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Big Perch Fishing – Glen Grant Fishing Experience

Big Perch Fishing – Glen Grant Fishing Experience

It’s a perch… It’s a huge perch! I’m tired, hungry, in a bad mood and got a headache. It’s time for another Glen Grant Fishing Experience. This time we are on the east coast. And we are searching for real big perch. Day 1 – Stripy warriors On this trip we have met up with Jörgen Larsson, wich most people know about. A fantastic angler. We have also met up with Dejan Milosevic who is a person I look up to, especially when it comes to perch fishing. A real deal angler. The conditions right know looks good. This is weather I like. The water is a bit murky which is good. It’s very shallow in this bay and we don’t want to clear water. Fish on! Might be a perch. Let’s se what it is… Might be a perch right? It feels like a pike.. It’s a small pike. It felt lika a big perch in the beginning. This place is packed with pike. It’s almost a bite in every cast. The first day we fished a cove in the sea. We had hope of finding some feeding fish. Which we did. Unfortunately is was mostly pike. It was fun though… Once a pike angler, always a pike angler as you say. This is a big pike. A nice dubbel. A small perch and a well fed pike! What a way to start the day! Let’s slip’ em back. Even though we where not fishing for the pike we got like 40 pike in one day. You got pike all the time! It was fun on light gear, even though we where fishing for perch. That is a big pike! It’s a nice rod you got Nicklas! Lend my rod out for one cast.. and he nails a big pike. That pike is big! Good job!! This one is so fat! I really got to try out your rod there Nicklas! What a fight! Let’s slip her back. What a beauty! During this time of year there is a lot of pike in that cove, as we saw. This means that the perch have to swim around alot to avoid the pike. The perch fishing was not easy at all yesterday. Now I will try my “in line” rig. I’ve got some nice perch on this rig actually. Let’s see if this works better. The purpose of this rig is to make the bait a bit more floating. And with this mega teez from Westin, the bait gets a real wounded action. Very effective! What I do is simply thread the bait on to the leader. That’s how it’s suppose to look! You’ll get a lot of nice movement on the bait. When jig fishing, it is very important to learn your baits, How they work together with different techniques. Every jig has it’s own movement
and doesn’t fit with all techniques. If you learn what technique is best
suited for the bait and situation, you’ll benefit from it in the long run. Damn! Must be a small one. He came back again, after the first strike. Nice! Good job Jörgen! A perch, and a nice one too! Yeah, very nice colors too! If there’s one, there’s more! I had some hopes to get a
couple big perch on crank baits but, this shallow area and all the vegetation on
the bottom made it impossible. So i quickly changed gear and started to fish
with super light weight jig heads with an offset hook, so I could fish them weedless. And since I had this light jig head of only
5 grams i could fish very slow, without getting stuck in all the vegetation on the bottom. Oh, nice perch! Yeah it was on this spot we caught the first one too! Caught on new small Hypo Teez. Crippled… Hypo Teez. Super nice colors on this one too! Yeah nice perch! Nice work mate! Never give up! Looking really nice! 1090 grams! Let’s weigh this perch! A great technique with these smaller fish is
to use a regular plastic bag. It’s very gentle on the fish! Just wet the bag and deduct the weight off the scale. It won’t hurt the fish at all. – 1140 grams?
– I think it’s smaller than that. 1010 grams! Spot on one kilo! We caught pretty much all the perch in the same area earlier that day. But i felt like we didn’t really get the size we wanted. We got fish from 7 hektos to about one kilo… And to be honest it didn’t really feel like this
was the place to catch a bigger fish, usually the same sized ones stick together in shoals. I had a strong feeling we wouldn’t
catch a bigger fish here where these fish are. That’s why we did this almost desperat move and switched spots pretty late. Oh! It’s a lump! A really nice fish! So nice when your gut feeling is right,
we were on the wrong spot earlier. Biggest of today! You could feel it in the air in there,
all fish were the same size! You won’t catch these bigger fish
were all the smaller ones are! Look at the fin here. A big part is missing. It’s just like there never was a fin there. Looks like it’s a very old wound that now is fully healed. Very long fish, but unfortunately still not a heavy one. 1390 grams. A bit thin, a long fish that could’ve weighed
a lot more if the belly was right size. I won’t complain, biggest fish of the day so far! We are trying out a new water today. We’ll fish in moving waters, another great place for big perch. Now we’re just waiting for the rain
to hold back just a little bit. We’re heading towards one of my home waters and, quite various scenery, beautiful nature A stream where you’ll have to
change your techniques quite a bit. To be honest it changes pretty much every hour here so you’ll have to be on your toes so to speak. If you wanna catch fish here you’ve got to
have a few tricks to pull out when in need. I’ve been fishing a lot for perch in
flowing waters throughout the years, it was actually the way I started out back in the days. And the first thing you got to learn was that you would always find the big perch in the back eddies. The rivers in Skåne (Sweden) are not
famous for being very fast running. But, when the waters are cold, the fish tend to go
for the eddies, sometimes in really small areas of, only a few square meters. That must’ve been a strike again! I didn’t dare to do believe it, could it really
be three strikes in three casts? But it is! Third fish now! Three casts in a row now! I’m not so used to fish with flouro carbon
line so I wasn’t sure it really was a fish again. I was really hesitating when setting the hook. We knew it would rain a lot today but it was
estimated to stop at around 11 or 12 o’clock, We didn’t expect it to rain
this much and be this cold though. We’ve had snowy rain and terrible conditions. We kept on fishing but it was terrible. We took a break for two hours before we
launched the boats hoping for less rain. But it never stopped, instead of pouring down
we had some kind of misty rain the rest of the day. It made the fishing very hard. They are cautious. Nice! Perch! Looks nice too! Nice Jörgen! Maybe there is a shoal here. Decent fish, very beautiful at least. Damn it, just missed one! Super cautious strike on this one. Look at these stripes, they’re so black. Better fish? Feels decent! Yeah I think it is a bit bigger actually! Do we need the net? Is just like the other ones we caught. Maybe a little bit bigger. Yeah definitely the biggest of today. You’ve been fighting for this one! Good job! On the “Jika-Rig” too, better tackle up one for me too! Caught on a Ring Teez. I’ll show you what the rig looks like. Maybe we found the technique of today. There we have it! Better fish! I think I got a bit lucky here. All of a sudden your confidence goes up and you start fishing a lot better. Strike in every cast. Me and Dejan had a stop where we caught
ten fish in ten casts, easy fishing. And then back to the regular hard
fishing we had. Back and forth all the time. But one shouldn’t complain,
we’ve had a lot more fish than it felt like. We’re getting closer to the big ones now! Just a short move upstream and we’ll find them! Getting closer! That was a better fish! We decided pretty early on to fish as long into the night as we could! And just before dawn we find a spot where the fish are feeding. It all starts with Jörgen missing a really big pike. Better fish! If it’s not a pike this is a good fish! Looks very “Pikey”. Yeah, pike warning on this one. Just mad fish! Lost it… Black is a underestimated color.
Very, very effective at times. First fish on paddle tail. Now things are starting to move! These fish are so beautiful. Fun times! The sun has started to go down now and the fishing has been very slow all day. Maybe the fish is starting to feed now! Hope we’ll get really hectic 30 minutes now! Jörgen just caught a fish in the same size,
maybe even a bit bigger. Let’s rock n’ roll now! Fish on! What a big difference there is from now and earlier. Wow, this must be a nicer fish! Really nice! Think we’ll need the net on this one. Please don’t be a pike, feels like a perch at least! Yes, nice one! Wow! Big one! Super nice fish! Same ending as last night! This one is BIG! Beautiful fish! This is the one we came for. We’ve had fish eating around is for
fifteen minutes and now this came! 1380 grams. Compared to the other two days,
this morning feels a lot better fish wise. Fishing is what it is. You never know. It’s still very cold, put your hand in
the water and it gets ice cold in a second. The fish are very slow, and we’ve seen
that on the techniques we use. If the fish would’ve been more active, shad jigging
and ordinary jigs would’ve worked a lot better. These days carolina rigs and dropshot
has by far been the most effective. Drop shot perch! Is it a better fish? Definitely a better fish. Easily above one kilo! Couldn’t resist a drop shotted worm! 1110 grams. Very interesting day today, as soon as the sun decided to break trough the clouds the fish started feeding. And when the light went away,
just like a push on a button all fish was gone. Nice fish! No giant but still a beautiful fish. A carolina rig, slowly fished with a bit longer leader. With a small and super soft Ring Teez in the end. Awesome looking fish! In the middle of the day, when the sun came out
for a little while we tried to fish a stream line. We slowly fished the Ring Teez with really
long leaders, dragging them on the bottom. Then we caught some fish, even had a double take.
All of them being decent sized. Was almost like a little rally with really nice fish. Finally, after all the fish at seven or
eight hectograms, I caught a kilo plus fish. It’s liberating when you catch a fish like that. But we wanted heavier fish! And not even ten casts later it happened. I immediately felt that this is the one. This one has an old wound
that might be affecting the weight. Still so beautiful. 1400 grams of pure love. And after all these big fish over
one kilo it got me thinking… 1100 1400 The day before 1380 grams. Super nice perch all of them. “Can it really be this good?” We decided to go upstream to catch a bigger number of fish. Try to relax and fish for fun instead of size. But it was the exact opposite. Slow fishing with few bites, until Nicklas got a hard strike from a pike… Pike, or a really big perch. If this is a perch, I can tell you it’s a big one. Cant be a perch, must be a pike. PERCH! This is a really big perch! At first when we netted the fish… it looked a bit smaller, but at a closer look… This is really big. 1600 grams! It was the goal for the trip! 1,6 kilos was my goal for the trip! This feels like magic. Let’s get him back. It’s almost surreal. At that time of the bite we had one hour fishing left. A good days work to say the least.

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