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Bo Burnham & Elsie Fisher of ‘Eighth Grade’ Have All the Answers | Requestions | TRL

– I’m Bo Burnham. – And I’m Elsie Fisher. – And we’re from the movie
Eighth Grade and she’s standing on something ’cause– – Yeah, I’m not this tall IRL. – IRL, and we are on TRL
answering Requestions. Let’s get into it. – Let’s do this. (upbeat synth music) – Bo, what extremely visceral
memories from your eighth grade experience helped inspire
you while writing the film? I was pantsed on a whale watching trip. No whales were seen that day. – Hi guys, my name is Josh. I just saw the movie like five minutes ago and I thought it was
absolutely incredible. – That’s enough I think,
just move on right? – Yeah. – I’m just kidding. – How do you that think young people should go about social media? How do you think that
they should navigate it? – That’s very nice
Josh, what do you think? You’d know better than I do. – My advice for teens
and people of all ages is be aware of how much time
you’re spending online I guess. Take a minute, read a book. – Yeah, but keep watching this. Which of the sauces was the best one in the chicken nugget scene? AKA the best scene in the entire film. That’s hilarious, you know what’s so funny? You guys never actually
cracked open the sauces, right? – I never even ate a nugget. I just picked at the fries. – You did just pick at the fries. Are you a nugget person? – No. – My favorite go to nuggie
sauce would be honey mustard. – I’m either a ranch or barbecue girl if I partake in any nuggies. – What’s your go to snack if you could have any snack in the world? Mine would be circus peanuts. Gucci. (electronic beeping – Tim, do you know what
circus peanuts are? They’re the things at your grandfathers house in a big stale bowl. – That’s actually terrible because at my grandfathers house we
actually have a bowl of– – I know, it’s required. My go to snack would be
peanut butter filled pretzels. – Mmm, my go to snack is
popcorn flavored like pickles, its amazing. – Thank God it’s not the other way around, pickles flavored
like popcorn I mean. – I’d probably eat those too. – [Bo] What was it like
on set between scenes? – It was fun, we were friends
so like we played around. You made fun of me. – Hacky sack. – Poured water on my head, eat crafty. – Eat crafty, lots of circus peanuts. – Get bread bowls. – Yeah, I’m a big bowl guy. Coffee goes right through me. What was it like filming on location at an actual middle school with
the students who went there? It was truly great. – Yeah, it was so fun and the middle school itself was very cool. – Yeah, and the middle school left up the artwork so that was really nice. – Yeah, and a lot of the kids were actual kids who like went to that school. – Yeah, they were legit kids. – They were real kids, they weren’t fake kids
they were real kids. – Real children. When you walk into a middle school, for me who hasn’t been there in a while, like the smell is so specific. Things have changed but
like the musty old smell of a middle school or an art classroom. – Yeah, for sure. – Those watercolors, it’s crazy. That’s the it. – That’s the it. – That’s the it and I
appreciate you all being here. This has been Total Requestions, I’m Bo Bestion. – And I’m Elise Fisher. (light pop music) – Dismount.

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