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Best Sharks for a Home Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

Best Sharks for a Home Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

When deciding on what shark to get, you want
the best shark for your fish take. It first depends if you have a freshwater
tank or a saltwater tank. The sharks that you’ll find for freshwater
tanks are not true sharks. They’re not cartilaginous. They’re bony fishes. Their fin patterns and their morphology closely
resemble saltwater sharks, so for that reason they’re called sharks, but they’re not true
sharks. Saltwater is where you’d find the real sharks. For freshwater, most of the shark get very,
very large. The iridescent sharks, tricolor sharks, they
get really, really big, I mean, three to four feet in nature, but they happen to be very
hardy. So you can keep them in a small aquarium,
maybe 30 to 50 gallons in size. But they’re going to quickly outgrow it, and
it’s cruel to keep a fish that gets three or four feet in nature restricted to a tank
that’s only three or four feet long. It’s just really, really cruel, so I don’t
recommend a lot of the freshwater fish that are called sharks for home aquariums. If you have to have a freshwater fish that’s
called a shark, you can get a redtail shark. They don’t get as big. The flying foxes kind of look like sharks. They don’t get terribly large. But for saltwater, the sharks that I would
recommend are any of the cat sharks, bamboo, banded cats, dog chain. Those sharks stay on the bottom. Even the epaulettes from Australia, those
are really cute sharks. They walk around on their pectoral fins. They also get large, so you want to make sure
you have a large aquarium, but because they’re not pelagic swimmers like black tips and white
tips, any of the open swimming sharks, they’re more suitable to home aquariums. If you have to have something that looks like
a great white or a baby great white, like a black tip, you’re going to need a really
large tank, and those tanks are very expensive. I’m talking, people would recommend a 200
to 300 gallon tank. I wouldn’t put them in anything less than
1000 gallons. That tank needs to be round in shape. It needs to be eight to ten feet in diameter. They’re just not going to fare well in anything
smaller. And the upkeep and the maintenance on an aquarium
like that is pretty staggering. You really have to know what you’re doing. You need to have a lot of money or be really
into this hobby to be that dedicated to keep one these open water reef sharks. So to wrap it up, for saltwater, I would recommend
one of the bottom-dwelling cat sharks. Nurse sharks are really good when they’re
small, but they get really large, so I don’t feel that they’re suitable for captivity. And then for freshwater, redtail sharks, tri-colors
or balas sharks or iridescent sharks are great when they’re small. But again, they’re going to get really large
and you’re going to have to get them a much bigger tank, like the 200 to 300 gallon tank
to keep them when they’re adults.

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  1. I say Bala shark for 90+ gallon tank if you can't get that red tail Sharks need 35 same as rainbow shark 35 but yeah there good but 90 gallon+ Bala Sharks for sure

  2. best Shark species i still think is the whale Shark. its so Easy and dont need allot of space, and if You have a lil more space try a megalodon

  3. I recommend a either a great white shark or a frilled shark
    Great white because shits and giggles
    frilled shark because you will have to murder ur self just even see one.You can't dive that deep to frilled shark territory

  4. Lol I have 2 sharks in my pool instead of using my pool for its main purpose I turn mine into a massive home Aqua aquarium I'm not insane I'm nuts

  5. I'd just convert the pool in my basement into a saltwater aquarium. it is really big and can host multiple animals.

  6. Before anyone else says get a bull shark for freshwater actually do your research first. They can't permanently live in freshwater

  7. I want to sell 4 sharks 2 black & 2 white colors ,length around 10 to 11 inches, in a very good condition. why because my home tanks is around only  2 feet long ,does anyone interested Pls .called   you on this number 98196 06769

  8. I have a rainbow shark and Siamese algae eater which looks like a shark. Also I have a synodontis lucipinnis which looks a lot like sharks as well. Also you can keep freshwater stingrays if you want to keep a real shark in freshwater because stingrays are related to sharks.

  9. If you Really want to see sharks up close and personal I highly recommend you learn to dive and when you've got some experience behind you, go somewhere like Great Barrier Reef or some lovely places in the Caribbean. Find yourself a dive club that caters for tourists and they'll usually be able to take a group to go shark watching. Or do it my way, go and work/live in Oman and see lots of BIG sharks on most dives. This includes the Great White, Tiger and Bull sharks. Plus Black&White tips (watch them go hunting on a night dive, just keep out of there way) Lemon, Nurse to make the most likely! If you're really lucky the Whale Sharks pass through Omani waters, but so do Box Jelly Fish. So get yerself a decent "Stinger Suit" or you could end up in A&E , where I worked! Keep on bubbling! I only wish I could but due to health reasons I can only dream on! So, anyone with an interest in the Oceans and Seas, grab it while you can! Sorry for waffling but I really miss scuba diving!

  10. IMO no sharks deserve to be in a tank they deserve to be in the wild or in a public aquarium a aquarium that i go to had to get rid of a shark and the tank was 3000 gallons, how would you like being locked up in a closet? That’s what your doing to the shark, so that being said leave them in the ocean.

  11. People should rethink when they want to Shark Tank, it's just too expensive, I recently went to the fair in our state of Arkansas in Fort Smith, and they had for nurse sharks in a 1000 gallon tank the largest of which was seven and a half feet long this really seem cruel to me because they seem to have no way to move around at all, and you know they don't get to go to a bigger tank anytime soon. Unless you truly have the room and the money for upkeep I suggest not buying a shark, or if you do please donate it to your local aquarium if you cannot afford to keep it anymore. I was in the situation several years ago where I own the reef shark I had a tag and release and it was killed the very next day.

  12. If u want a bigger shark I recommend going to ur local pond or if u have a pond even better! Then all u need to do if chuck a hammerhead in there

  13. I recommend bulldogs because they don't need much space but they need more as they grow up, they are also good for home security as they protecc, barcc, attacc, and hacc.

  14. I have a great white shark in my basement, and a shark whale in my living room. In 2 months from now i will be getting a megalodon

  15. I left the lid off my tank and my hammerhead escaped any ideas on how I can find him? I've tried leaving tins of tuna around the lounge room with no luck.

  16. What I'd honestly like if I can is the kind of sharks that looks like common sharks. I mean, "cats sharks" and "dogs sharks" or things that he said in this videos are sharks but they don't look like the common sharks you always see.. What do you think would be the best like that?

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