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Blind Taco Taste Test

Blind Taco Taste Test

How well do we knows
these fast food tacos? Let’s taco ’bout that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. Tacos come in a variety of styles. You’ve got soft.
You’ve got crunchy. You’ve got putting a soft
inside of a crunchy. – Uh huh.
– Which I call a cr-ofty, or the so-nchy, – depending on which mood I’m in.
– Yes. You can put all kinds of
different ingredients inside of them. The thing is, is that the taco
is one of the best things – that’s even been invented, on this planet.
– True! But, how well do we know our tacos? We’re about to find out,
as we play: ♪(Mariachi music)♪
Can we see where these tacos be from, even though we can’t see these tacos? Okay, here’s how this is gonna work:
we are gonna be blindfolded – and then fed tacos.
– Yes! Because we have a great job. And then our job
is to see if we can identify what fast food restaurant
the taco came from, – because it’s an important skill to have.
– Yes. Important. So these are the taco places
that we have to choose from. – Taco bell.
– Del Taco. – Jack in the Box.
– Chipotle. – Qdoba
– And Baja Fresh. Alright, so we’re gonna be fed
these tacos using the patent pending – (Link) Taco Hando.
– (Rhett) (Laughs) Oh! It’s a–
Well, we’ll see what it is. Well, we won’t,
but you will. – (laughs) Yes, you will.
– Let’s get to it. – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round one. As you can see, we can’t. Which means we are ready
for our first taco. – In the Taco Hando.
– Taco Hando! Oh, is that the hand? Feel like I’m in seventh grade again,
I don’t know how to– Which way is it?
Oh! Like that? Oh, there we go. (both) Hmm. Corn. It’s crunchy. Beef. I don’t think that Baja Fresh,
Qdoba, or Chipotle do that style. I don’t think so either.
This one’s rather greasy. I love it. I haven’t ever had a taco
from Jack in the Box, or Del Taco. Me neither.
Until just now. – (laughs)
– But I believe that I just did. Yeah. Okay, I’m ready to give my guess. How do I make a decision on this? Okay, I have a guess. (Stevie) Alright, here we go.
Three, two, one. (both) Del Taco. – What?
– We agree on a guess. We’re totally guessing. – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round two. Did you try to give me five?
Because I didn’t try to give you five. No. Me neither.
Okay. You want–
Is that going to be a rule? If we guess the same thing
we do the five? – What?
– ‘Cause we can do that. We can do tens– – Oh gosh!
– (crew laughs) – Gosh, Taco hand.
– Is it there? – Okay, where is it?
– Oh! Is that hand or ta–
Oh, that’s a wide one. (Rhett) Oh, that’s got a good,
nice, fresh smell. (crew laughs) Flour tortilla. Chunky, chunky, steak, steak.
I’m chipmunking this one. That’s a good taco. My hand was weird on that one. I usually don’t eat
from somebody else’s hand. That’s not my typical taco eating posture. It felt weird because the crotch
of the hand was against my face. You know the hand crotch? – The hand crotch right here.
– (Link) Right here. That’s two hand crotches
touching each other right there. Just a hand shake. Okay, um.. Listen, I haven’t been to a Qdoba
in years, because there was one– – Remember there was one–
– In Cary. In Cary, in Raleigh,
in North Carolina. Holly Springs actually–
No, Cary. And it was so exciting,
and no one knew what to call it. Ka-doba.
Cue-doba. Cue-doh-bay? We couldn’t figure it out.
We didn’t care, – we just liked the way it tasted.
– Kuh-doba. But, I haven’t had one out here. That’s a good, good thing. There’s a little spice in there. I got some gristle,
but I don’t even care. – Alright, I’m ready.
– Okay. (Stevie) Okay, here we go.
Three, two, one. – Qdoba.
– Chipotle. Oh, you went with Chipotle, huh? ♪The river rolling down
the stream.♪ Do you know what
the steak tastes like at Chipotle? – No.
– Because I never get the steak. – I get the chicken, or the
– (both) sofritas. – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round three. Okay. Hand me that taco.
(laughs) Hmm, okay. (Rhett) Oh. Oh gosh. How do I–
What should I do with my face? – This way?
– (crew laughs) I’ve just started going straight on
for it. If it’s a soft taco,
I’m gonna make it submit to my facial position. (Link) If it’s a hard taco,
I gotta submit to its position. – Is there some on the back of the hand?
– (crew laughs) Hmm.
This one is steaky as well. The hand is keeping
a lot of the taco from me. I really want more. Oh, I know what this is,
I feel really confident. – Really?
– Yes. What do you think it is? Not gonna tell you. This one’s got some cheese.
It’s chopped steak. Little spicy.
Little spice. – Spice is nice.
– Now, do you agree with my assessment, that this steak is not as good
as the previous steak? Matter of fact, the previous steak
was twice as good as this steak. You are correct, sir.
The previous steak was better. And that is one of the reasons that
I think I know what kind of taco this is and where is hails from.
Hails is a word for where something is from. – Hails yes, that’s what it means.
– (laughs) – Let’s give our answer.
– (Stevie) Okay. (Stevie) Three, two, one. – (both) Baja Fresh.
– What? – Oh, I think I hurt my elbow.
– (laughs) – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round four. Feeling good so far.
This is a glorious brunch, my brother. (crew laughs) Oh, I know what this is
by smelling the lettuce. Smell the lettuce.
Put that on a t-shirt. I know what this is.
I don’t even have to taste it. – That could be the slogan for this place.
– But I’m going to. Just smell the lettuce. I’m just so confused about orientation. (laughs) With my taco. (crew laughs) I think we both ran into problems
on this one. Go big or go home. The taste is so distinct.
The memories are so strong. Unless they’re trying to trick us, man. How would they trick us? By giving us a taco
that tastes like another place. I mean, I don’t know, man. I mean, we’ve never eaten
at Del Taco. They could have ripped off Taco Bell. Yeah, or it could be Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box could have
ripped off Taco Bell. I’ve got my guess. I could go out on a limb-y limb,
limb, limb. Should I do it? – (Stevie) You ready?
– Yeah. (Stevie) Three, two, one. – (both) Taco Bell.
– Didn’t want to do it. Went with the safe bet. But it could be.
You’re right. We don’t know about the imitators, man. The imitators could be–
Have a strong game, I don’t know. That’s a strong taco. – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round five. I feel confident.
I feel so much taco confidence right now. – I just feel happy, and stupid.
– Ta-confidence. – Ta-confidence?
– Ta-confidence. – I have high ta-confidence blood levels.
– Oh, there she is. She’s been waiting at the breach. Hello. Oh, uh huh. (Link) This is a crunchy. – (Stevie) Oh!
– What happened? Did I just– I just destroyed a crunchy? (Stevie) Yeah, you pretty much
annihilated– (Stevie) Mike, do you wanna
try and save its taco life? (Link) I’m not disqualified am I? Yeah, he’s disqualified from that round.
That’s the rules, man. – Okay.
– If you drop a taco, it’s done! Come on, Taco Hando,
don’t let me down. You can’t have ta-confidence
if you’re gonna be dropping your tacos like that. A dropped taco is just a taco salad
waiting to happen. – That’s true.
– Or it did happen. This really threw me off.
I’m gonna say that (Rhett) before you get a bite of yours. My taco worlds have been flipped
and I don’t like it. Crunchy taco. Kind of plain tasting. I feel like everything I knew
about crunchy tacos– Fast food tacos just got jumbled
in my brain. I don’t think so.
I just think that’s a boring taco. I think that’s a characterless taco. – Really?
– That’s a sad, aimless taco… You think this is a taco
made by a place that doesn’t make tacos? Wondering around in the desert,
just looking for an oasis, where he can just pull up his RV,
and get naked. I think it might be about references, man. That’s what they do, you know? People find, like, oasis’ in the desert,
and they just park an RV and get naked. That’s gonna me after fifty, man. I though you were gonna say,
“That’s gonna be me after this.” – “I can’t wait to get there!”
– We can have a prelude if you want. – Alright, I’m ready.
– (Stevie) Okay. Three, two, one. – Taco Bell.
– Jack in the Box. – Ha! See–
– No way is that Taco Bell, man. I think it’s all about references.
We’ve been tasting these tacos and Jack in the Box has been
adding extra taco flavor to their tacos to help separate it
from the rest of the menu– – They’re compensating.
– So now you thought that Taco Bell was Jack in the Box, just like I did,
or Jack in the Box was Taco Bell was actually Jack in the Box,
and now that’s Taco Bell. – Man!
– That’s what just happened. Ta-confidence. – ♪(Mariachi music)♪
– (both) Round six. – Here we go.
– Okay. See if you can get the whole hand
in your mouth with this one. That’s a– – (unintelligible)
– (crew laughs) That’s a good smell. What?
Is it flat? (Link) There it is. (Rhett) Sorry. What the crap?
This is confusing. That’s good. What kind of magic
is happening here? This is curious. That’s a good taco. I’m sensing an
interesting construction here. I’m very confused right now. ‘Cause now I feel
like I was wrong again earlier. I hate the double guesses,
but double guesses is like shooting a shotgun at an intruder. This one tastes
like it has beef jerky in it. Is that a good thing? No. The meat tastes
like beef jerky. If I wanted beef jerky,
I’d go camping. Oh man. Okay.
Well, I’ve got a guess, but I’ve already guessed it.
But, at this point, all my ta-confidence has left me. Did that have a crunchy taco
and a soft taco in it? I don’t think so. ‘Cause Taco Bell’s got one of those. You think that was Taco Bell?
Did you taste crunchy? I thought I tasted crunchy.
Soggy crunchy, but still crunchy. Oh, really? Yeah, ’cause it’s probably been here
a while and it would have gone soft. But their meat does not
taste like that. Okay, I got a guess.
Let’s just do it. (Stevie) Okay.
Three, two, one. – (both) Qdoba. Oh, we agree.
We’re totally guessing, though. – Did you give five that time?
– Yeah. Where is it?
Where’s your five? Well, you missed your opportunity.
No, here it is. Oh.
Meet in the middle, though. Three, two, one.
Yeah. One last one. No, I’m done with fives, man.
We got it right. We’re good. Stevie, where do we stand? (Stevie) You guys, you’re tied. – (laughs) Oh! Really?
– (ding sounds) – (Stevie) Two to two.
– Two to two. That means we both suck. Two to two. Come on,
I’m cocked and ready. – So which ones did you get right?
– Come on, man. Oh!
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I forgot. Sorry. Alright, so now we move
to Franken-round – (spooky voice) Frankentaco.
– (thunder sounds) Okay, it all comes down to this,
to determine who gets crowned Don Juan de Taco. Okay, for the Franken-round,
there is a taco that has the shell from one place and the inside
of a taco from another place. One point for guessing
the shell correctly, and two points for guessing
the insides of the taco right. Bring it in, Hando. Hi. Okay, it’s crunchy. (both making affirmative sounds) I have successfully separated
the meat from the shell. I’m chipmunking both,
in either cheek. – I’m proceeding to analyze the shell.
– I just ate the whole thing already, man. Oh, okay. That is a spicy.
The spicy insides again. That shell could be from anywhere.
Shell’s extremely difficult, it’s a crapshoot. Oh gosh. I feel so conflicted. Ta-conflicted. That steak.
(repeats) Uh hm. – Shell from.
– Got it. And got it. Okay, I think I got it. (Stevie) Okay, guys.
I’m going to ask your shell answer first. (Stevie) In three, two, one. – (both) Jack in the Box.
– Oh! Dang! (Stevie) Okay, and now
your interior answer. (Stevie) Three, two, one. – Qdo-bay.
– Chipotle. – I said Qdo-bay, but I meant Qdoba.
– (laughs) I said Chipotle. Okay, can I remove my blindfold? (Stevie) Sure. – Oh, made a mess.
– Can I also open my eyes? (Stevie) Yeah.
We do have a winner. – (Stevie) The winner is Link!
– (buzzer sound) – Woo!
– He was right. So, what was that last one? (Stevie) The insides of that taco
were Chipotle. – Okay.
– (Stevie) And the outside was Taco Bell. – Alright, crown me, baby.
– It was Taco Bell. – Link, congratulations.
– ♪(bouncy music)♪ – You are Don Juan de Taco.
– (makes guitar strumming sounds) – That’s my Spanish guitar.
– It’s very convincing. (makes guitar strumming sounds)
– I got a taco salad. Thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Claire.
– Hi, I’m Olivia. And we’re from Wenonah,
New Jersey. And what time is it? It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Make sure you watch Good Mythical Crew
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We’re gonna analyze all these tacos. Gifticality, that means we’re going
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