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100 comments on “Best Remote Fishing Cabin in Alaska

  1. roman atwood always skippes it 8 times or more (skippes is not a word i didn't know what to write)

  2. I had a thought. I want you guys to give me feedback.
    so. what if they collaborated with dashie xD
    I feel like it would only work if Dan did the collab. lol

  3. I watched this video earlier today and then later me and my dad were talking about scout camps and he said his favorite one was when he went down the chatanika river and I was like hey I just watched a video earlier today about that haha its a small world😅😅 I've never even heard of it until today, I'm stuck in Utah waiting till next year to go to Alaska for the first time ever maybe I'll go there. I want to

  4. When I go fishing I use a net because the first ( and last ) time I used a fishing rod the line got really tangled

  5. I've always wanted to visit Alaska in all honesty. If I couldn't live in my current state, I would probably move there in all honesty.

  6. You guys need to be fishing in the Chatanika river, really nice grayling. There are lots of great places in Alaska, why did you guys go to the Fairbanks area?

  7. That moment you're Inupiat (Inuit) and people still call you Eskimos :/ I'm but we don't eat Raw meat~

  8. You go to Alaska to fish but you don't get a cabin on the Kenai/Russian River for the best salmon fishing in the world? neck

  9. Wow…..your living my dream…..only I would be there full time……Maybe next life round and I will be in Alaska……cheers

  10. ok so clair and london dont how how to rell the fish in but they know how to catch a fish so no biggy 😉

  11. 👧🏻 This is Samantha
    👚 She is 3
    👖1 like = 1 birthday 🍰🎂🍫🍭

    The squirrel part Lol 😂

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