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Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff

Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff

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Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’,
Tossed salad and scrambled eggs I humbly place before you my “East meets west” patented Traeger turkey burger An Asian fusion burger made with Willow Farms’
organic turkey, a toasted tallegio-cheese crisp, papaya chutney,
black truffle aioli, and micro-greens
on a gluten-free brioche bun. Enjoy! [The jury moans with enjoyment] This tastes as delicious
as Beyonce smells… I’m guessing. What is this in here– Saffron? Wow, somebody’s got a sharp palate. I love the umami flavor. Stop being so pretentious, Kyle. [🎶RATATAT – Cream on chrome🎶] [🎶RATATAT – Cream on chrome🎶]
Hey Reddit /r/Food, this is Oliver Babish I am a filmmaker, wannabe chef, and, like you, I’ve always wondered what does the food in films and television actually tastes like? I’m here to answer some of those questions today. Today, we’re making Chris Traeger’s “East meets west” patented Traeger turkey burger. To start off, we’re gonna need a small eggplant that we’re gonna cut the top off and halve lengthwise Then we’re gonna hit it with some olive oil, Little bit of Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper Then we’re going to score it and bake it at 400°F for about 30 to 40 Minutes until the flesh is nice and soft. Next up, we’re gonna make our papaya chutney, which, surprisingly, contains papaya! So we’re going to take a large papaya and peel it, slice it halfway down the center, scrape out all those nasty seeds and then cut it into 1 inch chunks Which we’re going to add to a small saucepan, along with ⅓ of a cup of apple cider vinegar, ⅓ of a cup of golden raisins, a little bit of Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and, I didn’t show it here, but you want to add some saffron threads. Next up, we’re gonna make our aioli.
We’re gonna start with 4 egg yolks, a squeeze… Maybe two squeezes of lemon. We’re going to take a quarter cup of black truffle oil, and add it to a cup of canola oil, which we’re gonna drizzle slowly into our immersion blender cup until we have a nice, thick aioli. Next up, the Taleggio cheese crisp. Now, Taleggio doesn’t crisp up very well, so in its place we’re going to be using some Fontina, three ounces of Fontina and three ounces of Parmesan cheese which we’re going to grate on a microplane, and then place on a super-non-stick surface, like a Silpat. We’re going to make two little mounds- two little three ounce mounds. We’re going to put it in the oven at 400°F for about 8 minutes until we have these lovely little golden brown circles of perfection. These things are amazing, they’re going on every single burger that I make on this day forth. Speaking of which, turkey burgers usually suck so we’re gonna butcher our own. Normally I would use turkey thigh, but Chris is a pretty healthy guy, so we’re gonna use turkey breast. We’re going to cut up a three pound breast into 1 inch pieces, put on a parchment-lined baking sheet and place in the freezer for about 15 minutes until the meat is nice and firm. then we’re going to take a cold food processor blade, we’re gonna add our roasted eggplant and pulse until we get about halfway to the consistency that we want, at which point we’re going to add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce,
a ¼ teaspoon of marmite, and a little squeeze of anchovy paste. This isn’t gonna make it fishy or anything, it’s just gonna add a nice, meaty flavor. Now, we’re gonna pulse until we get perfect ground turkey. Place in a bowl and set aside so we can make Ron’s burger. Two ingredients. So, we’re gonna make about third pound patties which we’re going to shape into little pucks, And then we’re going to place a divot in the center so, this way, the burger doesn’t turn into a softball when you cook it. We’re gonna do the exact same thing with the turkey burger. Season with a little bit of Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper. Now, I live in the city so I don’t have a grill.
So, I’m going to heat 2 tablespoons of safflower oil in a ripping hot pan, and we’re going to sear these up. Alright, now that they’re searing, we’re going to dress our buns. We’re going to put about a tablespoon of papaya chutney on the bottom half of our gluten-free brioche bun, then, we’re going to take a little bit of our truffle aioli, place it on the top half of the bun. Then, I’m going to snip some microgreens — I’m using daikon radish sprouts — on top of which I’m gonna place our perfect little seared turkey patty. Do not forget your cheese crisp.
It is the best part of this burger. And there you have it, the Traeger turkey burger. Ron’s burger, on the other hand…
Meat, bun, done. Here’s mine. It’s a hamburger made out of meat, on a bun, with nothing. Add ketchup if you want, I couldn’t care less. So, there you have it, Ron and Chris’s burgers. Now, I can tell you that Chris’s burger defied all my expectations. It was absolutely fabulous. I thought that none of these flavors were gonna work, but, everything worked amazingly. The burger was nice and juicy…
It’s the best turkey burger I’ve ever had by a long shot. It did taste the way Beyoncé smells. At 20 ingredients and three hours later, I do not know how Ron’s burger could possibly stand up to- Oh, it’s way better.
Damn, it’s not even a competition it’s just better.

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  1. Mannnnnn, I watched that episode less than 12 hours ago. That's a really really really really really good coincidence google..

  2. papaya seeds are actually delicious, very good for you, and make an excellent replacement for black pepper. next time, dry and crush your seeds, and season a steak with them. all parts of papaya can be eaten

  3. "Hi /r/food"

    Uh, yup. That's definitely the scope of your reach, here. Just gonna get a couple hundred votes on reddit.

  4. I remember finding this episode 3 years ago when I was waiting for class and just fell in love with watching him cook

  5. So at some point he stopped being "Oliver Babish" and started calling his sauce pan a saws pin.

  6. Wow. Did I really stumble onto the first one?
    I've been Binging the rest of Babish over the last 2 weeks or so and this one came up on the home page.

  7. Fucking hell you know a YouTuber's gonna be good when he's hardly changed his layout/style for 3 years yet is now sitting on 5 million subscribers.

  8. You realise it's this idea that you have to add salt and pepper to EVERYTHING!!!! that kind of pisses of the rest of the civilized world right? I don't add salt to anything unless it actually needs salt. I don't add pepper unless it actually needs pepper. You want to know how many recipes actually need the addition? NOT MANY!!!
    North america has fucked it's pallet with salt and pepper. You do not need to add it to EVERYTHING!! The base food stuffs actually have their own flavour… believe it or not. They will work together without salt and pepper.
    So stop adding the 'Kosher' salt… WTF is 'kosher' salt anyway? Has the salt been treated a certain way? Salt is fucking salt… how can it it be any different?

  9. Babish Is actually so much happier than he is in 2019. But the irony of watching him cook is his mellow voice and calling everything "bullshit". Its hilarious how enthusiastic he is in his first episode compared to his recent ones… Love is a strong feeling when it comes to cooking…

  10. Sometimes I'll just come back to the beginning and rewatch all these again. It's incredible to see how much this show, and Andrew himself, has grown over the years. Truly incredible

  11. You live in the city, and don't have a grill??? That is not a thing, and most grills made today are strictly "city business" anyway.

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