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Best cast net fishing video – Catching & Catfish using Skills Cast Net Fishing By Botan Balık Avı

Yes friends today is winter day today is winter day a beautiful day again muhdi our brother
we came cast net fishing we came to fish Hopefully we’ll watch a nice video Yes you see Muhdi brother Yes talat as you can see again we came to old hunting grounds as you can see, we’re back to the old hunting spot We came… Now some friends they want different places unfortunately some places are slowly closing due to water As the Ilisu dam is full The place we go fishing slowly closes due to the dam creek is lost due to water Today Habeş our brother is with us hope you have a nice day Action-packed fish catch day and make our audience watch a beautiful video Here is our subscriber Adem kağanoğlu sending greetings to na We love you
Adem Huge greetings from Siirt Good luck to everyone, random to everyone. Good luck with
Taci Good luck with Yes friends I hope the beautiful fishes take off give you a nice Watch video
Cast Net Fishing Two Spreaders Today
2 Cast net Throw away The water looks amazing It’s a little cold, but We’re in the middle of winter Yes Muhdi Abi Making the first shot
Cast Net Fishing Bismillah Muhdi brother Does Fish Shoot here you go. Taci come here Taci Do you feel? Hullo Habeş Brother, you can throw it down a little more. Pond is nice Is It Remained? Muhdi Brother Yes, the weather is cold fish with spreader
cast net fishing it was a nice beat carp does not come here Trout I said Release the fish again Yeah. Haber brother pulled out a fish
3 pieces of fish catch Let’s release our fish – we put the fish back into the water go bye Fish going slowly Siraz the fish Muhdi brother is a minute the sun shoots nice shot Does the fish shoot Yes friends Where we come from Actually, we’re from a very stony place. cast net fishing hangs a lot Beautiful fish will be released without spreader Maşallah Maşallah Muhdi Brother What the hell did you do? What is that? 🙂 Hullo Hullo Maşallah YES all licked Fish So delicious So delicious these fishes You keep the fish Excellent Maşallah Name of this fish
( Siraz ) Winter slippery like soap oiled Here comes this general type of fish Different names change in each region
Yellow fish
Siraz Fish some places have different names

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