en skogstjärn i södra Jämtland idag, blev helt stum… trodde inte dom fanns här uppe och definitivt inte i tjärnarna

  5. Rögle?? Haha bor precis bredvid :))), torde inte där fans så stora braxar, kanske skulle ta en tur ditt imrogoon :)))

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