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Best Budget Waterproof Headphones? – Waterproof test – Leophile EEL

what’s up everybody this is Roy And welcome to another headphone/ earphone unboxing video on his channel today i have this EEL headphone it probably looks like an EEL fish we don’t know but we’ll find it out i think all of you guys here like headphone Like this And use it everyday I use this creative ep-630 headphone daily And I make couple of video about how to repair This earphone If you want to repair your headphone/earphone I will give all of the headphone repair video link in the description below so you want to check them feel free to check them I am using it for near about 5-6 years And this headphone is awesome Price is near about about $10 to $20 depending from where you are buying it And I think it time to change moving from where to wireless near about 2 weeks of a company named LEOPHILE they send me this ELL wireless Headset This headphone name is EEL wireless Headset Price is near about $50 But you will get it around $30 – $33 I jumped into a pond wearing this headphone I go to gym I run I am using it near about every way possible And this thing blow my mind This is an incredible headphone I love this headphone so much that I ordered a another one from So in this video I am going to unbox this headphone box And show you what inside. Review it, test it and give you the ultimate performance report So let’s get started guys This product is from a company named Leophile And they are specialized in making Wireless Bluetooth headphone also big shout-out to Leophile for sending me their 2 wireless bluetooth headphone for testing I love testing new gadgets. the design of the headphone pack is really beautiful it’s black and white and I think this is one of the most beautiful headphone pack I ever seen it’s ideal for running cycling jogging driving campaigning hiking also it’s ip67 certified water proof headphone And if you are an active health conscious music lover who love music on the go you will probably love it. Now lets unbox it and find it out what’s inside this pack also has a pretty cool;magnetic lock more suitable with ingenious design Soft non-skid silicon keeps portable from sleeping around Wire Clips keeps the earphone in place and taught around the neck 1.5 hour charge time 10 hours music playback time and 300 hours standby time this is the ELL Wireless headphone itself and thankfully it doesn’t look like an EEL fish to me Let’s open the plastic cover and inside the plastic cover this is the headphone it’s soft silicone touch feel like soft really soft also it has a premium feel to it and this is the microUSB charging cable for charging the Headphone manual and couple of earbuds that’s it inside the box I open the manual and read it and try to figure it out how to turn on the headphone I will find like here this is the microphone this is the LED indicator volume down volume up is multi-functional key to turn on the Headphone you need to press and press and hold hold this button for 3 second okay it’s on press and hold to off Turned off Press this buttons and hold for 7 seconds For Starting the pairing mode it is blinking red it is on the pairing mode turn on the Bluetooth on LEOPHILE EEL connected Now Lets play a music guys. this is the highest volume this is some quality of it from this earphone now I’m going to compare this create EP-630 Bitzwolf Bitzwolf Bitzwolf BW-ES 2 This is near about $17 And this Leophile EEL Headphone And I am going to record the sound Using this zoom h1 Audio recorder and audio-technica ATR 3350 lav mic first I am going to use is this creative EP-630 SO this is the sound Record the sound Original recorded sound no post processing done okay next I am go to test it Before testing I have to unbox it So lets unbox it . Guys Wow pretty good finish pack User manual Aoowh Its look pretty There is rubber band here Awesome Aooowh Awesome build quality velcro cable ties Its pretty cool We don’t need to open it Lets play the music Same music on this headset ♬Janji-Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release]♬ so next is EEl Headphone Power it on Connecting with Bluetooth don’t take much time Just simple now let’s play the music volume up record ♬Janji-Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release]♬ Comment which one has the best sound quality Creative ep630 and out of these three headphone / earphone I think this creative has the best sound quality And this is the cheapest one also This one the LEOPHIL EEL sound quality also good But not as good as creative ep-630 Sound quality because it’s a Bluetooth one whenever we use a Bluetooth headphone or earphone sound quality get little bit dull okay because of wireless but you get the wireless functionality headphone and water proof And that’s the good thing and third and this BlitzWolf earphone The build quality is awesome but the sound quality is little bit dull I think creative sounds good but this is my favorite one one because it is Wireless let me know what do you think about those headphone. in the comment section below Near about two week ago I went to a pond near my home. and I was wearing this watch This Xiaomi Smart Watch I was started playing a music from this watch Jump into the pond And I am near about 78 KG I jumped into the pond I dipped near about 2 – 3 feet And suddenly with in 2 -3 second the headphone is stopped working as thinking about this my headphone and Watch probably both are gone Its working guys Basically what happen The Bluetooth works on 2.4 Ghz And the signal is very low As I was inside the water the Bluetooth Stopped working The signal The headphone is not getting signal from this watch If you thinking about wearing this headphone and swimming I doubt it it will not work While you are swimming Its water proof but you can’t swim using this headphone My phone Xiaomi MI5 is not water proof so I can’t test it guys but what I think like it’s good You can take this on the beach If you wash it I will not going to hurt this headphone it’s awesome headphone. The sound quality is good Talking about the Bluetooth range I took this headphone in Gym Size is near about 1200 SQ Feet and from every corner I can listen the
music from my phone and I think the range is near about 30 to 50 feet it can penetrate two walls up to tools I don’t 2 walls Talking about the battery backup I am using this headphone for last six seven days and go to gym use this headphone everyday near-about an hour So I used near about 6-7 hours still there is 50% charge left on this earphone So it probably give you 8 to 10 hours battery backup Depending on your use the noise cancellation of this headphone
is pretty good if we increase the volume a little bit you will not able to listen
any sound from outside and here is the microphone if you talk here it is easily get the voice but the problem is There is no noise reduction So if you are in a noise environment The person you are talking with Will get every noise on this environment And its super comfortable guys And here there is a wire clip You see And you can clip the wire like this way Now you can jumping around Do anything This headphone not going to fell off from your neck The earpiece also fit perfectly into my ears If i jumping around do something it never fell off from ear Look how tight it is? I am kind of a music lover guys And I love music And this my primary headphone now. This is my primary headphone. I love it the design I searched all of the
internet for you where I can get cheap there I find here about 30 $33 and This headphone is selling around $50 Amazon India it costs to insane its 7,000 rupees But if you go to They are selling around $33 near about 2000
something INR I ordered a another one in case I’ve lost it
I have a back-up plan because I love it I love this headphone so much if you
want to check it I’ll give all of the link in the description below and if you
have any comment any suggestion let me know in the comment section below if you want to review anything let me know in the comment section do I try to do it
for you guys so guys thanks for watching so guys that’s it for today mmm hope you
like this video hope you liked this video if you liked it make sure it is
not a big big thumbs up on this video and meet you on my next video till then
bye bye you

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