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BEST TANK SETUP: Time For Planted Aquarium Trim PART 1

what’s up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you one of my favorite tanks that I never have
to do any work on how is everybody doing I hope for you doing well in today’s
episode it’s gonna be part one of a two possibly three part series of this
in-wall tank is that my buddy Brian’s office this is built into the wall it’s
got a sink behind it it’s an absolutely fabulous tank that I never have to touch
but I walked by it all the time because my office is right next door and it’s
overgrown and it needs some love and it’s been staring at me and I’ve got a
couple of things that I want to kind of try in it I’ve got Dragonstone and this
new stereo stone we’re carrying that I absolutely love and I feel like this
tank is screaming for a better hardscape because it actually has hardly any rocks
in it also we’re gonna rip out this tank we’re gonna talk about some of the great
things that are going on in this tank and some of the things that are not
going so great so we’re gonna start by kind of clearing the canvas taking a
look at what we got going on and then from there we’re gonna rip it out and
we’re gonna kind of rebuild it and build the hardscape a little harder here we go
okay so back to your wolf stuff if I could have any job in the world what
would it be at the perfect job for me it’s fun for me to come in here and play
around in this aquarium I’m really excited to rip it out cuz it’s got a
whole bunch of plant matter to play with but before I do I want you guys to take
a kind of a step back with me and just really appreciate some of what’s
happening in this tank cuz I think there’s a lot of good going on I’m going
to do some of it but I wanted just people
to see you know that that whole like let it go idea is that a frozen line let it
go but if you can look up here with me this tank has so much one stuff going on
you can click the links around here and see how this was originally set up when
I first set this up it was dwarfed sad not very much of it
at all and a whole bunch of jungle Val I want to see clearly if you just let it
roll the dwarfs edge won this game right here this is all dwarfs edge even
getting taller in the back there which I’m really surprised to see you can look
up here you can see little flowers coming off of it too it’s got these
sweet little flowers coming off of a really healthy tank it’s out been
outgrown the the Lotus has kind of been a little bit of snail damage going on
there nothing too problematic even the java fern back there has been out
competed for the light and what-have-you so it’s really kind of interesting just
watch how Mother Nature just kind of took over with this with the dwarf sedge
Lotus is a little rough looking there’s flowering on this the Sagittarius of
lotta dwarf sad low my best on plants little tiny flower up there coming off
the side you can barely see the Crypt down here has been choked out and is
will be okay but we’re gonna thin a large amount of the dwarfs edge out of
here it’s gonna make a mess no this is a hundred percent dirted aquarium so there
is dirt underneath here you can tell by the way that’s growing you will not get
this kind of growth in my opinion out of most store-bought premium planted
substrates look at the jungle val the difference here Wharf sedge jungle val
the jungle val probably got choked out by the muriel phylum that grew on top of
it as well and then back here there are a couple of sweet pieces of driftwood
which you cannot see let’s roll around to the back of this
real quick though i want to show how this is set up this is really cool right
here like this built into the wall I brought my let’s get messy plastic with
me and then these angelfish clearly knows this is where they get fed so I
kind of wanted to set this up where this would be the front but everybody walks
in and sees it that way it’s hard to do because I cannot get into it from the
front one of my standard double LEDs on it
just one room to get in there can’t get out the front and yeah I’m gonna rip
this out but I really wanted everybody to just take an appreciation for I mean
look at the root structure on here that root structure is gonna be problematic
on this dwarf sag when I go to rip it out but I really just wanted everybody
to take a moment and kind of appreciate just how it’s just gone buck wild on its
own time to give it a haircut just like I need a hair is good all right so I
want to show you guys how this is set up you can click links around here see how
this originally put together he asked me what’s the perfect way to set this up
and I said put a sink underneath it if you can man so he’s got a sink
underneath here that’s really a pretty slick setup and I haven’t used it in a
while but he’s got a key valve on it he’s got one open one closed so he can
kind of turn the water on here so I’m actually gonna turn the water on and
then put this clamp now that water is running in here this is slick I’m gonna
run it in here I’m gonna take this but I act like I’m gonna fill it up so I’m
gonna click the water over here fill this tube and then I’m gonna actually
read rain from the same siphon so it’s a pretty slick little setup here so I got
that running open this valve so that’s gonna be open now I’m gonna close you
can see this one right here I’m gonna close this I’m not gonna use any declaw
or anything now come up here and you look at this so that’s bubbling so
that’s running so that’s when the air gets out of there that means the water
is full in the tube and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna kill the water I’m
gonna open this one and now we’ve created a Down cycling so now this is
siphoning out so the water is turned off that’s tank water right there so that’s
real slick so now I’ve got this siphoning down that’s connected going
through there and I’m gonna take this set up right here get low and anybody
using a dirted tank you always want to respect the dirt for backup a better
better way of saying it so I’m gonna climb up here luckily I got my
go-go-gadget arms I’m gonna rip this stuff out
and this is legitimately in there oh my goodness look at that
and that’s gonna really trash this tank because the dirted tank but it is what
it is but I – shake it we can really thin this nicely here to do is you’re
gonna spread it around I’m gonna probably focus some of the plants in the
corner so I’m going to make it a little thin in the middle that will be enough
for now with this so I’ll kind of move it over here you’ll notice I have some
gravel in there from the old set up that’s fine you want to pick out any
debris or whatever when I pull this out I can’t wait to get the shot for you
guys to see just how well rooted all of this is goodness so the least messy way
to get a dirted tank the plants out is to do what I’m doing where you kind of
shake it and then if you want to have a siphon going at the same time that’ll be
your main pull of all the dirt and stuff that’s coming up and I’d actually be
curious to look underneath here and see how the dirt layer is doing this folks
this is why we played a game this is why does detox the dirt look at this like
this is what’s up right there there’s a full massive like look at that I mean
that is just you know let’s not let this drip everywhere but that’s just one
little clump jungle bald dwarf sach super super like that’s hardly made a dent in what’s
happening here so then it becomes where are we were moving what are we removing
how deep are we going here I just use plain black Estes gravel on this but
this tank is so easy to do water changes I look I’m shaking this out look at the
roots on this vowel here and that’s like that’s all you got to know right there and that sink is keeping up too which is
good now of course the fundamental problem with this aquarium is that I
cannot operate it like looking at it and this be in the front this is the back so
I’m gonna have to roll around the front and look through the murk and kind of
figure out where we’re going what more I need to excavate and what I don’t and I
really want to throw some stones in here but I don’t know where to put them and I
can’t I can’t see like okay this goes here and I put this there like I don’t
know where everything is gonna go so I just walk around the front but so far so
good on the excavation we just barely put a dent in here now what I’m gonna do
is try to rip out some of this front part I like the look of the jungle look
always have I’m only working all my tanks I work left to right just how I
roll so I’m just instinctively starting on this side of the aquarium what’s my
vision here you’ve got that vision I don’t spot something go says you look
clicks the links around here listen to Arnold I’m gonna my vision is the seer
you stone because it’s a darker color versus the dragon stone dragon stone is
cheating stone makes anything look good the serious stones pretty close I’m
gonna put some serious stone in here Andrew stay put I’m gonna just do this
the problem is I got to do it from the back here so I don’t exactly know where
I’m going like I kind of made a mark but I want to see up here while I rip this
out I can always riad the plant mash that’s the nice thing about a well
planted aquarium is you can always come back in and you’ve got great plant
growth you know plant like look how legit that is
so blindly I place this sick piece of serious stone in here probably on top of
plants just to get like the first impression I don’t even know like where
this is going with that or anything I can’t see what you see so I got to come
around and look which makes escaping it a little more probable yeah you don’t
even see anything in there that rock is fat though that rock will look really
cool in here and that’s me giving my creative input on hardly any visibility
on that so what I’m gonna do is today I’m gonna drain this down give it a 50%
fill it back up hack out more and just throw rocks in it let’s see how it looks
with the rocks just literally just thrown in creatively I’ll get away from
it I’ll come back I’ll clean the canvas here and here I’ll pull out that I’ll
pull out that I’ll hack that down the next to nothing I’ll spin through here
and while I’m doing that it’s gonna be draining down to about here then I’m
gonna refill it drain it fill it drain it fill it get the canvas clear and then
have this miscellaneous serious stone laying in here that will give me the
creative flow once I come back and look at it when it’s been now okay these
rocks are here where do I go from here so there’s two different mindsets going
on this is the deconstruction mode right here with like planning some creative
seeds if you will and then from there we’re gonna go and once everything is
spinned out and like a little bit lighter in here don’t we go back in and
we plant and we do the hard scape it’s nice to do because I can do water toons
at the same time dusty got a haircut this tanks getting the haircut hit the
like subscribe and share button stay tuned for part two of the makeover on
this end wall tank tank on everybody later

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