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Bill Fisher talks Englishtown on Fox News

Bill Fisher talks Englishtown on Fox News

Have you heard of EF Englishtown?
EF Englishtown is the world’s largest English language training company
with over 34,000 teachers and staff in nearly 50 countries.
I know, English, you got that, but there is more to the story.
Over its history, EF Englishtown has successfully helped
more than one and a half million people around the world
to improve their English skills. The CEO of Englishtown, Bill Fisher,
is sitting next to me now. Welcome to Fox News. Thank you. So, I tried to learn Spanish,
I was terrible at it. Me too. I can speak it a little bit.
And that’s part of why you’re here to talk about
the importance of learning another language for an American,
but also about importance of teaching the rest of the world
on how to speak English. Tell me about that. Well, you know the world is becoming both
more global and more competitive. When you combine those two things together
you get an explosive need for language learning, both for people and for companies. When you look at individuals and their needs,
Businessweek did a study ten years ago that showed that speakers of English in
non-speaking English countries get paid 30% more than people
who have the same skills, who don’t speak English. So it’s a very practical
concern for most people. They just get paid more.
They get the promotion. They get the next job. What about Americans who can
speak a foreign language? Do they make more money too? They do, in fact.
And when you think about it, if your child is in middle school
or high school, in ten years they’re going to graduate
into an economy where they’re competing with 10 million university graduates
a year in China. All of whom are obsessed about
learning English and all of whom speak perfect mandarin.
And as the world globalizes, we’re all competing for the same jobs.
I think it’s very relevant for Americans to be learning languages. You employ 34,000 teachers
in nearly 50 countries. 3 4,000 teachers, so I’m guessing
that if someone here in the U.S. was interested in being a teacher
of English to foreign students. There might be some opportunities. Come on down.
That’s one of our biggest challenges in fact.
The biggest gaining factor to growth for us is bringing on board
qualified English teachers. And in China alone,
we think we can open a thousand schools over the next ten years.
And each school has on average about 10 teachers so that’s
10,000 teachers coming into China for a brick and mortar business in ten years. If someone’s going to teach in China,
do they need to know mandarin? If it’s an American looking
for an English teaching job in China, they need to communicate
with their students, right? Well we teach them Mandarin.
So all of our teachers who come on broad, they get free mandarin instructions.
We work hard to integrate them into the community.
And then for online business, of course, you can teach
wherever you are the world, and we have about half of our
teachers teaching from home online, and serving students around the world and
you don’t need to move to China to do that. So there are lots of ways to teach. So you have some pretty,
I’m guessing, exotic locales for people that could actually go and work in,
I don’t Paris or? It’s great. People can choose the place
that they want to live and where they are the happiest and
really make a big difference in the world teaching English. What kind of salary does an English teacher
in overseas make? You know it really varies.
If you’re teaching conversational, sort of helping students to practice,
you may make rather little compared to what you’d make in the US,
living abroad. You live like a pauper. No. Not at all.
If you’re teaching corporate students, and you have industry specific
knowledge and skills, you can make quite a bit of money.
And then again you can do that from anywhere in the world.
So the cost of living difference is significant. I’m guessing you obviously
do a lot of work for corporations. We do. Corporate training’s
our fastest growing segment. And it’s really changed dramatically
over the last five years, simply because the internet has allowed companies
to buy from a single provider. Ten years ago or even five years ago,
if you were running HR for a global company, you had hundreds of sites and
hundreds of different training providers. And today, you can go to one company,
you can have great transparency to what you are getting. I am beginning to wrap up soon
because we have to finish up. I would love to hear more about this.
If anyone wants more information, how do they get it? Just come and
find us online at Bill Fisher, Thank you very much,
from EF Englishtown. You heard it here.

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