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Big Fish (5/8) Movie CLIP – Time Stands Still (2003) HD

Big Fish (5/8) Movie CLIP – Time Stands Still (2003) HD

Ladies and gentlemans, boys and girls, thank you all for coming! Drive home safely, everyone! thank you for coming! It was on that night, Karl met his destiny. And I met mine, almost. They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops. and that’s true. What they don’t tell you, it’s that once time starts again… it moves extra fast to catch up.

67 comments on “Big Fish (5/8) Movie CLIP – Time Stands Still (2003) HD

  1. Some info about making of this scene:

  2. This story remind me of my dad, his like edward bloom in many ways, I love you dad! Even if your not around I hope to see you in my dreams, :'(

  3. Sigh. And the chase begins. This right here. This movie is why I'm such a hopeless romantic and my heart will remain on my sleeve. <333

  4. 1:27. If you look and observe closely, the guy on the left of the lady in a polka-dotted dress, glanced at the camera.

  5. I had crush on someone.. When i see her it become slow motion, i cant stand still like my knee so week to stand on and sit at people home stair while watching her, later promise my self to marry her and hope god helped me when we both old enought…. After many years she become fat cause she lazy and i bring her out always to food restaurant, i think i deserve someone prettier and dont look back so i avoid her….. The End… Im getting married to prettier girl that much more better then her now

  6. Man that happened to me once fell in love with my best friend then next thing Yk I end up having to move schools the next week…he’s still my best friend till this day and I still love him no matter how far I went

  7. Danny Elfman did a fantastic job creating the atmosphere with the soundtrack for this scene. I love how his music always sounds like what the night would sound like or something that sparkles.

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