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Blood Parrot Cichlid Aquarium Fish Attacks Owner |  Fish Bites Keeper

Blood Parrot Cichlid Aquarium Fish Attacks Owner | Fish Bites Keeper

What we’re going to do here is take out some
sand because I can no longer see my fish, as he likes to hide and he might be
okay with me taking out some sand but he might not be okay with taking out his sand and
well yeah sometimes it’s okay with me taking away
sand. It’s usually when I start putting sand in this tank he
gets really upset. What’s a matter buddy? yeah it’s good that he doesn’t
really bite hard he really does not like sand in his tank. He bit me here a couple times but these guys here they don’t really have the mouths in order
to really do any damage so i don’t really try to freak out or get scared too
much in the process. Maybe when he gets a little bigger i’ll
be a little bit more worried but for now we are going to leave him like that.

43 comments on “Blood Parrot Cichlid Aquarium Fish Attacks Owner | Fish Bites Keeper

  1. that is so strange! my BP loves me he comes up to my hand all the time. I actually have a video of me hand feeding him you should have a look. 😀

  2. That is awesome!! Im actually thinking of getting back into the aquarium hobby what size tank do you recommend for 2-3 of these guys if they can live with each other? O and did your parrot fish bite you? Like do they have teeth lol or was it more of a pinch?

  3. sand is actually fish poop to a parrot fish because when they chew on coral it creates a fine sand. you're probably offending it.

  4. I have a blood parrot the size of a softball, and he's taken a chunk out of my arm the size of a pencil eraser, they are not helpless by any means, he's no red devil but far from defenseless.. nice fish my man !

  5. What helped me to avoid that was buy having my hand in the tank from young. They are used to me now and don't bother with me when my hand is in the tank. How is he now ?

  6. Hi there, my blood parrot is starting to do this and he will chase my hand out of the water. I haven't let him bite me yet but does it hurt? Mine is about 10' inch so but cautious

  7. I have one and I stick my hand in his tank but he usually just stays where he is or swims farther away from my hand lol they are really cool fish 🐠🐠🐠🐠

  8. The slow mo made me laugh. My Parrot tends to bite when I move his stuff around, and his nub teeth are already showing. Had Madgilid for over 4 years. He's over 6 1/2 inches now (Got him from PetSmart when he was about 3 wee inches) and in a 40 gallon breeder tank, and now those bites definitely pinch more the bigger they get. 🙂 Oh and some parrots can grow in nub teeth things for grasping lol!

  9. I use to have two of these guys. They would just sort of nibble on my hands when doing water changes. I'm not sure if they weren't that aggressive or just couldn't bite hard. I'm thinking the two I had weren't very aggressive, they always got along with their tank mates.

  10. Came here after netting mine to donate to lfs. Hes currently in a oversized net till morning. Too aggressive! Little bastard at 1.5" attacking my 10" clown loaches- time to go pronto. Never again. Not sure why people like these fish so much as anyway as they aren't peaceful and personality wise- not much there imo. A gold fish has 10x more personality if your only keeping one species anyway. No heat required either.

  11. They have teeth man, watch out. That's why they are called the blood "parrot", their teeth make a beak shape at the front of their mouth, like a parrots. You probably already knew this, but I just want to tell anyone else who might put their hand in front of their blood parrot. (They bite when they get older)


  12. I have two really aggressive parrots and one temperamental one that is both shy and territorial. The biggest male has attitude like a red devil and the big female has TEETH. The third male has a smaller mouth. They usually get more territorial with age.

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