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Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game | The Daily Show

Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off
with some exciting news from the world
of black girl magic. History being made after the new Miss World crowned
over the weekend. Watch this. Miss World 2019 is… -(drumroll)
-(cheering) -…Jamaica! -(screaming)
-(applause, cheering) MAN: Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica
won the top honor at the Miss World contest
on Saturday. Her win means five black women
now hold the world’s -top pageant titles.
-WOMAN: Wow. -MAN 2: Wow.
-MAN 3: Amazing. MAN 1:
That is an historic first. -Wow!
-(cheers and applause) That is so amazing. Five black women
all wearing crowns. Six women
if you count Meghan Markle. -#Winning.
-(laughter) And I’m particularly excited because Miss Universe is
from South Africa. -(applause and cheering)
-Yeah, which is great. Which is great,
because I’m South African, so that technically means
I’m in line for the throne. That’s what that means. Yeah, if she quits, I get to be
in charge of the universe. That’s how
this whole thing works. I also love how, in pageants, they make the contestants
stand next to each other, so you have to be happy for the
person who just beat you, right? Because everybody’s watching. I actually think that’s how
they should announce the winner of presidential elections
from now on. Yeah, you should have both of
them on stage at the same time. And then,
Steve Harvey gives the results, and then, they have
to be excited for each other. (as Trump):
Oh, my God, Bernie, congrats. You deserve it.
You’re so beautiful. It’s like… (as Sanders): Uh, you also
could have won, Donald. I… and as a socialist,
I’m sharing my crown with all the other contestants! All right, moving on. Every year,
the Hallmark Channel releases its famous
Christmas movie lineup as a reminder that
the Hallmark Channel exists. But this year,
they’ve also decided to release some controversy. MAN: This morning, the Hallmark
Channel reversing course and apologizing
after its decision to pull a wedding ad that
featured a gay couple kissing. Do you think Zola could have made planning
your perfect wedding easier? -BOTH: We do.
-MAN: The controversy began after the conservative group
One Million Moms petitioned the network to
reconsider airing commercials with same-sex couples. The Hallmark Channel initially
agreed to remove the ads. -Uh-huh.
-Oh, it’s on. MAN: But the move sparked
a social media fury, including calls for a boycott. But overnight, Hallmark
backing away from the decision, apologizing in a statement,
writing, in part, “This is this was
the wrong decision.” Come on. In 2019? Really? A conservative group complained because of an ad
that showed two women kissing? What are you getting mad for? They’re kissing
at their wedding. It’s the last time
they’ll ever kiss. Relax. (laughter) Also, clearly, Hallmark doesn’t
believe in anything, because first, they apologized
to the conservative group, and then, they apologized
for pulling the ad. Now they’re in trouble
with everybody. Although
it’s the perfect situation for their new line of cards,
“I’m Sorry for Saying Sorry to the Person I wasn’t Supposed
to Say Sorry To.” -(laughter)
-Really smart. And also, why does Hallmark even
have a channel? Right? It’s an aisle in CVS. You don’t see
a toilet paper channel, huh, where it’s just, like,
heartfelt movies that take place
entirely in bathrooms? “Baby I love you,
but right now, I… I just got to take a dump.” (laughter) All right, let’s move on. If you go to the beach, what’s the one thing
you’re terrified of? It’s probably seeing
an old man naked, right? Well, take away the old man,
but now leave the penis. WOMAN: Rather,
phallic fish have been found by the thousands in California. Their name is about as weird
as their image. They’re called
“fat innkeeper worms.” Some think that maybe a storm
pushed them to the shore. At first sight,
it kind of looks like a cargo ship of sausages
tipped over or something. Well, well, well! Looks like the Little Mermaid had quite
the bachelorette party! (laughter) For real, though. It’s like the
ocean is sending us dick pics. -What was that?
-(laughter) And, like, I don’t even know…
I… Like, I didn’t know
that there were penis fish. I don’t know about you. Although now,
I finally understand why Rose pushed Jack
off the door in the Titanic. She was like, “You know what? “I’ll be fine on my own. Just go. Just go. Just go.” Now, it actually turns out, the real name of this creature
is “the innkeeper worm.” That’s what it is. And I just got to say,
kudos to the scientists who came up with that name, ’cause it takes a lot
of maturity to look at that and be, like,
“Uh, what should we call it?” “Um… innkeeper worm?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
let’s go with ‘innkeeper.’ “That’s the first thing
I thought of. Yeah, yeah, innkeeper.” All right, and finally,
speaking of dicks, a football game this weekend
that took a very wrong turn. U.S. military officials
are investigating a troubling incident
from yesterday’s Army-Navy football game after military students
in the stands flashed what appeared
to be symbols of hate. MAN: Blink
and you might have missed it. Military students
at yesterday’s Army-Navy football game caught
on ESPN flashing hand signals that have lately become
hate symbols, not once, not twice,
but three times, sparking outrage
on social media. This symbol, commonly
understood to mean “okay,” was appropriated
by far right groups. The hand shape supposedly
resembles the letters “W,” “P,” for white power. The ADL says far right groups
use it partly because
it’s so ambiguous, making it hard to understand whether the students knew
what they were doing. Oh, yeah,
this is a really difficult one. Either the kids were pulling
a racist sign, or they were all trying
to tell the cameraman that they are doing fine.
Who knows? Now, for those of you
who don’t know, a few years ago,
some alt-right trolls decided to turn the “okay” sign into their sign
for “white power,” because it looks like
a “W” and a “P.” Yeah. And they like it, because when
people call them out for it, they can say, “What? No,
I’m just doing the ‘okay’ sign.” But it’s, like, guys,
we know what you’re doing. Right? ‘Cause they’d, like,
do it like this or like this. Like, come on, you’re not okay.
What is this? What is this? I mean, can you imagine
if Hitler tried that when the allied forces were
rolling into Berlin? Just like, (German accent): “LOL, guys.
Ha. I took the Hindu swastika “and told you
it was a Nazi thing, “and you fell for it.
Ha-ha-ha. What a funny joke. Ja?
Can I go home now? Ja?” And these trolls chose
the “okay” symbol to mean “white power,”
because it’s everywhere. That’s why they did it. But they could have
appropriated anything. Like, they could have used
dabbing, you know? They could have been like,
“Go back to Africa. -It’s that way.”
-(laughter) But here’s the thing. Here’s the thing these white
supremacists don’t realize. The same way
they took the “okay” sign and changed its meaning, other people can take that sign
and turn it into something else. Which is exactly what we did. ♪ ♪ NARRATOR: For too long,
we have hidden in our shame, afraid of who we are. But no longer. Now we are men
who are proud to say, “Yes, we have a weak penis.” And with this hand sign
that means “weak penis,” we are launching
a Weak Penis Movement to raise awareness that
all of us have a weak penis. ♪ ♪ So if you are suffering
from weak penis, join us by using
the “weak penis” sign, and let the world know
we stand firmly together. Well, not firmly. But you get the idea.

100 comments on “Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game | The Daily Show

  1. I don't remember if this was a global thing or just in Germany: But here the ok-sign is a meme like game were you just hold up your hand, forming the sign and when your friends look directly into it, the have lost. It sounds really stupid, but it was a really big thing over here. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  2. I'm pretty sure the Black women thing in recent years is just due to political correctness on a subconscious level. "oh no we will seem racist if we choose Whites, here let's score her more to compensate."

  3. I thought the army game racists were about to do the 'cyclops' on the forehead mark from the new watchmen show… not this ass backwards ok symbol.
    Oh and congrats black women!

  4. The whole miss thing went over my head untill I started reading the comments then went back and watch it again. I really thought the actual winner was being Jealous that she didn't win. What a reaction from the Nigerian queen, I've never seen someone being that happy for someone else while being part of the same competition. Just amazing 😍

  5. in the 90s that used to be the hand signal for Bloods, also its like an international sign for vaginal hole. sooo are the white supremacists claiming B-world or are they claiming to be wide open vaginas? Ah, okay, they're merely stating they have wilted penises! Also, didn't ROSIE O'DONELL organize the MILLION MOM's march????

  6. You know those uh ? ? ? ? ? ? people who were making the sign maybe they believe we are deaf too? Anyway probably got the business at home wanna share the joy after all their going to war potentially hmmmmm The old spare the rod and spoil the child Some people are scary however they are possibly goin' to war hmmm sounds like ? a bad upbringing we hope? HIPPA is there to discourage doctor's from taking Pic of our brains to see if your well? A sociopath who has less than half a normal brain yeah they can't help it. Yet they are doctor's , lawyers, your boss etc. and most of the time obey the law – uh maybe don't piss em' off ugh! .*** Epigenetics after all these wars and crazy religions and to much is your chemistry we didn't write it maybe – however scarily it's in there maybe ugh! Generation after generation we write the pages of our off spring ugh! ok?
    You show the people who abuse their kids and isolate them they come out truly not nice people Politics ought to show us all how proud we should be about hurting kids that much? Remember these kids were isolated all over the world and many of them become world leaders Jeez really ? yeah we didn't know ugh ! Oh Politics did you hear me? to many lines drawn can redo all this bad stuff too. CPS is truly $$$$ no money ? No CPS

  7. Society of 2019:
    White power = "Racism"
    Man power = "wtf is this, are you gay?"
    Black power = "Big pennis, cool"
    Gay power = "So cute"
    Women power = "It's the best"

  8. Wow that hand sign is racist now??? Its even part of fricken sign language now all the deaf people have to change it just for some idiot right winged white supremacist bullshit? That's fucked

  9. The circle game has recently seen a large resurgence. The last clip claiming those kids are pro-white power is evidence that the Daily show's writers are too old to relate to the younger demographic anymore. Spending 90 percent of every episode talking about Donald Trump has made the Daily Show writers lazy. They're disconnected from current youth culture and are going to struggle once they are forced to talk about something other than Donald Trump for the majority of their air time…

  10. yay, it's almost 2020 and women of color are finally considered pretty enough to win pageants! now where exactly does this leave us in terms of equal rights?

  11. 5:51 idk about other people but in Washington state it's a game. You put it below the waist of your target if said target sees the hand you get to punch them. Pretty dumb yet fun, I didnt know about the whole white power thought it was just some racist kid saying that it meant that.

  12. They totally go that wrong. Because thats not what that sign means (in the way there doing it). Its just a game thats been played since when i was a kid. U show him a roach/okay symbol and if u look u get punched. Since when did it mean White Power?

  13. Growing up in school that πŸ‘Œ hand gesture reversed was a game that if the person looks at your hand while you’re talking to them you would punch them. It’s a dumb game but it’s amazing how something so innocent can be ruined by people. It reminds me of the swastika.

  14. Trinidad & Tobago – 1977, Janelle Penny Commissiong was the first black woman to win Miss Universe; 1986, Giselle LaRonde, won Miss World; 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliam won Miss Universe. Three beautiful, intelligent women of colour, all from a small Caribbean twin-Island nation.

  15. …they, do know that's a game we do in school

    How it works we flash the OK sign and the first person to see it they have to slap themselves on the neck

  16. I see the shooting of the porn parody of Sharknado is in full swing on the shores of California. 😁😁😁
    But seriously:
    I've heard the black, African species of that fish is even bigger. But that's probably just pure prejudice…

  17. wow Trevor ure getting old… dont even get the meaning behind that sign. Little tipp, its no coincident it were YOUNG ppl using it. Every Redditor will know what it means. LOL Trevor = Ok Boomer

  18. It’s not a white power symbol. It’s a game that middle schoolers and high schoolers played last year. If you look at it, you have to slap yourself or the person can slap you

  19. Haha fuck yah! weak penis is a condition of many racist men I have met in life. πŸ€” I understand the correlation with the fixation of master supremacy. πŸ€—πŸ€£

  20. Fucking idiots. Malcolm in The Middle. Started a game if you make your friend look at the CIRCLE below the waist. You get to punch them. Way to do your home work CC. Your spreading propaganda. The Russian hackers told everyone it was a hate thing now like they wanted Americans are turning against each other. And your perpetuating it.

  21. 5 black QUEENS winning πŸ€”.

    Why can't those that don't want to see guy couples being pushed down our throats and their marriages ordained by satan be kept off TV….why heathens????

  22. If I go to the beach I’m scared of sand in my assπŸ˜‚ nothing else. I’ve seen DICKSπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€ͺI have kids TWINS!!!!!!

  23. That clip confused me. I thought the woman in the green dress won. I am blown away by how excited she was for the winner and it's amazing. Love it.

  24. Ω…Ψ§ ΩŠΩ‚ΩˆΩ„ Ψ₯Ψ°Ψ§ وآع Ψ«ΩˆΨ¨Ω‡:
    Ψ¨Ψ³Ω… Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡.
    What to say when undressing:


    I don't think trolls are Nazis, seems like they just like stirring people up..?

  26. "…5 black women now hold the world's top pageant titles."

    The US has this tendency to centre itself in the planet in the strangest instances. I mean, I understand Miss Universe & Miss World, but what makes the other 3 THE WORLD'S top pageant titles? Wouldn't Miss International and Miss Earth be bigger than Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss USA?

  27. 5:00 it’s a common internet thing when people look into the hole part of the ok sign… for it to be funny you boomer offended pricks. Check meme compilations ONCE and you’ll see em.

  28. About timeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  29. Re black women winning everything , ha ha
    Re being forced to stand next to the winner, I would still be appropriately displeased

  30. Ok…but isn't that also the hand gesture for the "circle game"? Which was originally the "don't look at my balls/a**hole or you're gay and I get to punch you" game. Especially since they were doing it sideways – exactly how the circle game is played. I'm thinking they were more likely being homophobic – not racist.

  31. I’m mad that you took this long to mention Miss Universe 😝.. anyways

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