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Best CHEAP Restaurants in Washington DC

Best CHEAP Restaurants in Washington DC

I’m going to tell you about my favorite inexpensive places to eat in Washington, DC. Hello! Welcome to Trip Hacks DC, my name is Rob. I’m a tour guide here in the nation’s capital. if you’re coming to Washington DC and you’re looking for the best tips, tricks, and hacks for exploring the city, make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification icon so that you don’t miss any new videos; and if you’re interested in signing up for a Trip Hacks DC tour, head on over to afterwards, to see the tours that I offer. In this video I’m going to tell you about some of my personal favorite cheap places to eat. Before we get started, let me just say that these are places that I really enjoy eating, but food and restaurants is highly subjective, so they might not be great for everybody. And Washington DC is a pretty expensive city, so what I’m calling a “cheap eat” might not really be one back where you live. So for the purpose of this video I’ve tried to limit it down to places where you can get a meal for ten dollars or less per person. And quick disclaimer that all of these prices are recent as of 2018. I also picked places that are relatively easy to get to for most visitors. So if you’re also interested in some of my more obscure favorites, give this video a thumbs up so that I know there’s interest in it. And if you live in or have been to DC before and have any personal favorite places to eat, leave a comment on this video and let everyone know what it is and why. With all of that said let’s get started… My first favorite is District Taco. This restaurant started about 10 years ago as a single taco cart in nearby Arlington Virginia, and now they have locations all over the area. You can get a set of three tacos, a burrito, or a burrito desnudo. They also serve nachos and quesadillas; and on certain days of the week fish tacos and shrimp tacos. One of my favorite things about District Taco is the salsa bar, with salsas ranging from mild to very hot. One bonus hack for District Taco is that while chips and guacamole usually cost extra, if you get a meal without any meat on it, they’ll give you the guacamole for free. And if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out the description where I have a video that tells you how you can save some money on places like District Taco using the LevelUp app. My next recommendation is Good Stuff Eatery. This is a burger restaurant owned by local celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, who you might recognize if you’re into those food competition shows on TV. The cool thing about Good Stuff is that you can get a sort of “celebrity chef experience” without paying the celebrity chef prices. My personal favorite thing on the menu is the Coletti’s smokehouse burger, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter, than Michelle melt, named after the former first lady, is a turkey burger that’s pretty excellent too. The burgers here are mostly under ten bucks, but it does get a little more expensive if you add fries and a drink. So a useful lunch hack is that if you’re traveling with a family or a group, have everyone get their own burger and then share the fries and a shake. The shakes are really delicious and super filling too. My next pick, Falafel Inc, is truly the definition of a cheap eat. Falafel sandwiches are only $3 and falafel bowls only $4. These are usually sufficient for an entire lunch, but if you’re a big eater you can add a salad or some hummus for another $3. The six sauce options give you a chance to spice up your falafel to your exact tastes. Now, when you go don’t be intimidated by the long line. The line moves quick because they have such a limited menu that they can move the orders really quickly. This is also a great option if you have vegetarians in your group because everything on the menu is vegetarian. Right now, there’s just one location in Georgetown, but keep an eye on this place because it’s the kind of place I wish I could invest in because I could see it going big very soon. The next place on my list is &pizza because you can’t have a list of cheap eats without including at least one pizza place. Unlike the typical pizza place that has the unappetizing cold slices in the window that they heat up when you order them, &pizza makes every single pie fresh right in front of you. The pizzas are an interesting oval shape and honestly, they don’t really fit into any kind of traditional style of pizza, but they are a hundred percent delicious. Most of their suggested pizzas cost right around $10 but if none of those interests you, you can build your own as well. A typical pizza could probably serve two medium hungry people or someone who’s really hungry could probably polish one off themself. This next one on my list probably breaks my $10 rule, but I still think it’s worth it. Bub and Pop’s is exactly where you want to go if you’re looking for a true mom-and-pop experience. This husband-and-wife team (and their son) prides themselves on making as much of their food as possible in-house. For me it’s worth it to splurge and get the pickle and chips on the side. One hack when you go is to try to avoid the lunch rush on weekdays between about 11:30am and 1:30pm. There are a lot of office buildings and hungry office workers nearby and the places delicious as this is going to draw a crowd. And my last recommendation is a restaurant called TaKorean. If you look closely at the name, you’ll see it is a combination of the words taco and Korean. I will be the first to admit that when I heard about this concept I was extremely skeptical. It just didn’t seem like a concept that really worked. But I was hooked after my first bite and now I eat here all the time. Just like District Taco, TaKorean also started as a single food truck and now has several locations in the city. One bonus hack for TaKorean is that if you’re in town on a Tuesday, they do have Taco Tuesday discounts. And that’s it! Thanks for watching this video. If you found it helpful, you can subscribe to this channel by clicking on the Trip Hacks DC logo which is popping up right now at the bottom of the screen, and if you’re coming to DC and want to sign up for a Trip Hacks DC tour, you can click on the Capitol dome on the left side of my head, that’ll send you over to where you can see all of the tours that I offer. Enjoy your trip!

34 comments on “Best CHEAP Restaurants in Washington DC

  1. The TaKorean looks very interesting ( no food pics ?) I’m guessing it’s either mex/Korean or all Korean but in taco shells/wraps.

  2. We just came back from DC yesterday. Thank you for your videos it help us a lot!
    We had a great meal at District Commons, Edgar at May Flower hotel. Not cheap but great food!
    Can’t wait to comeback! 🤗

  3. District Taco, &Pizza and TaKorean all use the LevelUp payment system, so if you want to get some free food credits for your trip check out this video for details:

  4. Thanks for the ideas! I’m heading back to DC in December and might end up moving there. A place I liked is Tortilla Coast, although you can’t get by under $10 unless you’re only drinking water and pick one of the least expensive items. The swirl margaritas are excellent. And, it’s a favorite of political types.

  5. Thanks for your tips. They were very helpful for our trip in August. We ate at Far East Taco Grille. That place is incredible.

  6. Just returned from DC a couple of weeks ago. Your videos were incredibly helpful! We enjoyed &Pizza and Astros donuts for “cheap” eats.

  7. I was just in DC and we loved good stuff eatery! Also we enjoyed Flippin Pizza pretty cheap and very filling and delicious! We had the calzone and bread twists.

  8. Tried out &pizza for the first time as per your recommendation and I'm glad I did! Thanks for the recommendation, Rob!

  9. For lunch, We the Pizza has a $10 deal. You can get two slices or a slice and salad plus a drink. That includes their original handcrafted drinks. I personally recommend the Sour cherry or strawberry lemonade.

  10. Pupusas are a must in DC! They are very cheap and fulfilling (under $2 each). El Rinconcito on M St is very good!

  11. Try Washington Deli, 1990 K St, a couple blocks from Farragut West. The owner is a hard worker and local college grad. They have two levels, one mostly pizza including by the slice. He makes his dough in house daily. Also a full salad bar and hot and cold deli sandwiches on the other level. Also a wide variety of drinks and other side items. The prices are very reasonable and they have something for everyone. I have enjoyed a couple of the places you mentioned and liked them as well.

  12. Rob, have you tried arepas before? If not, you should definitely go to ArepaZone on 14th St or inside Union Market.

  13. @triphacksdc Rob knows his stuff. His food recommendations have been spot on for quick affordable eats while visiting DC. Thank you for all the work you do to make visiting DC enjoyable with all your Tips,Tricks, and Hacks.

  14. Thanks for the great info you offer in these videos. Tourists often ask me about landmarks, restaurants, and Metro stations on a whim.

  15. Medtarra At Wardman Park is super cheap. $5 for a cheesburger and fries, $1 frozen margaritas all day!

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