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Blackened Shrimp Tacos | Fit to Eat | MPB

Blackened Shrimp Tacos | Fit to Eat | MPB

– On today’s Fit to Eat, I’ll show you how to make a
tasty blackened shrimp taco with a marinated
onion and guacamole and a mexican cabbage
coleslaw with corn tortillas. Rebecca Turner
will be making healthy, homemade
tortilla chips. We’ll travel to
Marks, Mississippi in our Down on
the Farm segment, where they’ve recently
opened a farmer’s market. And my guest, the fitness studio
manager for Guruz Fitness, Denise Moulier, will help me put
it all together. So stay tuned. (lighthearted jazz piano tune) ♪♪ ♪♪ – Welcome back to Fit to Eat. I’m your host, Rob Stinson. Today, we have Denise Moulier, the fitness studio
manager for Guruz Fitness. Denise is an avid triathlete, and is currently training for the Los Cabos
Ironman competition. Denise, welcome to the show. – Thank you, glad to be here. – That is a serious challenge. – Yes it is, a challenge
beyond challenge. – Well, I know you
have to eat well when you have to get
ready for those things, – Very important. – So today we are doing a
tasty blackened shrimp taco. – Perfect. – We’re gonna serve it
with some beautiful, fresh, homemade Mexican cabbage slaw. – Awesome. – No fat in it, we’re gonna
go a whole different route with some fat-free yogurt, and then we’re gonna make
a guacamole from scratch, and we’re gonna do some
neat marinated onion without using oil. – Perfect. – So, everything
in here obviously is kind of on tune with what
you would want, I would assume. Our blackened seasoning,
now let’s talk about this. People out there, your
typical blackened seasoning is 60 to 65% salt. – Yes it is. – So, it isn’t like
you’re really getting
anything but salt. So watch what we put in ours. Black pepper, garlic powder, and garlic powder has no salt. Trying to get
people used to that. Not used to using
garlic salt. We might as well
throw in a ton of salt. – Correct.
– Onion powder. The coloring agent
is paprika. Then we still gonna add
a little bit more spice, a touch of
cayenne pepper. – Perfect fat burner,
natural fat burner. – Yeah, absolutely. And you’ve got
some thyme. We’ve got plenty
of time today. – That’s what I need. – We’ve got sage,
which really flavors that blackened
seasoning. White pepper, to give
it just a little punch. – Mmm-hmm. – And I’m gonna change
this, just for this dish, and add in some
ground coriander. Because we’re doing
a Mexican style. – Absolutely.
– We can give it in, anybody out there
that doesn’t know it’s really what cilantro is. So we’re gonna add
that in as a flavoring. Now, I’m gonna
give you the choice because I’ve made this over
the years with no salt, but I have tasted it,
and I have had people say just a little bit of salt
would be a nice thing, and you wouldn’t be
adding that much. I’m curious what your
throw is on it today. – Well, I believe that
having a lot of spices and now adding that coriander
is going to be phenomenal. So I would say don’t add
the salt ’cause you’ve got plenty of spice.
– I like it! I like it! We’re
stickin’ with that. You heard that
out there? So the recipe, you’ll find
out down the road, and we are not going
to use our salt. And we did at that little
bit of ground coriander. So now the main issue here is just simply stirring this. – I really do believe
that adding spice, that’s where you get
most of your flavor. And adding heat really takes
away from wanting that salt. – You know, there’s
no doubt about it. We’ve been doing this now,
this is the 5th season, and what I love about it
is we have never used salt in any recipe since we started. And I’m not even
talking a low amount, trying to keep it
completely out. Then using as small
amount of oil, keeping the butters, the
mayonnaise, everything else out, which, when you do a coleslaw, that’s what everybody
is gonna say, well what do you use? Using fat-free
yogurt makes it so easy. So now what we’re going to do, we have some beautiful,
wild-caught domestic shrimp. – Perfect. – I seriously encourage people to look at what they’re buying when they’re in the store.
– Mmm-hmm. – And man, you know they’ll buy the Asian imports, and
they have no real laws on guiding what can go in, so they load them
with tripolyphosphate, which sucks all of the food in. – Correct. – So all that we
really need to do, and this is plenty for
more than what we have. This is about enough
for eight portions that we made in this seasoning, so obviously we’re not
going to use a lot of it, but again it’s really healthy, so now we just kind
of stir it through. Not coat ’em too heavily, ’cause you want to taste how
beautiful those shrimp are. – [Denise] Absolutely.
And I love to make a lot of spices
just like you have, and then keep it and then
use it for my next meal. That way I have it ready made.
– [Rob] Exactly. – You can use it on
chicken or anything else. – And I wanna point
something out, guys. If I were to say, gee,
I want a little more, and stick this spoon back in, you can’t do what she just said. Think about it. Don’t intermingle.
– Mmm-hmm. – And you’d be sorry if you do. – Yeah.
– Now, here’s the other trick. Blackening is typically
in a pan full of oil. 12 grams of fat in a tablespoon. You know some is gonna soak in. – Absolutely.
– Horrible. So, one little
spray of zero fat. And then the only thing we do is put about a half a teaspoon. Now you see how hot that pan is? – Extremely. – That oil, that half a teaspoon will dance around
that pan so well. And now that we have it
we can move it around, and yeah, this
one is smoking hot because you want to
blacken the shrimp. – [Denise] It’s called
blackened shrimp for a reason. – [Rob] Yes, indeed. (Denise laughing) And I tell you what, you
can already smell it. – [Denise] Oh, yeah. – [Rob] Isn’t that amazing? There’s really nothing like
getting good quality product. – You know, and lot of people
are really afraid to buy the good quality product, they’re afraid to
spend a lot of money, but in reality
you’re gonna spend more money later on your health, than investing it your money
right now with the good food. – Such a good point too. Because the flavoring is
so much better this way. So now, we’re gonna
keep those moving so they don’t just
sear on one side. And you can already see that
the color is mixing throughout. I love it too. This is where smell-a-vision
would be wonderful. – I was gonna say
the same thing. (both laughing) – Now listen, nobody
is gonna remember all the different seasoning
that went in there, so if you’re interested
in any of the recipes you see on today’s show, visit our webpage at, or join the Facebook
page, mpbfittoeat. Makes it very simple. Now, they’re
basically almost done. Look at how quickly they cooked. – They look gorgeous. – You know, isn’t that neat? And here, what we’re gonna do, I have this wonderful
little trick. You see how some of that
seasoning is on the pan? All I do is just
take a little water. – [Denise] Awesome. – And it’s almost like
you’re glazing it, we don’t have to add wine, you don’t have to add anything. – No butter. – No butter.
Absolutely no butter. And they’re basically done. Now we’re gonna throw
in around the edges our peppers.
– [Denise] Makin’ it color. – Gonna make it so purty, throwin’ in just the
right little bit. And these, we’re not really
gonna cook ’em that much. These I like to keep crunchy. – Texture. – So now we have a
different texture, exactly. – [Denise] Beautiful. – And these are what’s gonna go on top of the tortilla. – [Denise] Awesome. – You know, so you’ve got
this contrasting texture, you’ve got the
beautiful colors, and you know I
always tell people, you eat as much
with your eyes as you do with
your taste buds. So we’re really getting
such a pretty look on this. And again, we can do
the same thing again. – Deglaze once more. – Yeah, a little bit of water, and it’s neat ’cause it
almost steams those veggies. They’ve got plenty of flavor
with that blackened seasoning. – I just love how you
can make a healthy dish and people think they
can’t eat healthy and still enjoy tasteful food. – Isn’t it true?
– Mmm-hmm. – It is so absolutely true. Now, let’s take… All I’m gonna do with this
is remove it from this pan. Actually, no, I think I’m
gonna put it on a plate where we have a
little bit more space There we go. – And it’s a quick dish.
– Alright. – Quick dish to make as well. – Well, and you take
it off the heat, you don’t want to overcook it.
– Overcook your shrimp. Never good. – There we go.
– Perfect. – This is the neat
trick I do too. So now we’re gonna take
and spray one more time, real quick, ’cause you
use any more than that you’re really adding fat. And then we’re gonna take
and put our tortillas in that same pan
so they’ll taste like what we had.
– You have to get that. – And we’re gonna
do the exact same with a little water. – So you get all the
little flavor in. – Yeah, you can see ’em when they start
perking up like that, it makes it so nice. And these are white
corn tortillas. And I’ll tell you
why I pick them. A lot of people out
there gluten free. – Absolutely. – So I thought it
might be nice today. Whole grain you can use, you can use what you had
made a comment about, which I did one season
which was lettuce leaves. – Absolutely, I recommend
that to a lot of my clients when we’re trying to go
a little bit lower carb and watching a little
bit, any of the flours, absolutely, bib lettuce
or romaine lettuce gives you that crunchy texture. – Yeah, I love using Romaine cause you can almost get them
like little finger points. Let’s move that
one off the heat. Now I wanted to ask you,
now you’re talking about doing the triathlon. Guruz is kind of a focus on changing people’s lifestyle. – Correct, I’m a
live example of that. I went there weighing
almost 175 pounds, and one of the things
that I always did was dieted for a living, and every time you
diet you actually fail, so once you learn how
to change your lifestyle and learn how to eat clean, then you change your
life for the rest. – And you will
always eat healthy. – And right, and the exercise
kind of falls into place. – Absolutely, I always say you
can out-exercise a bad diet. (both laughing) – That’s a great point. We’re gonna go right now. Registered dietician
Rebecca Turner has a great way to
make snacking on tortilla chips healthier,
believe it or not. So enjoy it. (lighthearted jazz piano tune) – While crunchy chips
made from corn tortillas at Mexican restaurants,
they may seem harmless, but they can pack a pretty
hefty caloric punch. You probably swear that
the basket of warm chips literally calls you by name, and it can seem
impossible to resist. Just beware that one chip
equals one gram of fat. Eek! That’s right. Traditional Mexican
chips, they’re twice fried and provide you with
one gram of fat each! You can see how that
can really add up. Although, I can’t help fix
the chips at restaurants, I can show you how to make
homemade tortilla chips that are far healthier. They taste great and are
far less oily and salty with zero frying. Not to mention they
are so simple to make. Let me show you how. So you’re gonna
start out by getting a good quality,
whole grain tortilla. You wanna look for
about the six inch ones. Now take out about half
of the tortilla chips and lay ’em on a
good cutting surface. You can use a knife,
a pizza cutter, or even scissors. But you are literally
gonna wanna cut it like you would a pizza or a pie, to make tortillas. Now this is an easy recipe to
get older kids in the kitchen to learn how to cut, but let’s leave the cutting
to mom for our younger kids. Now, once you get the whole
thing cut out in tortillas, you’re just gonna take
some olive oil spray, you can even use
a little butter. And you just wanna make
sure you cover a baking pan. Next step, you can just assemble your new chips onto your pan. Just beware you’re
probably gonna have to do several rounds in the oven if
you’re making a lot of chips because not as many
as you would think fit on one pan, but that’s okay. More fun in the
kitchen for the family. Alright, you’re gonna do one
more spritz with olive oil and just a few cracks
with some sea salt which is optional but
it does taste good. Now, that’s it. Now you place it
into a preheated oven at about 350 for about
8 to 12 minutes. You wanna check your chips
at about eight minutes and rotate your pans. Be aware that these are
very thin tortillas and they can be vulnerable
to your oven’s hot spots, and they can start to char. No one wants a smoking kitchen. The chips are done when
the edges are crisp and dry and slightly lifted
from the tray. They should be a
few shades darker. They’re not completely
brown, especially not black. Remove trays from the oven
and let them cool slightly. As they cool, the chips
are gonna continue to crisp all the way through. And don’t you be
afraid to test one (crunching) and if they’re not as crisp
as your family would like just return the trays
to the oven for another two or three minutes. Now you store these
in an airtight plastic
bag or container. Homemade chips are known
to go bad kinda quickly, so make sure you get them
bagged up as soon as possible. The next time
you’re making tacos, try this chip recipe,
they are truly fit to eat. (crunching) (lighthearted jazz piano tune) – Baking
rather than frying is always a healthier
way to go. Thanks Rebecca. I’ll tell you what. Anything that can make a tortilla chip healthier
is a good thing. – Absolutely, if I can have
tortilla chips, I’ll have ’em. – Well, I’m possibly gonna
put you to work here. You ready? – I’m ready to work. – Okay. We’re gonna make, and obviously look at that
beautifully fresh avocado. – It’s gorgeous. – There’s nothing like
great, fresh products. So look what we have. This really a homemade
guacamole, nothing more. We’ve already taken the
liberty of dicing up a half of an avocado. So it’s about
three tablespoons. I like to put in a little
bit of our jalapeno. Not too much. – Got that spice for
that fat burning again. – Yeah, chopped, almost
like a pico de gallo, which would be onion,
tomato, jalapeno, some cilantro, and this probably
a little more than we need. Really just about a
teaspoon is great. I love cilantro. – [Denise] Love, some
fresh cilantro is awesome. – [Rob] Alright, we’re
putting it all in there. – [Denise] There we go. – Yeah! We’re now havin’
a little fun here. (Denise laughing) Alright, a little black
pepper, just to season it. So this has got the jalapeno
and pepper for seasoning, and then a squeeze…
– Of lime. – Of lime, and a
squeeze of lemon. And, you know what I may do? I may move this
one over for you. – Alright. – How about you take
this over on this side? – Perfect. – And where gonna
do is just have you kind of mash it all together. – Alright, well we’ll do that. – Can you have a
little fun doing that? – Absolutely. This
is my specialty. – Alright, now you know that
kinda leads me into asking, at Guruz you made
a comment to me, that you actually cook for
some of your clients as well. – Actually I do, I mean, one
of the biggest challenges that a lot of people
actually face today, including myself
back in the day, is we don’t know
how to cook healthy, we don’t know how to
incorporate healthy recipes and we think eating
healthy is eating bland. So that’s where I come
in and we kinda guide ’em and making sure that
they can eat healthy, fun, nicely-seasoned recipes. – Well, and the
seasoning comes back. Where we’re gonna
start on this? A little spray, zero fat. I’m going to take
and put our onions that we’re gonna make
into our marinade. – Perfect.
– I like to brown ’em a little bit and the
pan is good and hot. – Absolutely.
– You’ll see… – Beautiful carmelization. – Yeah, you know
there’s nothing like the natural flavor of – [Denise] Onions, mm-hmm.
– [Rob] Caramelization and onions make.
– [Denise] A little sweetness tastes really good. – [Rob] You know,
isn’t that incredible? – [Denise] Mmm-hmm. – And so often
people overlook it. And then they eat ’em
raw and they wonder, wow, it’s got such a heavy flavor,
I don’t really like it. And that’s a shame. Now in this, about
half a teaspoon of oil’s gonna go but
I’m actually going to deglaze it with a little water. – Perfect. – Just to kind of get ’em
going just a little bit more. And this is a little
bit different as well because I take and I use some natural cherry juice, so it comes up and it’s
really got no additives in it. And it’s gonna color the onion into looking like a marinade that would have a lot of oil.
– Interesting. Awesome. – So obviously,
what are we doing? We’re not using oil. This is vegetable stock. No salt, no fat. – Perfect. – A natural product, we’ll
keep goin’ with those. A little dash of hot sauce. Whatever brand you like works. A little tiny bit
of white pepper so it doesn’t show too
much in the marinade. – [Denise] Perfect. – [Rob] You know, black
pepper, you’ll see. – [Denise] Exactly. – And then we’re
gonna take this off, put it into our bowl here, and let those go down to
the bottom as much as I can, and then add the
rest of our stock and our natural
cherry juice together so it becomes kind
of a fun marinade. And when it is done, it’ll come up to havin’ a nice
color, but I’m gonna keep it right now.
– It’s almost like a pickle. – Yeah it really is almost like it.
– Like a healthy pickle. – It almost is, and I just
think it’s a fun topping, ’cause you notice
when we sauteed, we didn’t have any
onion in there. – Nope. – You’ve got some
in the guacamole. So I thought this would
be a fun little side to put on the plate
for our tortillas. – Perfect. – And, I tell you what,
we are doin’ really well. You did great! – There’s my beautiful.. – Oh my gosh, perfect! Wait, we gotta get
a closeup of this! Hold on! I know we’re gonna go
to a quick little break, but that came out
absolutely perfect. You’re hired! I love it.
We got a new cook. (Denise laughing) Well let’s
talk about this. On today’s Down on
the Farm segment, we travel to Marks,
Mississippi, where they’ve recently
opened up a farmer’s market. I wanna find out
more about that. (lighthearted jazz piano tune) (country banjo strumming) (crowd cheering) – Today was a
marvelous realization of three years of hard work. What you saw here
today is government, business, public-private
partnerships that can really work for
the good of the people. – We’d always been
working toward this goal. We’d been working with
farmers in the area to grow produce
that we can sell so people would have food,
and this food does it. – There’s been a lot of
talk nationwide, about food deserts and places that didn’t have
access to healthy food. We feel like this
is a way to sort of bridge the gap
in this community because many of the
farmers out there are producing the food but it just wasn’t
getting into the places where it needs to get. So we think that we can
put all of them together. We’ll have an
opportunity to provide a lot of healthy produce
for people in this area. – We came in with a plan
to help small crop farmers began to start to
grow crops again, start to add that to
their family income, and to demonstrate
and educate on healthy financing,
food financing, and the importance of growing
the crops in the Delta, selling the crops in the Delta, and allowing that commerce to empower families financially. – Most of our small farmers
can’t afford to raise the cotton and
the beans anymore. So we been tryin’
over the years, try to get them to start
raisin’ vegetables. It’s been kind of a hard
road to get them to do it because they were used
to cotton and beans, but I think now
that we got started, a lot of them are
raising sweet potatoes and different
vegetables, and they see
the profit in it. It’s much more
profit than would be trying to raise cotton and
all the stuff, soybeans. So the market’s up, and
cut our ribbon today. We just hope this day be
the beginning of good food for the citizens of Marks
and surrounding areas. (lighthearted jazz piano tune) If you’d like to
learn more about the Delta Regional Mule Train
Farmer’s Market and Museum, you can check them out
on their Facebook page. That is a mouthful. – That is. – And, speaking
about mouthfuls. Everybody’s gonna say, alright, coleslaw,
obviously mayonnaise is like the evil
in your world. – Absolutely.
– I know it is. You know, and
what they do. They could have
a healthy turkey on a whole grain
piece of bread, and then they lop
on that mayonnaise. – Slather. – And they have
like ruined it, huh. – Absolutely. – So, most important
thing, in my opinion, is to come up with
the substitute, and I love this, it’s
so simple, it’s so easy, and when it’s done right, you
can’t tell the difference. – Mmm-hmm. – So we’re gonna use this
basic Greek non-fat yogurt, we’re gonna blend
all of the things you would normally have, you see we’ve got fresh cabbage, all we did was slice it thin, look how nice and even it is. – [Denise] Gorgeous. – [Rob] So that way you’ve
got kind of your base. Then we’re gonna throw in, this is a little
leafy radicchio, and I like it just ’cause
it adds a little bitterness. – [Denise] Color, and color. – [Rob] Yeah. And then shredded carrots. – [Denise] Mmm-hmm. – [Rob] Simple, crunch,
even more crunch. Alright, you know we gotta
have a little fun here! – [Denise] That’s right! You’ve got your jalapenos! – [Rob] Oh! You’ve gotta
have your jalapenos in there. – [Denise] Gotta bring the heat. – [Rob] Gotta have the heat. Little bit of black pepper, and it’s really just
a half a teaspoon. Doesn’t need to be a lot. Obviously, cilantro. – [Denise] Absolutely.
– [Rob] We already figured out you love cliantro, and so do I. – I love cilantro, it’s
almost my middle name. – Alright, we’re using
the entire amount. (Denise laughing) Then the Greek non-fat yogurt. – Which it almost
looks like mayonnaise. – Doesn’t it though? And a little vegetable
stock is my trick. – Mmm-hmm. – So now we’re gonna take this. I’m just gonna stir
it around real quick, and then we’ll go to using
the tongs to pull it out. But I mean, look at
how fast and easy. – [Denise] It’s gorgeous. – And it’s light,
it’s flavorful. People just don’t realize how easy it is to eat healthy.
(Denise sighing) – No, they don’t
realize how flavorful, that’s the key word,
it’s flavorful. You do not need salt
to make flavorful food. – I tell you what, you
know what, I am gonna… How about I move
you over here. If you wanna
just keep stirring that around
a little bit. That’s great. So, let’s talk
about Guruz though. Guruz is located
here in Jackson. – Yes, we’re right on Old
Canton Road in Ridgeland. – Awesome, awesome. Alright, so I’m gonna start
working on the plating here. We’re gonna put each
tortilla in the center, then we have all the lovely
goodness of the shrimp that we cooked.
– [Denise] Mmm. – [Rob] And I put them kind
of in a row, like such. And I tell you what,
that’s a lot of food. – [Denise] That’s right,
that is a lot of food. – [Rob] You know, look at that. That was five ounces
of shrimp too. Perfect. You know what, we didn’t talk
about portion size. – That’s correct a
perfect serving size. – But, man, that’s
the biggest problem a lot of people have. They think, gee, I need
eight ounces of this. – Absolutely not. – Or they eat too
much and they end up imbibing really
too much food. Alright, now we’re
gonna take and put a little
bit of our guacamole – [Denise] Oh yes. – [Rob] Right on the
side of the plate on one of our lettuce leaves. I mean look at that. – [Denise] That’s right, we doin’ it.
– [Rob] A half of an avocado. So, again.
– [Denise] Your healthy fats. – [Rob] Woo, looking so good! Alright, you ready? – [Denise] Gorgeous,
there we go. – Let’s do the
same on this side. – Let’s finish
her off. Gorgeous. – And we’ll put
this right onto… Now don’t forget, guys. I know nobody’s gonna
remember all of these recipes, so go to our website at or join the Facebook
page, mpbfittoeat. Very simple. We’re gettin’ to
the home stretch. I like to put a
little lemon and lime. Cause that was
flavoring in there in case people
want it. We’ve got also. Mmm.
– Yes, I’m dying to see those. – I know you’re
waiting for these. – I’m waiting for those. – I like to take these and
just kind of garnish the top. ‘Cause it’s got
so much flavor. And then we’ll have
a little extra. We’ll get that one that
tried to sneak away. You are not goin’
anywhere. (Denise laughing) – [Rob] And let’s put this
guy back on the plate. – [Denise] That is a
gorgeous looking plate. – Isn’t that beautiful?
The way it comes out? Now, we have
one touch, though. Our fresh grown
cilantro right here. – Can’t get any better than
fresh grown cilantro. – Right. – There you go. – Let’s pop a little
piece on each one. Ouch! They said that hurt.
(Denise laughing) When you nurture your
herbs with so much love it’s tough when
you see ’em going. But, I mean, tell you, huh. – [Denise] Gorgeous. – [Rob] Isn’t that
a beautiful plate? – [Denise] That is
an amazing plate. And I tell you what. It’s tasty, it’s healthy, you’ve got a lot of
different textures. – Yes. – You eat with your eyes, so you got that
beautiful color going on. This is truly, probably, one of my favorite
meals that I ever do. And this one sells really
well on all of our trucks. So it’s hard to beat it. Now, I’d like to thank
our guest, Denise Moulier. If you would like to learn
more about Guruz Fitness, you can check them out
at I’m your host, Rob Stinson. Eat well. – Eat well. That’s gorgeous. – I just love that smell. – Oh man, I know. – Mm-mm-mm-mm.

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