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Big Game Fishing for Goliath Grouper off Port Canaveral Florida

Big Game Fishing for Goliath Grouper off Port Canaveral Florida

Got them striking back here on the
top.There’s something out there.>>Something making them nervous.>>We’re gonna see what
it is.>>BOOM!!>>What you got? uh oh!!>>There we go get it Blair, that’s a lot of fun on
a flats rod huh?>>Yeah it is! [laughing] (Lets go then!) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪>>Alright
Jimmy I believe we are coming up to it. Hey watch this new feature here brother. Get that
trolling motor would ya?>>Man that’s sweet I don’t even have to get it.>>That is the
latest and greatest feature from Minn Kota there brother.>>Auto deploy.>>That is the
Minn Kota Ulterra. Unbelievable unit brand new this year. I just hit the spot lock.>>Jeez
it does everything but pops popcorn doesn’t it. [laughing]>>Yee ole sub wreck. It use to
be nobody knew about this one huh? [laughs]>>For years and years this was the
super secret cobia spot in the winter time. But that’s gotten out too.>>Well welcome
to this episode of Addictive Fishing. We are fishing off the Space Coast. Captain Jim Ross
with us once again hopefully we are gonna show you some great big fish today. We’re
sitting basically right off the sub wreck right now. Bottom machine was lit up. Hit
the spot lock, back on the spot. Still got a great mark.>>You feeling it?>>Feeling
something.>>There you go get that fish. Got them striking back here on the top. That’s
a good sign.>>The wonder fish. You wonder what it is fishing on the bottom. Oh it’s
the elusive jack crevalle.>>Got him right on the bottom huh?>>Yeah he was way down
there. Unless it was a giant yellowtail. [laughing] Nope it is a jack crevallie>>Cool,
cool. You got him or you want me to get him?>>Nothing on the top water. Pulled over the
wreck and I mean the screen was absolutely lit up and we’re hoping it ain’t nothing but
jack crevalle [drag screams]>>Uh oh, we got something up
top here.>>Uh oh what do you got? Well we ain’t gonna mess with this jack crevalle too
much, get this unhooked.>>That’s about the average size we’re getting of of this spot
right here.>>Oh yeah? Not too bad.>>Eight, ten, twelve pounds.>>What you got a jack?
>>I think it might be.>>Say bye to him. You said you were having the goliaths coming up
here the other day? The goliaths were coming up and trying to eat these twelve and fifteen
pound jacks and when they weren’t eating them the bull sharks were eating them. We’d get
heads back. This might be one of them fifteen or twenty pounders.>>Could be one of them
elusive red snapper.>>That could be. [laughing]>>I threw a couple of chummers
over there and it seemed to kinda just get them stimulated you know they were down on
the screen but they really weren’t coming up to the top to get these baits. Then of
course you went down and found that one.>>He’s having his way with you right now.>>Yeah
I think he’s a little bigger than the last one, at least I hope he is. [laughing] It’d be embarrassing if he’s not
right? ♪ ♪ ♪>>Oh there’s color.>>I see color. That’s a big old beach donkey right
there now!>>That is a big one. That would be considered a mogan jack crevalle. [laughs]>>Oh my goodness. That reminds me
of the first show we ever did together.>>Hour jacks.>>Hour jacks show.>>When we say hour
jacks we’re not talking about ‘our’ jacks we’re talking about ‘hour’ jacks. Cause that
usually what it takes. Let me get that dehooker.>>That’s a stud right there.>>Cool beans.
That’s a good way to start the day there Captain Jimmy. Look at that come right out.>>Cool
beans. That- That’s thirty pounds, easy.>>That’s a whole lot of pain right there. But you know
what, a lot of guys come from the mid-west they have never seen anything look like that
let alone caught something that fights like it. It’s absolutely a fantastic fish no matter
how you look at it.>>I remember when I was guiding out here- I’m gonna go ahead and let
him go. When y’all do catch these and they’re this tired. Just like a tuna when you release,
straight down. It gives that big poof of water that goes their gills and he’s gone. And hopefully
the big man in the brown suit don’t get him.>>Good stuff bud, good stuff man.>>Rock and
roll. Well that’s the start of the day Let’s see what happens here on the next drift. Y’all
stay tuned we are gonna get repositioned and come back over that wreck again to see what
we can get. (Play it.)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Every season starts at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat, sleep, fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere, anytime.
Humminbird. Simply, clearly, better. And by Trokar. The world’s sharpest fish hook. ♪I want that goliath brother. [laughs]They’re down there. Got some
good marks. Cudas coming up looking at the baits now>>Well welcome back folks we’re
still sitting out here on the tug wreck and I know I called it the sub wreck maybe a little
bit ago but it is the tug wreck. Just basically seeing what we can get. Whether it be jack
crevalle, cobia, the elusive red snapper flounder, there’s a whole bunch of different fish that
we can get out here.>>Man I can’t believe I haven’t got a shark bite yet. I got an egg
sinker down there I mean come on. Yesterday that’s all I needed. [laughing]>>I’m digging these new spinning
reels we got now.>>Well they got a lot of drag to them now twenty five or thirty pounds
of drag pressure is more than adequate to lift something off of the bottom. Most of
the time people can’t even hold thirty pounds of straight drag if you try and lift a rod
with a thirty pound weight on the end of it, it’s a lot of weight.>>My biggest red snapper
came last snapper season it was thirty nine and a half inches and I got him on this rig
right here. His head had that chunk out of it from sticking his head in the coral holes.
Gah that was a big red snapper. That’s a pretty good show of that wreck huh? ♪ ♪ [drag screams]>>Mm hmm. Ha ha haaa. There
you go!>>Guess what I got.>>You got the man! ♪ Coming around? Let me get out of
your way. Ahh he got it.>>Well we know he’s down there. As you can see our conditions
have just totally changed it’s not the same day we got blown off the water yesterday.
>>Yeah we hightailed it yesterday and it was all we could do to get to the dock before
we got over run by the rain.>>And if you saw what happened to me yesterday about three
or four times, it happened just now so we got the two hundred pound test threadlock
hundred and thirty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon leader, and a big old Trokar hook so we’re
gonna see if we can show you one of these fish that keep breaking me off that we can’t
even get off of the bottom. Let’s put one down. What do you think?>>It’s time! ♪>>Ohh,
nope.>>He got nervous though didn’t he?>>Oh! He just got thumped! Take a step back Jim. [laughing]>>Is he on it? Something is on
there isn’t it? Oh yeah! Oh ho oh yeah! Something is on it! [struggling] ♪ ♪>>I don’t think this
is a big one.>>That’s your warm up fish. [laughing]>>He’s big and brown boys!>>Ah
yeah there’s your warm up fish right there now!>>There’s one! [laughing]>>Oh yeah! Heck yeah!>>That ain’t
a big one, you know here I got the big rod…>>Cause we have been getting hammered.>>Well
he’s just a little bitty guy. There are some down there that we know are much much bigger
than that.>>They’ll be half the size of the boat some of them.>>Now, since it’s a goliath
grouper, it’s a protected species- You can’t pull them out of the water, so all we are
going to do is unhook him with the circle hook right there and send him on back down.
>>Heck yeah, good job bro! [laughing] The warm up fish.>>That was fun.
Talk about getting revenge. revenge. Go ahead and get that circle out and send him on down.
They are one beautiful fish they got a big lobe tail on them and they use it all cause
those things are powerful.>>That’s what it took right there. [laughing]>>And off he goes. Hey, let’s put
a double slapper back up on there. See if we can get a grown one.>>Y’all stay tuned
we are gonna be right back with Captain Jim Ross on a nice cool day today right off the
space coast. Catching big old goliaths today. We’ll be right back.There’s something showing down there.
Come on baby eat it. It’s not an ice cream cone don’t lick it. Bite it like a cheeseburger.
Well welcome back folks we’re hopping from wreck to wreck to wreck trying to catch
a couple of big fish. And we’re just hoping for some fish right now because everyplace
we’ve been the bottom finder looks like it looks right now all lit up like a christmas
tree. Haven’t been able to really catch much today, so… We’re at the last spot of the
day. Look at the fliers->>Fliers are taking off.>>There’s something out there.>>Something
making them nervous.>>We’re gonna see what it is. So what is the last spot of the day
here?>>It’s one of the little rock piles on the Brevard reef. Something that one of
the local sport fishing clubs helped put out here. It holds fish on it so you never know
what you’re gonna get.>>This is the hero or zero spot?>>Yeah, this is one of the closest
bottom spots that you can get to out of the port and actually call it bottom fishing and
not just drifting over sand, you know.>>Well if it’s the one closest to home, maybe we
should have started here>>Instead of the farthest one away?>>Instead of forty miles
south. [laughing]>>BOOM! Somebody came up and ate.
>>Hey, you’re right. [laughing] [drag screams] Oh lordy, lordy, lordy. And
did you see how far I threw that thing out?>>We got drag action going on, gotta love
it.>>Oh, spooking up the fliers. ♪ What do you think bonita?>>Yeah most likely. With
the way that the fliers are running around. I don’t think that it’s anything but that.
>>Bonita are great pullers. Poor man’s tuner. At least it’s a little fun on the eight footer.
Uh oh, if it’s a bonita it’s a grown one. I got to go around.>>He’s running you around
the boat isn’t he?>>Yeah he is. How do you like that one Bill Dance? [laughing] That’s called Bill Dancin’ him
I guess. Dancing him around the boat.>>It’s a lot of fun on a flat’s rod huh? Oh oh oh
oh!! He tried to get you in the Yamaha. [laughing] ♪>>Come on. Yeah he’s fighting
like a big old bonita.>>Uh oh, we got another strike and another fish on. Let me get this
one clear.>>Oh you got the big rod there. [laughing] This is called making the best
of a bad day. We have been dropping down on what looks like christmas trees on the Humminbird
and have not been getting hit.>>He’s charging the boat, that or he got off I can’t tell.
He is moving.>>Yeah we have not been catching what we have wanted to catch. We’ve been up
and down the beach looking for tarpon- What you got?>>I don’t know but it’s gone about
four hundred miles an hour. Golly, I just took up about sixty yards that I didn’t think
I was going to get in time.>>Having fun. Oh, I got color! Yes sir that’s a king size
bonita. [laughing]>>Oh come here.>>Lordy that’s
a big bonita. Oh watch out for the trolling motor. I got him. Wright and McGilled him
to death.>>Oh that’s why he came up easy. [laughs] Somebody got a hold of him. We’ll
just leave him right there and let him make a nice chum trail for us.>>I’m gonna head
on back. You got the bonitas chummed now?>>We got them chummed up.>>Yes sir that’s
a grown one.>>That’s a full grown one there, heck yeah.>>He even hit the wire. Well they
will definitely get your breath going and they are one pretty fish. They’re actually
in the king mackerel family they’re not even in the tuna family but they sure do look a
lot like a tuna.>>I love these rudders back here.>>They’ll even do the tuna kick just
like a tuna. Same thing. Head first real good chunk in the water, get that air going through
their gills and off he goes.>>That wasn’t much of a splash, I’ll give him a five point
seven on that one brother. [laughing]>>Well bonita are a whole lot of
fun. Y’all get a chance to come fish with Captain Jim he will do everything he can to
put you on fish cause we have been trying since day light this morning had every wind
direction…>>And run all over the ocean. [laughing]>>We got to re-rig. Y’all stay
tuned we are going to be right back with some more Addictive Fishing. With Captain Jim Ross
and who knows what from Brevard reef. Shh. [laughs] Rig it Right by Wright and McGill.On
today’s rig it right segment I am going to show you what Captain Jim and I were out there
using But first I want to talk a little bit about Jim. Jim and I actually went through
captain’s school together many many years ago and got our captain’s licenses together.
Love fishing with Captain Jim. Every time I go to the Space Coast I’m always, ‘Hey let’s
fish with Captain Jim!’ And if you’ve seen the shows in the past, you’ve definitely seen
Captain Jimmy on the show a bunch. He is the man when it comes to the Space Coast. He does
everything possible to put you on the fish. Our targeted species this time was tarpon.
Last year Jim’s book was just lit up with stars on how many tarpon he was catching that
time of year. So we went out expecting the same thing and the weather was a little bit
off. The fishing bite was a little bit off, and the tarpon. They weren’t there. So, Jim
does what he always does he says hey let’s go wreck hopping and we could definitely go
find some fish to catch and make a good show so, that’s what we did. We went out and started
hitting all the wrecks out there and believe it or not, the eight footer. It was definitely
getting the job done. I had it rigged up with twenty pound test Seaguar and this is the
Smackdown I’ve been using, awesome stuff. 4/0 Trokar circle hooks, thirty pound test
Seaguar fluorocarbon and basically just throwing the pogies behind the boat and y’all see what
happens. It catches fish. That’s the object of the game, is getting fish to the boat.
Also got to try out the new two-hundred pound test Threadlock on the goliath grouper down
there. Ended up catching a little guy, but there was some mooses down there. If y’all
ever get a chance to go fish with Captain Jimmy on the Space Coast. Highly recommend
it, one heck of a captain. Remember one thing though, every fishing season starts right
here at Dick’s. Rig it Right, by Wright and McGill. ♪That’s a good mark whatever
it is that just went under the boat.>>Object of the game is to put the fish in the boat
baby.>>Exactly, get as many as you can.>>Let me show you these pogies how we get them rigged
here. What I like to do, right up in the snout they got a big giant piece of cartilage right
in their nose. And it’s a great spot to put that Trokar circle hook. And you can wing
them pretty good. Alrighty then. Flat lines out. How about that!>>Hey, hey he’s coming
at us. [laughing] Coming back this a way.>>Come
on bonita wake up.>>He hit it and ran straight at the boat didn’t he?>>No he ate it and
stayed there I think. Ugh! Come on fishy. They’re a little easier to get in on this
stuff. [laughing]>>Oh yeah, that little light one
that I was using… Put just a little too much heat on him to try t stop him and then
he popped it. Mmmm! ♪>>Putting a little more drag on there.>>They pull a little bit
harder than a walleye.>>And the object of the game, we were talking about it earlier…
Object of the game is to catch fish right?>>Yup, that’s right. ♪ ♪ [drag screaming] ♪ ♪>>Ugh, come on bonita.
♪ As I was saying before bonita everybody thinks they are in the tuna family. Especially
by the way they fight cause they fight a lot like a tuna. But they’re in the mackerel family-
He had something on his tail there.>>Oh yeah, somebody is trying to eat him.>>Everything
eats bonita, except me. [laughing] I actually did try it one time,
it wasn’t all that bad.>>Boy that’s a full grown model right there isn’t it?>>Set him
up here on the deck so I can show everybody why people think they are tunas.>>Get that
out of his face, got it.>>One of the main reason people think they are tuna is the fins
back here these are the steering fins, and also their peck fins right here fold back
and become hydrodynamic just like a tuna. That’s why they are so fast and can absolutely
pull and pull and pull, but- Bontia! That’s a full grown one.>>That’s a fatty too.>>Awesome,
awesome little fish to come out here and fight on trout rods, offshore rods.>>Whatever you
want to catch them on.>>They’re a lot of fun. Once again straight down get that air
shot over their gills and there they go. Well Jimmy, I think I’ve had about enough of this
day today. It’s starting to get rough they’re predicting thirty mph winds. And I’ve had
a ball once again brother!>>We’ve been all over the ocean haven’t we?>>We’ve had to
hit so many spots today, you don’t eve know. If y’all ever get a chance to come fish with
Captain Jimmy here, definitely give him a shot because he does everything he can to
put you on fish. That’s about it, don’t forget about the website Addictive Fishing dot com.
Hashtag show your mogan on instagram and what’s your website?>>Fine line fishing charters
dot com.>>Give him a shot you’ll have a ball. Want to say thanks to Tom Bartosek at the
Space Coast Office Tourism. Put us up at the Radisson awesome place to stay too. We’ll
see you next week.Check out more footage from this show by logging on to Addictive
Fishing dot com for out takes and bloopers.>>Oh bacarruder.>>Oh!! [laughing] Yes sir! I got him on the trout
rod [laughing]>>Arrrgghhh! [laughing]

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