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hey Jean we’re fishing for fights but I’ve also rigged up a purge rod completely inhale that monkey shad the number of perch this size that I’ve caught in my life are very very easy to count what the actual heck is this man this has been a crazy day [Music] good morning guys and welcome back to another episode today I am super happy as always because I’m out on the water fishing you know as a father of two and lots of work I don’t have too much fishing time so I’m always super excited when I finally hit the water today we’re out in the oil on the archipelago far far out I actually had to take two ferries you have to get here like you can see we’re fishing for fights but I’ve also rigged up a perch rod so we’ll see hopefully we can snatch some nice lunker’s on this one too this is actually a new rod for this season I haven’t actually fished with one yet so hopefully we will get to catch the first fish on this Saxa shade perch rod so super excited and let’s see what this day will bring it’s late spring so I think that most of the pike have probably spawned maybe we will catch some big mommas that haven’t spawned yet but I think we’re up for some fun fishing both Pike and perch so follow along [Music] fish on fish on strange take stuff like there’s real into a bream or something but here have a small pike oh that’s hot pike with a rattle boom there we go first fish beautiful little pike this color murky water with a rattle dangerous super awesome so we’re fishing this channel 1.2 meters 12 degrees in water and the pike are biting as listen to this yummy yummy we have very shallow water so I’m letting the jig sit on the bottom for a few seconds sometimes the perch can suck it up from the bottom there we go hey Sean and it’s a perch it’s my first perch of 2019 oh yes look at this ha ha smoke that monkey rib yeah there we go look at that yes yes yes mission accomplished my first perch of 2019 on that monkey River look at that that’s a beautiful beautiful perch look at his colors so I’m gonna release this striped warrior back to where she belongs but man this was fun this monkey whip has quickly became one of my favorite nurse for perch it’s the perfect search bait since we have quite a big profile lots of vibrations so if the perks are active they you should take this one and they find it easily so I usually start for this lair and then if the bite is slow I like to change down to something you know bit more sub tool like the monkey shad or that nice baby dragon or something like that which are not that aggressive in the movement and vibrations so we’ll see soon we’re gonna change and play around a little bit but that was also no one over here so it’s just to play around with different colors and techniques and readings and stuff and hopefully we can catch some more alright so no more contacts here from any perch so maybe the school removed or a day or a bit tricky so now I’m gonna try this one instead the net del meanie the most delicious perch candy in my purse box so if there are a bit tricky this one should do the trick I’ve also read this one on the lighter tree plus you get so this is only 5 grams which will give them a little bit more time to suck it in on the drop hopefully this is today medicine hey Shawn Oh missed its first cast with a net Domini well oh well nurse in here fish on oh yes feels like a decent perch yeah here we go another perch after changing today’s nettle Meany there we go just sucked it in like that oh man this is awesome I just love perch fishing and combining pike and perch like this it’s amazing so much fun they usually stay on kinda the same places kind of the same times of the year so it’s so easy to just bring your perch rod when pike fishing and vice versa and you can catch these beautiful warriors and make a few more caps for perch and then change over to pike see if we can catch the ones eating these for breakfast thank you the kind of unique thing with this is that both that we have a curly tail which is great for cold water fishing but also it has this you know it does not imitate a regular minnow or bleak or roach or anything like that this one can imitate a number of other food sources for the perch here in the archipelago I mean the name not the Lockean means burbot so it’s actually supposed to look like a small burbot or eelpout or something like this can also look like an eel or scalping or something like that so it’s a whole different game and it’s you know paddle tail jigs that imitates a small bait fish so it really adds something to your tackle box you know but I think it’s time for first cup of coffee of the day is we caught both both Pike and perch we deserve this I’ve been fishing now for a few hours Cotto’s perch and that first Pike but after that things are slowed down like you see the Sun is coming out so perhaps that doesn’t really help but I’ve moved further in now to this Bay so we’re gonna fish some new waters I’m just gonna finish this cup of coffee and then I’m sure that we’re gonna catch some more fish hopefully okay so we’re gonna get back to pike fishing and try some downsize jerk bait and we’ll see maybe that can make the trick some days sometimes over the year Derick Bates can be completely outstanding if you haven’t watched the top 5 pi clerks you need in your tackle box video you can check it out up here and there I’m discussing different alert types but I think you need to have in your tackle box and the jerkbait is one of them fish on haha first Pike in a long while hello sunshine smaller small fish calm down but the biggest one but fun take fun fight on my small bait Gator rod hello bye bye time to try for a perch again this time I’m gonna fry this monkey shad in the motor Pike color new color for 2019 also rated on a 5 gram triple s G get we have like half a meter in here so very very shallow water [Music] fish on oh yes I think we have the biggest Pike of the day on the hooker that monkey shad ha ha ha ha so fun take oh man a short blind you can see how shallow where they say from all the mud completely swallowed the jig let’s hope that the fluorocarbon holds up we can unhook here properly this is why I’m using 0.4 t4 millimeter fluorocarbon and no thinner completely smoked that look at that beautiful beautiful fat mama so cool take cell phone fight and I actually think that this girl has not spawned yet don’t get this she’s so fat completely inhale that monkey Chad Reed on a triple SG get oh she’s so angry so I’m just gonna unhook her quickly here there we go oh yes this is why we love fishing you never know what’s gonna bite let’s put it back alright fat lady thanks for the ride hope to see you again [Music] to celebrate that beautiful pike let’s run a giveaway of one package of these monkey shot at motor Pike so if you won’t want one of these drop me a comment and I will pick one of you guys so this ler and pretty much all the others that I’ve been using today can be found in our webshop up in the right corner but also if you have a fishing shop I want to sell this once drop me an email on this link and that way you can support this channel we get plenty of emails each day on you know where we’re gonna find Isler in France we’re gonna find this lair in Germany and so on so if you have a shop and want to sell them we will refer all these emails to you and we can also give a shout out in these videos because your support is very important now if I knew ler for this year the flat nosed baby dragon very fungal down sized perch jig these tail creates a lot of movements in water so super cool should be working out in the cold water I’ve found another area with a bit deeper water I’ve almost two meters here so I’m running this on a 10 gram jighead [Music] hey song that’s baby dragon this feels like a nice perch oh that’s a big perch that’s a big perch oh yes my first perch on flat nose baby dragon of the year holy holy holy that’s a nice perch so incredibly high that’s one of the bigger perch I caught in a long long time smoked that baby dragon well there we frickin go that’s a nice nice lunker the number of perch this size that I’ve caught in my life are very very easy to count Wow look at the height of it [Music] I can’t believe we caught that fish I change this this baby dragon flat nose and boom smoked it I’m gonna measure this fish I’m gonna put her back and see if there are any more lunker’s like this one oh man 45 amazing centimetres all right ready to go back 45 centimeter amazing perch so let’s put her back [Music] I don’t know what to say I did not expect to catch a perch like that III don’t know what to say that was amazing 45 centimeter fat spring perch on this baby dragon and once again this sucks our rod is definitely pompous approved seems to have some good big fish mojo in this as well and if you celebrate this let’s run a 10% discount on all sex rods if you enter discount code pumped us the perch president yeah that there we go now I’m gonna keep fishing we’re gonna see if we can catch some more lunker’s like that so much fun [Music] well there’s so much weed in here so I’m gonna go back to this monkey rib that I started using this morning so I caught that big fish on the baby dragon but it was rigged on the traditional jig head so it’s getting stuck too often so let’s see now with this weed Lestrade hey Sean another nice perch switch back to the monkey rib gessoed oh because it was so much weed and boom Shakalaka good take from another fat beautiful perch i [Music] already should get a net another absolutely stunning perch look at these colors switched back to the monkey rib on the triple-s knee again do it too much we’d hear from David Ragan and boom before we release this beauty we’re just gonna give her a quick measurement see how long chase I can’t believe it oh no it’s the same fish but this one is 45 centimeters once again so let me know in the comments below if you think that this is the same fish or not have a good look at it both sides catching two of these fish being 4 to 5 centimeters would be crazy sit down here bye-bye buddy I have no idea what to say I change to this monkey rib and call another four to five or if it’s the same I no idea I need to compare the pictures and the video it had the same colors caught on the same place like is 20 minutes apart so can actually be the same fish who knows it was so much fun at least can’t believe it well since the fish are biting and they seem to be biting on mostly you know all nurse that I’m trying you know try this one now the baby shark 10 centimeters another new layer coming this season a bit funny color but should work in this muddy water Oh first cast with a shark chat with a baby shark no can’t believe it came off oh crap facial all in the baby sharks hey another good-sized perch what is happening just smokes it took me two casts all right so here ladies gentlemen we have my first fish ever on the baby shark look at this did not believe in this color but obviously I mean it’s matching the flow tube so of course it’s it works so like I said in the beginning of the video I’m fishing in the Overland or capella go at the moment and as you might have seen if you follow this channel for a while it is that I’ve fished on Overland a lot and the reason for that is that my wife comes from here so since I met her like 10 years ago I’ve fished a lot over here and it’s very well known for its good pike fishing but what it’s not that well-known is the great perch fishing that they have over here as well there are not many people going for it’s quite low fishing pressure and very very beautiful surroundings look at this I mean it’s just a bonus that we’re catching fish so extremely beautiful and if you want to know more about you know the fishing on alarm where to stay all that stuff you can head over to visit all and calm and there we have all information there like the alarm the Tourism Association thing so they can also answer all your questions if you’re interested in going here which you should because the fishing is awesome fish along on the baby shark hehehe this is so much fun boom I just can’t get enough of this here we go pert usually running schools and if you catch one we can often catch more if you’re fast fish on oh yes haha oh yeah lovely lovely lovely in the sunset almost there so strong I’m slowly running out of time Sun is setting and I thought that I would try to catch one last Pike of the day so we’ll see what can happen here in the last light that’s like 30 minutes of fishing left it’s been an awesome day fish on might be the last type of the day and it’s not big but it’s a fight ah such an awesome day don’t even know how many fish I caught thank you swim back to where you belong small Pike on the motorbike what the actual heck is this rainbow trout on it on the baby shark come over here and there she went lost her oh my gosh that was the crazy fight oh I had her right between my legs what current ladder she came off Holy Smoke what was that rainbow trout in the island archipelago they’re not native to the Baltic Sea and as far as I know there are no farms here in all along so that fish has probably been swimming from Denmark or something like that that’s crazy was a big fish and I lost it right in front of my feet on this baby shark I can’t believe it well now this rod the Saxa shade perch serious has really been working hard today Pike perch and rainbow trouts that’s a that’s a special Grand Slam too bad we couldn’t plan it but that’s that’s how it is sometimes we’ll see maybe that was a good ending of the day but we’re gonna make a few more casts before heading back to the car so you never know what’s gonna happen well this amazing day has come to an end and it’s time to wrap it up and head back home man this has been a crazy day both with some Pike action really good perch action and then that rainbow trouts to finish it off that was absolutely crazy this is one of those days that I will remember for a long long time not only the fishing but also you know the the beautiful nature the great weather and everything is just been amazing so thank you so much for watching if you’re new to this channel we produce a whole lot of fishing videos we are based in Sweden but we have French polish and German subtitles on all our videos so yeah that was it for today all the gear used in this episode can be found on this link all you know Rob’s reels nurse float tube everything also make sure to subscribe the family already and I’ll see you in the next video [Music]

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