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Bierenbaum Fisher Hall Dedication at Rider University

Bierenbaum Fisher Hall Dedication at Rider University

My name is Hunter Izzo I’m a junior organizational psychology major Back in my freshman year, second semester I worked for the phonathon campaign where we call alumni and ask them for gifts to contribute to the school. And there was this one Saturday morning I called up this person after him telling me to call him back He said he wanted to talk to somebody in University Advancement so I happily obliged. When Hunter called, it reminded me immediately of what my life had come full circle and here was a young kid trying to do the right thing for his college And I had thought about many times over the last 20 years of what Rider had done for me and prepared me for the success And at that moment, I realized that Rider gave me the money to attend, They gave me the educational skills I needed to be successful, They got me the job at Mobil So essentially it meant that Rider caused all of this to happen. And at that moment it hit me because I saw this young fella’ hustling And I felt like I was talking to myself. and at that moment I realized what it was all about and it was time to give back because there may be other Hunters and Barrys and Gails out there that need our help And the help that Rider gave me. The impact I hope it’ll have is that there’s some kids out there that really may not have the opportunity to go to such a wonderful college as this I mean that would just It means so much to Barry and I My family’s been very important to me, particularly my wife And we’ve worked together now 20 years, side by side And it’s absolutely the reason our business is successful I think our success is driven by many of the things I learned at the college here The college when I was here taught you how to do the right thing the right way. And that would be our hallmark, is that we try to do the right things the right way we try to treat people like we would want to be treated And we always set out with the best of intentions. I found out about the leadership council almost 6 months ago So we knew it was going to be a surprise And the biggest thing was how are we going to keep a surprise like this from my Mom because my Mom knows everything and finds everything out It was overwhelming it really was I was so clueless And I can’t believe everybody kept it a secret. Its just such an honor and I never had this experience of anything like this in my entire life It was great What I would say is to be successful in the future as you graduate and move into the job force is to keep it real Return phone calls, answer questions Be personal, treat people how you would want to be treated Be honest Keep integrity in everything that you do And work hard, and surround yourself with good people And you’ll have success That’s been our formula

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