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BEST FISH ON STICK! + Chili Oil – Cooking in the Forest

BEST FISH ON STICK! + Chili Oil – Cooking in the Forest

*fire crackling* prepare stick for cooking the fish clean and wash the fish properly. Hooking up the fish on stick Cut one onion in halves and put it in the pan Add 4-5 Cloves of garlic. add 3-4 cloves Fry well Fish is Done!! Strain the oil out Pour the chili oil over the fish smells good Add some fresh parsley Delicious ! Add more oil if you want. Squeeze fresh lime over the fish Cheers! Please like and subscribe

100 comments on “BEST FISH ON STICK! + Chili Oil – Cooking in the Forest

  1. I don't know, does garlic still encased in its skin release its flavor as well as if it had been taken out and crushed?

  2. Everything is so burnt😣

    I mean the veggies here and in the other videos too. Can't you fish out the veggies once they are done? You don't cut them so small so won't it be easy?

  3. I legit told my BF that I watch food porn and he didn’t take me seriously til I introduced him to this channel 😁🤪

  4. you are good in bringing us some breath taking environments but your cooking skills i don`t like
    why you didn`t fry meat fully its always half fried cheers at the end amazing video !!

  5. Cook and eat at this place is ine of my dream. Such nice view of nature. Idk is that a river? It makes my stress gone. I love this channel

  6. Believe my buddy your videos are of food but it as good as Hollywood’s action movie with all masala n your chopping knife…great I love your style of cooking 👍👍👍

  7. This is not cooking.. this is what you call PASSION!!!! Gosh. You are definitely great at what you do! Please adopt me!!!

  8. Muito obrigado por compartilhar suas receitas, que são irresistível, impossível não fica com água na boca.

  9. sugestija:od skoro gledam vase video snimke i najvise mi se dopalo to sto i drugim ljudima koliko kapiram iz komentara to sto se vide samo ruke koje spremaju i samo spremanje,i pri tom se cuje samo zvuk prirode i zvuk spremanja,tu lezi i moja sugestija da nastavite tako i dalje bez prikazivanja vas koji to spremate i jedete,hvala!

  10. i expected that pan what was in it to be blended in the blender it became sausr for the fish

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