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10 comments on “Biofloc Freshwater Fish Farming Online Training Part 01…Hindi

  1. Rajibul Bhai, Thank you for starting this training again,
    And now its pro training.
    You always explain very well which I understand well.
    Expecting its going to be great.
    I suggest you, in the video after you name please also mention free training please do not pay for this. So people who is milking from your hard work May comes in control.
    It’s just a suggestion.
    Thank you.

  2. I wrote some " to be noted points " from your lecture,I have some Questions, hope I'll get ans from coming session.Thank you so much Bro Rajab ul Islam

  3. আগের ট্রেনিং ভিডিও গুলো খুব ভাল ছিল আশা করি এগুলোও খুব ভালো হবে উপকার হবে

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