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BigBong – FUN FACT about Sharks

BigBong – FUN FACT about Sharks

Hello amazing people! I’ve got two questions for you Are you afraid of sharks? Now how about cows? Well, today’s fun fact is going to show us why we human beings should be more afraid of cows than sharks With their 15 rows of pointy teeth and their eyes that look like black holes sharks do have a scary look A physical appearance that’s actually perfect to play the bad guy in films and especially horror movies Many of them… I personally find them deeply relaxing to watch though to be truly honest with you I would certainly not enjoy getting bitten by one And obviously, some types of sharks are more dangerous than others Among the most popular ones, we have of course the Great White Shark, the Blue Shark, the Tiger Shark the Hammerhead Shark And since I mentioned the Tiger Shark why not also include the Leopard Shark the Bull Shark, the Zebra Shark and perhaps my favorite the Whale Shark But back to the topic according to the International Shark Attack file only 4 people died from shark attacks between 2003 and 2008 in the United States as opposed to 108 fatalities caused by cows And if we have a look at other animals that seem harmless because we may have been programmed to think so It’s not so different… Like hippos for example According to the South African website they kill around 2,900 people annually on the African continent Now horses are responsible for the death of 20 people each year, in the United States and even our doggy friends killed 272 people between 2008 and 2015 in the same country So what do you think now? Alright, at the beginning of this video I said that we should be more afraid of cows than sharks But what I really mean is we shouldn’t be afraid of sharks period We should be careful of course, like any other animals But let’s be honest again I can’t be afraid of cows, horses and dogs I love them too much for that!

4 comments on “BigBong – FUN FACT about Sharks

  1. Interesting information.
    I guess that is due to awareness & that people nowadays rarely swim or dive in places close to shark habitats,knownig the extreme danger ahead.
    But to me i'd like to take the risk, since i find scuba diving quiet interisting…
    But i wouldn't get too close😅😅

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