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Best Grilled & Fried Fish | Faridullah Fish Point Abbotabad | Pakistani Street Food

Best Grilled & Fried Fish | Faridullah Fish Point Abbotabad | Pakistani Street Food

Assalam o alikum, i hope you are all doing fine If you have seen my last three videos then you already should know that I travelled from Karachi to Islamabad We had dinner at the Rawalpindi Food street we did breakfast at the Kartar Pura and then we headed towards Murree and towards Nathiagali and now we have reached to Abbotabad and we are at the Farid Ullah Fish Point Their grilled and fried fish is famous all over Abbotabad there is always rush on this restaurant its very late night now and we are a bit tired too but now we will go to the Farid Ullah Fish and lets see whats happening there… Chalain !! (lets go) these woods at this place are for cooking If we go inside from here then we have these freezers in which we can see fresh fishes which fish species are these? rohu, mahsher and silver which ones have less bones silver has less sharp bones is it from river or sea? its from Dam and fish farms.. Bbq is Rs.450 per KG and Fried is Rs.400 per KG ok give me the one with the lesser bones its 2.3KG,
How much cost for this? Do half bbq and half grill it will cost you Rs.1000 ok lets do it. ok then where is this going now… here they are cleaning the fishes Hello brother, how r u? Good Good we are fine you guys are working so fast check out the fish cutting skills this is a very big setup here… from there you take the fish there they cut and cleaned it and there they are washing the pieces and from there it goes for frying and grilling ok where is he taking it now… and now its going here for frying Assalam o alikum bhaijan how r u? you put all the spices right here Yes you just mix everything and fry right now i heard fish should be marinated first for some time before frying… we have our own desi spices, we do it right here right now these are the secret spices here fresh fresh fish ok lets watch now first they put some salt this is some kind of spice with garlic mixing them together then they throw some red chillies then another spice and then another and mix them all together you cook everything on woods yes it tastes different when you cook on the woods gas does’nt give the taste which you get by cooking on woods people are enjoying in local style this hall is for families these pieces are for grill what is this? is it vinegar? no, this is garlic water oh ok ok this is garlic water and whats this? this is plain water there is salt and one masala is it special ingredient? yeah this is special ingredient this is the real secret you use same spices in grill and fry both? No, bbq fish has different spices this is now on the coals its very cold out there, so all the people who are waiting… are surrounding this fire to keep themselves warm is our food ready? yes, its ready our fried fish and chapatis are here this one is friend, grill will take some more time lets start eating now… its really fresh and hot and this chutney looks really different thats awsome the rush on this restaurant has a valid reason… its so crispy from the outside and soft from the inside lets try it without chutney WoW this is vinegar or chutney or whatever it is its has some chillies too this is just ultimate, my abbotabad trip has paid off Grilled fish is now here, it looks really delicious lets taste it grilled is also very tasty but i liked the fried one better this is also good but its very soft and juicy if you ask me which one is better then… i would prefer the fried fish but this one is also has its own taste ! Awsome ! Fish was very tasty, i really enjoyed it it was delicious, ok brother Allah Hafiz Ok, we are going now, Allah Hafiz Fish was really very tasty So this was our first Abbotabad’s Farid Fish episode hope you liked the video and whenever you come to Abbot abad then you should try this… and please subscribe the channel, like and comment on the video if you liked it and share it with your friends I will meet you in the next video takecare of yourself Allah Hafiz

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  1. سمجھ نہیں آتی کس بیوقوف نے پاکستان میں مچھلی کے چھوٹے چھوٹے پیس بنانے کی ریت قائم کرڈالی۔ مچھلی کا ایک ہی پیس ہوتا ہے بسسسسس

  2. اچھے سے مچھلی دھو بھی نہیں رہے، جما ہوا خون نظر آ رہا ہے۔۔ گندے

  3. Yaar tu matlab tu tu tu tu jo bhee koi henh Teri baule e languages samajh me km aatee Tu jo lullhh pullh boltaa wo Bakwaash L agtaa

  4. Assalamualaikum bhai myself naseem mein india se hu mujhe aapke taste krne wala reaction bhot gazab lgta h…… And ha nice vedious keep it up….. Mashallah…. 😋😋😋

  5. pakistani or hindustani..

    Lakdi ki vjh se test aata hai..
    Gas me vo test nhi aata
    Lakh bol lo tum alg ho per tum andr se bahut ek ho..

    love from india

  6. Zia bhai … liye bharath se mera shubh kamana hai…yuon boletoh bilkul badiya hai waah waah ….kya tazurbaa hai..

  7. i seen this video 6 month earlier but today i saw this video again full video I'm foodi and i want to eat thos grill and fry fish with pakistani masala and chatny love from india but i need total recipe bro i want to try it with your style

  8. Yeh sunn kar achha laga ki waha pe bhi fire wood k taste ko log desi touch bolte hai and gas wale ko less compare kia jata hai.
    Love and respect from India

  9. Pakistan kinda shoulk hai mass khan da..i mean non vegig bhensay ghade Kaa mass Kha kha ke Dimag bhi bhainsay wala huchuka hai

  10. I felt bad for animals this country not for u . Why we kill innocent animals should be vagan .

  11. Mahseer ke alawa silver or rohu farm fish hai,dono ki quality achhi nahi hoti or original mahseer milna kaafi mushkil hai

  12. Looks lovely mouth watering especially the BBq fish ,,, The taste of the fish will not change if you use Wood or gas to cook it in oil , It will only change if you BBQ the fish over the wood flame , they should BBQ the fish over the wood think that would taste better …….

  13. I am watching your videos . All videos are great.

    I want to give one suggestion . Please didn't do handshake with the people who are cooking the food. Handshaking with owners are fine.

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