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Best Smoked Fish Dip Recipe only 4 ingredients!

Best Smoked Fish Dip Recipe only 4 ingredients!

chef buck here and today we’re gonna
make a canned fish recipe we’re gonna make smoked fish dip
who doesn’t love smoked fish dip almost everybody doesn’t love smoked fish dip
you don’t know what you’re missing but fish dip can be expensive in fact we got
this here I think we paid 899 for this in Publix this is a Key West smoked fish
company stuff this stuff is really good but it’s not very economical because
there’s not a lot in here can you imagine taking this to a party and show
up for this so we can make you know two to three
times as much fish dip in this for at least the same price you know but maybe
even a little bit less I think I paid seven bucks for these pecans and this is
sardines smoked sardines doesn’t that sound awful I’m not a fan of sardines
which isn’t true I like sardines but I like herring but
what’s the difference between sardines and herring there’s no difference except
herring sounds sounds magical we’re Harry’s Harry but sardines that
sounds like my dad sitting in a chair watching football drinking beer and
stinking up the house because that’s my sardine memories but these are packed in
natural juices my dad used to eat sardines that were packed and mustard
and tomato sauce they were great maybe I just matured over time but I like
sardines now but I really I don’t like the ideas are beans well we love canned
fish and this is a great way to make a smoked fish dip for not a lot of money
relatively speaking and we’re gonna make it with as few ingredients as we can
we’re just going to use the canned sardines one block of cream cheese I’m
gonna throw a little bit of horseradish in there and then some lemon just to
brighten it up if you wanted to do it you could just use two sardines and the
cream cheese and mix it up and that would be a serviceable fish yeah that
would work that would just be two ingredients no you want a really great
one yeah but adding a little pizazz is nice
and this here just makes it a little less heavy yeah add some lemon juice it
adds brightness just that gives a little bit
of snap you know it’s not as plotting Li cheesy so the first thing we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna open our sardines UPD any kind of star Dean’s you like I don’t
know why it is sardines always seem to be packed like this gotta be very
careful opening sardines you talk much helpful
it’s like self-contained what are you talking about they’ve got it they’ve got
it sealed with a razor blade you got to be careful to open this so that you
don’t have with a bunch of fish you all-around king this good lord I know
that doesn’t look very nice it’s great why do they pack fish like this to keep
in the smoky goodness you can keep in the smoky goodness with any kind lid
look at this you got to be super duper careful taking this awesome he’s just
not plastic you know but at least if this was a
plastic lid I wouldn’t have to worry about you know cutting my jugular
actually you would that’s the whole thing about packaging now if I just
drink this off here just splatters oil everywhere so you got to be careful
doing that and are you doing in the sink what are you doing this but you can
still die die lots of nutrients yeah that’s one of the great things about
using this kind of canned fish it has a lot of nutrition in it now we’re gonna
go ahead and get the flesh out of here get the sardines out of here you know a
little bit of the juice is gonna come out naturally but we want to be careful
because we don’t want to put all of this juice in but we’re gonna save it and add
it so that we can make the dip as creamy as we want it to be we’ll add a little
bit of this juice which is really flavor and this is the sardines natural juice
here so we get all our fish out of here boom boom boom and look at that this is
like a nightmare I know this looks like a bad dream that you had when you were a
kid look at this now this is an alternative ingredient but you know
again just like the lemon it adds a little bit of zing and flavor and pizazz
this is just some preemie horseradish and you can do it to taste I’ll have a
recipe written down below with some suggestions for amounts and whatnot and
I’ll put a couple other things underneath
poor ingredients you can add some seasonings if you want to yes some salt
and pepper although fish is already kind of salty and cheese is already fun to
salty so you know you probably don’t need salt now I’ve already got my a
block of a cheese kind of softened up I’ve had it sitting out for a little bit
so boom I’ll just throw that on there then I’m just gonna squeeze me some
lemon juice in here if you don’t have fresh lemon you know you can just add a
little bit of vinegar you know like a rice wine vinegar you can also use
bottled lemon or lime juice yeah let me go ahead and get this all mixed up and
it’s a lot easier if you’ve let your cream cheese soften up a little bit and
you can make it as smooth or chunky as you like it just blends up super quick
and easy let me go ahead and give it a little taste test though even before the
smoked paprika usually I like to add a little bit of the juice from the can you
know to add to the smokiness of the flavor I just don’t think I need to I
think I’m gonna do it there just for the heck of it just to illustrate you know
what you could do and I know that doesn’t make it look any nicer but you
know if it was a little thicker if you had more cheese in here and you needed
to thin it out and make it a little more dippy you can add some of that juice
like that and if you want it to be more smoky flavor more smoky fishy flavor you
can add a little bit more but you know that’s that’s not gonna hurt it that
she’s gonna make you better although it tasted really good without that but you
can add as much juice and sitting out as much as you like maybe it’s creamy to
your life like a lot of times when I make it all you know I’ll throw a little
bit of this in here but I’m not even gonna do that so really this is just
four ingredients look at this big bowl of fish BIA yeah I
made this for this was probably about nine dollars and this was about nine
dollars look at that twice as much no that’s way more than twice as much now
you can take this to a party you know if you take this to a party they’re just
gonna open the door they’re gonna take that out of your hand they’re gonna say
thank you very much and then we’re gonna shut the door
cuz there ain’t enough for everybody this here boom there’s enough for
everybody so what are you going to do with this here well the easiest thing to
do is you get a cracker and you put it in here like that
and then this goes in your mouth it could be fancy crackers – mm-hmm but you
gonna feed your help there’s no necesito okay I’ll give you a
wee little bite so you don’t have to wait to speed you do that full service
you know and I’ve seen some some recipes that call for mustard but if you put
mustard in here then it has a little bit of a mustard II taste which is duh but I
find that very distracting I want the smokiness of the fish to come through
but if you had anything else in here you’re going to dilute that smokey fishy
flavor and then what’s the point even minced onion I don’t like to put
onion in fish there’s a lot of times when you make fish dip you know you’ll
refrigerate it and you’ll let it sit for awhile you know overnight maybe even for
a day it becomes more flavorful great yeah but if you put fresh onion in there
if you mince up on it in there again it just kind of adds a little bit of flavor
that I think takes away from the fish dip and if a cracker isn’t fancy enough
for you mm-hmm a bagel but just take a toasted bagel oh it smells so good both
smells so good put a little bit of fish dip on there it’s like a bagel and cream
cheese right this cream cheese in here so we’ll just throw some onion rings
around well fancy red yeah you got to use red onion if you’re gonna eat them
raw like this here although you could you just chop up you some green onions
if you like now I’m gonna take a few capers and I’m gonna sprinkle more
around here on the cheese I’m gonna go ahead and spread these capers around so
I can kind of smash them into the dip smash them smash it in that way they
won’t roll away thin slices of Tommy toe smash it down and hold everything on
there and then we’ll throw a couple of capers
for decoration tell us how it tastes okay play you know when Dorothy skipping
down that road yellow brick road like a dream okay I’ve got it plated up nice
and fancy so I’m gonna have to mess this up yeah that’s okay
you’re worth it it really is great if you want to print
the recipe you know I’ll have a written down below you can take a look at it go
to print all the recipes over there really appreciate you
watching definitely give this a smoked fish dip a try
it’s really tasty so if you haven’t tried a smoked fish dip do it we’ll see
in the future you

37 comments on “Best Smoked Fish Dip Recipe only 4 ingredients!

  1. Are sardines great?…or your worst nightmare? I've come around to appreciating sardines after early childhood sardine trauma, and smoked fish dip is a very tasty way to use canned smoked sardines. If you've never tried fish dip before, don't be a-scared. And have a great weekend!

  2. 😆 Chef Buck you are too funny! I actually like sardines since I was a kid!🙋🏾‍♀️ We ate it with saltine crackers.

  3. I love sardines. So did my Dad… who liked to sit in his vinyl recliner, drinking a cheap beer and watching sports on tv. He would've liked this dip. I know I will. World Series. Go Nats! Thanks.

  4. We always have all these ingredients in the house. Will have to make this as a little treat for my husband. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. I've been avoiding the cans I got for keto, but this is a perfect way to add more omega 3s. I'll just dip in keto crackers and veggies. Thank you!

  6. Oh cruel world….   I LOVE sardines but hate gout.  I can't seem to have one without the other.  This recipe sounds so go that I may have to temp fate.  Thank you for posting.

  7. Fish dip is really delish! But we love all kinds of fish lol 😂 we picked up some canned smoked salmon when we were in alaska on a cruise. They recommened it for smoked salmon dip and its delicious. 👍👍👍

  8. Big thumbs up for this. We get Wild Planet and Season Sardines at Costco for $7 -$10 for 6 cans. Just as cheap as amazon. They are like premium tuna on steroids. Outstanding.

  9. Oh my! I’m making this tomorrow! 🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. I love sardines. Packed in olive oil or water. Don't much care for the tomato or the mustard. This dish looks great. Pair it with sliced sharp chedder and "BOOM" ! Love it. God bless from Oklahoma.

  11. I would try it if someone else made it. One step at a time for the squeamish. But thanks Buck! I always learn something from your vids. (Not a fan of horseradish either. How about a pinch of cayenne for a kick?)

  12. Good one Buck. I have cooked my canned dollar store mackerel on my panini grill and made a dip with mayo, horseradish, mackerel, and pickle relish. Your cream cheese idea would make it even better. The canned mackerel would make the dip even cheaper, but you have to grill it to dry it up which I know you already know. they sell liquid smoke if a person wanted that flavor.

  13. Can’t wait to try this for a football or World Series party! Thank you!
    By the way, did your dad eat the sardines (in mustard and hot sauce) from a can with a lighthouse on it? I have distinct memories of my dad eating those, too. I believe for the plain sardines sometimes he’d slather some mayo on a piece of white bread and eat it like a half sandwich.
    Thanks for bringing me down memory lane. 😂

  14. Love sardines, they are packed with omega 3 ‘s ! Delicious sounding recipe ! Delicious— yum, yum. Thanks for this awesome recipe !

  15. My mom used to make EXACTLY the same thing, only it was completely different. But it was simple and the cream cheese was the common denominator. Your fish dip does seem to me a throw-back dish and that makes me a wee bit nostalgic: Melt that block of CC in a pan and add CANNED MINCED CLAMS (see what I did there?). Then she’d add some heat – Tabasco or whatever, oh and a bit of Worcestershire. Fresh ground black pepper was in there. So, just a few easy-peasy ingredients. Use the Ritz or Town House vector to convey to mouth. In those days, the 50s and 60s, this would be presented in a small chafing dish with Sterno keeping it warm underneath. Pair that up with my dad’s real homemade whisky sour, put Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians on the stereo, roast beef aroma wafting from the oven and you got Saturday night at my house. To eat a sardine back in the day one had to detach a key from the can. It had a key-type handle on one end and a slot on the other. A tab from the can was fitted into the slot on the key, and one then twisted the key to peel back the lid all the way around the can. Chance of success without pliers coming into play was roughly the equivalent of hitting a trifecta. Thanks Buck, another great video.

  16. Totally down with this. Love you guys' videos. So clever and gimmick-free. Good honest stuff! Great commentary on the sardine can packaging. And about not diluting the flavor with unneeded additions. So true! And love you use the little strainer for the lemon seeds. None of that holding your fingers under it bs we see everywhere on cooking shows and the internet! 🙂

  17. I loved smoked salmon and also smoked tilapia but sardines have always had a "stinky fishy" reputation since I was a kid so i stayed away from it. I imagine it is good in a dip. I should try this some day.

  18. Thanks, Chef Buck and CG! With a low-carb diet, I'm always looking for dippy concoctions to accompany pork rinds, now that I've abandoned crackers and breads. I sometimes buy packaged Nova lox, shred it up and add it to cream cheese, but I never thought of adding smoky sardines (or mackerel filets) instead. I love 'em and always have at least a dozen cans in the house.

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