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Blackened Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos – Mango Salsa Recipe

Blackened Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos – Mango Salsa Recipe

are you looking for a easy healthy
blackened mosh my fish taco recipe we’ve got one coming up welcome to dishes and stitches I’m your
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for blackened mahi mahi fish tacos it’s healthy and it’s fresh and we’re gonna
share with you so let’s get started so for this recipe we’re going to have half
a red bell pepper chops one jalapeno diced but the seeds remove one chopped
mango a half a red onion diced and juice from one lime and we have one can of
black beans that we’re going to warm up and to eight hours pieces of Makemake
that we have marinated in lime juice and garlic salt one whole avocado that we’re
going to mesh about 1/2 a cup of sour cream and also another line and we got
whole-wheat tortillas to put everything on we grabbed a bag of coleslaw mix that
we are using for the cabbage filling and you can also get some cheese and some
cilantro on top for garnish if you like so all of the items here are actually
for the salsa these two you actually have to cook so we’ll put the mahi in
the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes on holders at 350 for 350 350 degrees these
are your garnish for on top of it and these are actually for like a little
extra sauce on top all these are from a recipe that we found online so we were
giving it a try and we’re gonna go ahead and share that
recipe with you guys in the show notes so don’t forget to check them out all
right so the first thing you want to do is the mahi is gonna take about 30
minutes to so we want to go ahead and put these in
a pan and then we’re going to use our blackened seasoning we’re gonna go ahead
and throw them in the up I’ll be your piece babe
awesome I love like you can have adults I can’t have enough so you want to go
ahead and rub it in a little bit make sure you get even coverage over the fish
hey there we go it’s a work in progress but it looks
good I was a lot be careful I’m pretty quick we’re gonna go and throw this in
the oven 350 degrees we’re gonna set a timer for 30 minutes okay Google set
timer 30 minutes and then while that’s cooking I’m gonna put the
black beans on the oven and heat them up all right well that’s cooking in the
oven we’re gonna throw together tangos awesome mmm
that’s my favorite part looking forward to he has he’s ate like half of these
already it’s the fruit of my people so we’re going to add the mango then me
half a red pepper these are incredibly hopped so I’m going to test it out with
just like a little bit yeah the jalapenos that we got was very
hot so be careful I have a little bit under my thumbnail still because I went
to bite my thumbnail and now my mouth burns so now her eyes are bleeding a
little bit so be careful and then also the how to read and then the squeeze one
lime juice just the juice and once you have all
that in the hold together you’re gonna mix it all together actually after you
mix this up you want to put it in the fridge to let it cool down that way all
the flavors will blend together mmm that smells real good okay give it a shot see
what yeah it’s very good it’s a spicy and sweet
if the balances out really really nice yeah yeah and the jalapenos don’t seem
to be that hot in this so now this is excellent I would try it and see my head
explodes or my eyes okay okay the the mango balances yeah it
really brings it down holy nicely okay alright so what do we
have next we have the avocado the sour cream and the lime that we’re going to
add together you’re actually gonna mash up the avocado balsam and it’s kind of
like a creamy topping for it it looked like besides just the salsa that we had
so we mesh up the avocado first and then add the rest of it yeah okay awesome
let me get to that all right so now we got it all whipped up and I’ll share
with you a little tip when picking out avocados so that you can whip it up like
this you want to make sure that the ones you do pick up are really soft to the
touch wanna grab them you just kind of want
soft to the touch that means they’re right and you’ll be able to get a nice
puree out of them just like this that’s why I sent him to get the avocados I
don’t never pick out the right ones all right so let’s add a sour cream and this
does come with a little bit of salt and pepper to taste 3-1-1 we’re using a little Himalayan
pink salt little fresh cracked pepper simoleons pink salt really good we kind
of switched a couple months ago on really enjoy are you going when you’re
done you got like this little pace that we’re going to use this as the topping
for on top of the taco so we’re gonna throw these in the fridge we’ll be right
back alright so 30 minutes is past we went
ahead and took the money out of the oven and it looks delicious
it’s and Mel’s delicious too I think we are ready to throw this together cut
these up first alright alright so we put the tortillas in the oven for just a
couple of minutes to kind of warm them up so you can take one it
Braham you could take one of those put some beans on the bottom make sure to
drain those good it just sees a couple pieces of fish
maybe three pieces these these are kind of big tortillas you’re probably gonna like this more
than I’m going to like this and I don’t like avocados I’m gonna try it but I’m
not a big avocado fan I’m excited about this salsa it looks delish then we’ll do
this on one pound yeah do that on your empire that whack tell you how it comes
out it look it’s delicious we try the cilantro for the keiki we went ahead and
took some of the leftover coleslaw and actually made coleslaw just vinegar and
a little bit of garlic salt it’s like a Spanish coast law there’s no no mayo all
right guys well there it is all plated this is a blackened mahi mahi fish taco
with a mango salsa and it looks delicious are you ready to go to the
birth by then very good hmm just that mix of spicy and
sweet flavors and you taste that little cilantro kicking in this is delicious
highly recommended yeah this is very very good it’s a very light very nice
little treat well we’re gonna link the recipe and the bio and in all the
ingredients used in the show notes thanks for joining us guys hope you
enjoyed this let us know in the comments if you do try this and let us know how
it came out and as always that dishes and stitches we put the confidence back
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