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Best Sushi in Japan – Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese Food

Best Sushi in Japan – Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese Food

This one is a Akami You don’t need teeth to eat that Tokyo Japan, there’s no question. It’s one of the world’s top food cities today I’m taking you on an exclusive sushi journey where we’re going to see the entire sushi cycle from the fish auction – the tuna slicing – eating sushi right out of the fingers of the chef Get ready to witness the art of the best sushi in the world Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s mark Wiens I’m in Tokyo Japan, and I’m here with the hungry tourists on his best of Tokyo food tour. It’s exactly 4:30 a.m. Right now we’re gonna go catch a taxi to the market That was a mess good morning, David morning, and we are On our way to go find chef hero Sato who is a master Xu sushi chef And he’s going to be taking us into the market every sushi chef in Tokyo visits this market every morning to get fresh fish for the day We met up with Chef Hiro Sato and we’re now just walking into the inner market of sketchy market this is This is where you want to be careful not to get hit by by carts or our trolleys Oh, man, this is this is awesome. I’m starting to get really really excited At this time you can see all of the vendors, they’re setting up, there is a fresh catch of the day as in and Every sushi chef in Tokyo has their own vendor that they go back to over and over again, and so chef knows exactly where we’re going oh wow Before we do anything though proper footwear is a must Oh and a cap Okay, oh yeah, I’m fully totally ready for the fish market so nice outfit. Yeah This is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not only are we at an? exclusive area for buyers only at Tsukiji market That is in the fest and the boots And by the way Iggy fish market is the this is the biggest fish seafood market in the entire world, it’s gigantic All of a sudden we’re entering into the Arctic chill room. Oh, this is the tuna room? Oh, this is where the auction is happening This is by far the most Gigantic tuna I have ever seen in my entire life oh It’s massive If you ever eat the best sushi the best quality tuna it all passes through this market and this auction We got bleacher seats I think that Bell signifies the start of the auction So amazingly organized, but it just sounds it’s actually quite soothing to listen to them He actually like sings a song it’s so methodical iterally Just go fish after fish we spending a few seconds bird fish and just go down the line auctioning off all of the tuna I Guess so really quickly just to explain the tuna are auctioned and there are buyers So they buy the tuna and then they bring it back to the fish market Where they cut it and where they distribute it and sell it and then sushi chefs They they go they have their own vendor that they I’m sure they go to they’re loyal to their vendor and So the best sushi chefs have their own vendor who is one of the best buyers because they buy the best quality of tuna And so that’s just that’s just a really really quick brief overview of a little bit of how the system works Unfortunately, I had to give up the hat and the vest, but we are back at the tuna king All right, and this is also known as the tuna king women king they buy the best units in the world These are the highest quality tuna in the entire world and This is the part I’m really looking forward to actually is when they’re gonna start cutting the tuna and the tuna are straight from the auction I’m just overwhelmed right now. It’s so fascinating you’re watching this he cuts up that to an end there there So they know it’s the exact move They need to make they cut off the fins they cut off the head they cut off various bones But they know it’s so precise they know exactly what they’re doing and there’s there’s no room for error And as he’s slicing up that tree no we got another another shipment was delivered look at the size of this It’s huge 142 kilos Oh, Oh that is the purest sashimi you will ever have in your life Right out of the carcass Oh That was just incredible to watch them slicing up those slabs of tuna they there’s no room for error They make slices They can only make it or just one cut and just they literally cut that tuna like it’s butter just straight through it It’s just such an incredible art and those guys are the best in the world For anything very didn’t going to have a person I don’t got the goods endeth This is possibly the greatest treat You could ever have it’s slimy and still kind of squirming around and all man. It does not get fresher than this One bite All the fur it’s sweet and firm you can taste the salt water college all the sweetness keeps on coming We trick Chef’s just killed me another shrimp, and this is our boat on trip. Oh That shrimp literally almost has the sticky texture of peanut butter oh, but with like a a sweet Natural almost nutty taste to it amazing Hey don’t talk New York today’s number one This one know what it was what it was We have only John, thank you, oh, we’re now at the best unni dealer That’s cutie market, and you’ve just given me a little taste. It’s like dripping. It’s juicing That tastes like cream It tastes like it tastes like ice cream. I had this tiny little perfect bitterness to it balanced by a sweetness and juiciness Old man, oh, that’s insane Yoshitaka zombie that done, here’s the only King know anything Just nothing better than snacking at the market Chef Kudo thought those who voiced er vendor now all that is that is beautiful it’s just juicing and dripping everywhere Oh Oh act like a mouthful of a few and that’s melt in your mouth, that’s juicy that’s C booty Thank you very much that was amazing that was amazing that was an incredible behind-the-scenes look at ski Gmarket from the auction to the cutting to seeing the best the best quality tuna in the world What really strikes me about Japanese culture in general is just how? How they respect and take such incredible care of the natural products than the natural? Natural things the fish from the fish all the way to the to the produce, and I want to say a huge Thank you to chef hito sato-san for taking us around and also the hungry tourists for his amazing Network and for setting it all up that was Fascinating and I’m pretty sleepy right now. I think I’m gonna take a little nap And tonight we have reservations at a very well-known very Respected sushi restaurant, it’s called sushi a lie Okay, so this sushi restaurant is in Ginza, and we’ve just arrived it is somewhere oh Actually, it’s in the basement of this building Hello This is just a little tiny sushi bar. This is amazing it and just our entire group is taking up the entire Sushi bar there When you dream about a sushi bar, this is the exactly like environment atmosphere that you would think of okay, we’re starting off with an eggplant and Eggplant dish it’s absolutely gorgeous with little flowers on top It’s so smoky and sold has this earthy thought at flowerless flowers okay, and the piece of tofu Sesame I think that’s like sesame to a 100 We’ve got some raw baby shrimp, and they peel this raw And then he it was just amazing to watch him as he sliced them open with just absolute dedication and perfection Both people died both. Are you bi? That’s insane That is like creamy sweet butter Looper stunning as well like so clean tasting next up for gingko nuts We’re really really nice really like silky creamy We’ve only had a couple pieces already, but one of the amazing things about this restaurant is just how Incredibly clean they keep everything so he slices the fish, and then actually you have a bar counter But then he places your piece of sushi he gives it to you straight but he sets it on the Higher shelf and then your lower shelf is reserved Beautiful slab of wood reserved clear chopsticks in your napkin and your beverage But kids kept Incredibly clean next step is bonito All the freshness of that It’s just shining oh It has like a slight Sweet almost bloody freshness to it so awesomely good Yeah, this is a type of clam and a huge nugget of clam what she hands it to you to eat and you can You can actually unreal the vibrant aroma of that clam before even though they gonna bite Okay Yeah, that’s incredibly like stry and bouncy And it’s so like muscular Okay next up we have a little piece of fish, which has been steamed in sake and this is a little beauty of a1 butter Melt in your mouth Well downsweep it it you got to get a close-up look at this you see all of that Tom away that that good Boozy like head butter with juices in there There’s the perfect combination of crunchy head and like suckin buttery slightly bitter like head cream oh Your next byte is monkfish liver, and it has it has an orange color to it Oh, that’s like custard no I forgot on that one to add the wasabi I’m gonna add the whole blob of wasabi on this button Oh Oh Yeah, yes, that’s for sure They just have like different purposes. Ah this is a chawanmushi It’s a type of egg custard And there’s a little dab of wasabi on the top so you can kind of mix that mix that all around There’s like some it looks all that a custard is on the bottom there, and then there’s kind of like some gooey sauce Hmm, it’s so light and just dissolves it you know they’re pieces of fish on the bottom as well The sushi has begun we are starting with a piece of flounder is such an expert at making sushi It’s even hard to like keep up with the camera Oh The balance is just insane and also when you eat sushi Just eating it with your fingers grabbing it right from the chef He makes it eat it right off the table you use your fingers that just adds another element to it the next piece is squid and he added on a squeeze of The citrus yuzu, I think and then a little bit of wasabi in there I’ve never had raw squid like that. That’s so soft Mmm It has a little crunch to it, but it’s so soft. It’s not chewy whatsoever oh That’s citrus is amazing oh Ma no Chuck we inject it on one okay, this one is a commie Oh oh That’s ridiculous, oh The fish just melts in your mouth the rice is perfectly balanced, and it’s just the perfect temperature like It’s like mouth temperature the entire bite Okay the next piece is to throw Perfectly creamy Perfectly salty a hint of sourness. It’s literally a perfect bite Whole Next piece is from the like back of the tuna And it’s just glistening you just have to watch and admire him as he makes sushi literally his hands are just dancing You don’t need teeth to eat that Well, don’t ya Buts about gold Jews it’s done a lot buddy so far everything has been exceptional But this is one light that I’ve been waiting for it is the oath total the fatty tuna belly and to me it almost looks Like like scales almost because it’s so fatty that it just kind of like almost like Starting to fall apart For ladies That’s one of the best things you could possibly stick in your mouth it just dissolves how many rice in it oh just insane Is your Chad okay Let’s just bite after bite of just life-changing food next up is Spanish mackerel Although it has it like kind of gooey texture to it what I really love the flavor of The chef at is sushi though, it’s more on the salty side with a little bit of sourness Without much, sweetness in the rice. It’s absolutely perfect detail It is in style Just beautiful again, you can see there’s tiger stripes on it Boy next up is baby scallop The crunch from the two weed the scallops are just here here that literally has the crunch of a mushroom – it almost is his salmon roe, and he put a better price down and just a Heap of salmon roe. This is like a little bowl of pudding you do with a spoon look that is just incredibly beautiful They’re transparent and they’re actually like like light orange in color if you look at them through the light Sometimes it takes fishy and tastes a little hot. This is like so neutral tasting They just like burst with like slightly salty or like juice That’s my favorite type of pudding Oh good awesome another slab of fish and rice that just melts in your mouth over and over again Yellow Next up for uni which is sea urchin and it’s just like exploding out of the top of this piece of sushi oh That’s a dream come true in your mouth That’s like liquid liquid custard is ocean eel all it’s hot Next up is a hand roll, and he stuffed so much tuna into there It’s unbelievable if you don’t need it fast enough. It will just melt on the table this is Perfection it’s so beautiful. This is a one bite slice That just sums up this entire experience and it’s time for dessert now when you eat one What cost a sushi like this that time? I’ll go though it’s always the final bite and Every chefs version is a little bit different. This looks. It looks really real I Have never felt awesome place much like a sushi chef. This is awesome the chefs are amazing Oh, yeah Sushi now that was Truly a sublime meal it was unbelievable a truly a once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity and experience the combination of both so huge. Thank you to the hungry tourists I Did everything with a hungry tourist on the best of Tokyo food tour? And it’s been absolutely awesome This is these are things that would are Almost priceless to be able to book them and to be able to arrange things like this is I couldn’t have done it without the hungry tourists. Thank you the hungry tourists I’ll leave the links in the description box you can check everything out and Thank you very much for watching this video Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it And I’m gonna be publishing lots more food in travel videos so click Subscribe now And thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you on the next video

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