Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Okay, let’s try that again but this time eyes open! Nice to meet you, I’m Susan Hello Susan. I’m Nicole. I am Ryn. Ryn I’ve never heard a name like that. Where’s that from? Ryn! Television. Where did you and Maddie meet? On land! I hope so! You’re ready? Ready. Brakes, brakes! Money… Also known as dough or moolah. Dough Moolah! Say something into it. Something into it. I will buy food with money! I have a dream about Ben. Maddie says it is because I want you. ahem You’ll know that we shut down the cannon when the light goes green. Green we go! What is green? Ahahah You buy? Euh… Food! Stop! I tried that! Be careful it’s hot… Ben is love. Ohh that’s sweet! I would like to make love with Ben and Maddie. Oh… Okay… Okay, yes. I’m a good driver. Killing people is wrong. Always? Nice tea. Goodbye, nice day. I would like to laugh some day!

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