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Betta Fish Tank Update

Betta Fish Tank Update

hey y’all Mandy with my hectic life
that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related so I made some
changes to my betta fish Kai’s tank I added a few things changed some things
around I got some new river rocks i I added driftwood and I went ahead and
added some Christmas tree moss cuz eventually I want to put some shrimp in
there so they’re gonna need a place to hide cuz my betta is hungry I went ahead
and moved my anubias plant so I wedged them with some of the river rocks
I added some driftwood in there and I added some duck weed to the top my
Amazon sward plant seems to be doing really well it’s got a lot of new leaves
on it and I’m hoping that with time it will start to just kind of overtake the
back of the tank I’m kinda liking how it’s turning out so far and I can’t wait
for my plants to start to really grow and fill up the tank so okay that’s all
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