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Blacked Zucchini Tacos | Week 4 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

Blacked Zucchini Tacos | Week 4 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

– I’m back with another Taco Tuesday video and this week we’re making
some blackened zucchini tacos. They are gonna change the way you think about eating your vegetables. Perfectly seasoned, full of flavor and it satisfies that taco night meal you’ve been wanting to make all week. I don’t know about you,
but I seriously think that Tuesdays are the
best night of the week. That’s because we’re cooking a taco recipe every Tuesday for a year, following the plan inside of
The Taco Tuesday Cookbook. Wait, what? Oh yeah, I love tacos so much I wrote an entire cookbook of just tacos, with a photo on every page. And of course, I’m going to
link that right below this video so you can grab your copy too. And while you’re down there, click on that red subscribe button so I can make your Tuesday programming the most delicious yet. Okay, so let’s get to this taco. Zucchini, huh! Yes, I have an entire
section of veggie tacos and I made this one to find ways to use the abundance of local zucchini we get in the summer months. Plus my parents plant a garden and every other day they’re
bringing zucchinis over. Of course I make muffins,
waffles, quiches, but my favorite are these tacos. So I’m gonna slice some green
and yellow zucchini here into half inch slices. I like using the green zucchini, but if you have another summer squash you could use that as well. In this large skillet I’m going to heat some oil
over a medium-high heat. Once this skillet is hot, I’m simply going to
add the zucchini slices and sprinkle it with half
of the Aruba seasoning. This is my homemade taco seasoning which can be found in
my Taco Tuesday Cookbook and in two other cookbooks. Yes, this seasoning is the bomb, and it’s great to season
everything, not just tacos. Links, of course, are
right below this video. Once the zucchini is
slightly tender and browned, let’s remove them from the
skillet and set aside on a plate. (bouncy, playful music) I’m going to reduce the
heat and add a little oil. Now the onions and remaining seasoning. After about five minutes, you’ll see that the onions are soft. Now I add my corn and black beans and continue to cook
these ingredients through, about a minute or two should do. I’m just gonna move
this mixture to one side and add my zucchini back in,
to make sure it remains warm. I like to warm my tortillas by toasting them on this skillet, because it makes them pliable and it really hug the
ingredients so much better. I also have some homemade
pickled jalapenos that are super easy to make, and the recipe is also inside
of the Taco Tuesday Cookbook. But if you don’t do spicy,
you can leave them out. Some Cotija cheese, which
of course if you didn’t see in the refrigerated section
of your grocery store, you could substitute with goat cheese. And lime, because although I have the best margarita recipe in the cookbook, today’s limes are for tacos. Okay, now that everything is ready, it’s time to give your mouth
something to drool about. So let’s start by taking
our warm tortillas and placing some of the
onion and corn mixture in the middle. Then some of our zucchinis. Some of the pickled jalapenos, the cheese, and the squeeze of lime. This might be the best veggie taco yet. I know I think that every single week, but holy smokes, it’s super
hardy, full of bold flavors, the jalapenos are coming through. You’ve got to check the
link right below this video for the recipe. If you love tacos as much as I do, and wanna celebrate every
single week for a year in our Taco Tuesday series, make sure to click that
red subscribe button. It’s free and I’m gonna give
you something to talk about every single week. See you next time. (bouncy, festive music)

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