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Blackened Fish Tacos | Week 18 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

Blackened Fish Tacos | Week 18 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

– You guys, these
blackened fish tacos today? Mm, mm, mm! Perfectly cooked tacos with
a little Southern flavor are exactly what this Taco
Tuesday recipe is all about. (upbeat techno music) (playful salsa music) You don’t have to come all
the way down to New Orleans to have blackened fish tacos with me. I’m bringing the recipe to you in this week’s episode of
the Taco Tuesday Series. Not only are these tilapia
filets perfectly seasoned, but they also have a delicious
cilantro lime drizzle. And you guys know how I
feel about drizzles, right? So let’s start by making
our cilantro lime dressing right into our blender. We’re just going to
combine some sour cream, milk, lime juice, garlic powder, a pinch of salt, and black pepper. And of course, some chopped cilantro. Let’s give this a go.
(blender whirring) And that’s it. The dressing is ready. This recipe makes about a cup or so, and it stays good up to
five days in the fridge. It’s something that you can
totally make ahead of time, and of course, I love
using it right on tacos, and my salads. I’m gonna transfer this
right into a squeeze bottle because, that way, everyone
can drizzle their dressing right over their tacos. I saved some time by purchasing
bagged slaw at the store, but you can, of course,
shred that cabbage by hand. Now onto the main part
of this meal, the fish. You can pan-fry the fish, but
because tilapia is so fragile, I’d rather stick it in a
sheet pan and call it a day. So I’m first gonna stick
the pan in my preheated oven to heat it up. So next, my fish is on a cutting
board, and I’m gonna season each filet with some
Cajun blackened seasoning. If you don’t have Cajun
seasoning at your local store, you can also use, a lemon
pepper goes really well, or an all-purpose seasoning. But of course you wanna
add some chili pepper, right over the top. Now our pan should be hot, so
lets remove it from the oven. Let’s give the fish a generous
coat with cooking spray, or olive oil. Place that side down, and now
sprinkle some more seasoning, and a little more spray. And we’re gonna stick these in the oven, but baking time is going to vary, depending on the thickness of your fish. These are gonna go in for
about 10 to 15 minutes. Since the fish is almost done,
I’m gonna start on my slaw, which is crazy easy. Cabbage and lime. We just toss it, and it’s ready. Now, the other thing I’m gonna
do is heat up my tortillas, which, you know, I prefer
them over an open flame, but you can warm them in the
oven while the fish is cooking, and that way everything
is ready at the same time. (playful salsa music) I’m just gonna give
each filet a coarse chop into larger pieces that
I can put in my taco, right on the pan. This is the quickest fish taco night ever. (playful salsa music) Finally, the best part,
well, before we eat. We’re gonna assemble this. So I’m just gonna place some of the slaw right onto my tortilla. We’re gonna top it with
a few pieces of fish. Next, a generous drizzle
of cilantro lime dressing. And some chopped cilantro
for good measure. No more waiting, guys. (playful salsa music) Mm, these are incredible. The fish is super tender,
and it’s flavorful, there’s a little spice in there. And that dressing? You’ve got to try this one. I definitely need to
make these more often. If you love tacos and want more, make sure to click that
red subscribe button. There are many more Taco Tuesdays you and I need to have together. And, for the Taco Tuesday cookbook, and the recipe details, check the links right below this video. See you next time. (upbeat salsa music)

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