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Boat Review – Surtees 610 Game Fisher With John Eichelsheim

Boat Review – Surtees 610 Game Fisher With John Eichelsheim

Hi John Eichelsheim from Boating
New Zealand magazine. We’re in Tauranga today. It’s a beautiful
day. We’re with the new 610 Surtees. It belongs to Isabel and Sasha. There’s quite a few
things about this boat that are rather special. I think we should start with the
trailer. Now this is a demonstrator for Balex so the boat will be used by
Balex to demonstrate its wonderful auto-loading system. So the Balex
auto-loading system is not only an innovative system – New Zealand designed –
system, and New Zealand build as well. It is an incredibly practical way of
launching and retrieving the boat. Everybody thinks about retrieving
because that seems like the hard work. But in fact sometimes launching the boat is
more difficult. With the Balex you’ve got control right throughout the
operation, whether you’re launching the boat or retrieving it. It will even
straighten the boat if you don’t get it on quite straight, it’ll bring it up
straight and it always comes on to the trailer exactly the way that it
should. You just need to get the trailer in far enough so that the little tracks
at the back of the Balex system can grip the hull of the boat. It’s all nice and
tidy, there are no bolts any longer everything is welded to the trailer.
Really effective system for launching and retrieving your boat. This is Enduro
trailer it’s built specifically to take Balex equipment. Everything is nicely
welded on to the frame. Previously the parts were bolted on
now it’s all nicely welded, it’s integrated, all the wiring is integrated
through the frame of the trailer. So one of the cool things about this trailer, is
that when it comes time to wash it down there’s a flushing system that’s built
in, and you can see there’s a nice little nozzle here that you just
connect the hose up to, it flushes all the way through the insides of the frame
so that you do away with all of that risk of corrosion that happens with
trailers. At the other end, at the back there’s bung to let
all the water out again. They’ve gone all out with this one. They
have pretty much put everything on it that they really wanted. Well the 610
drives very nicely, it drives exactly as I’d expect a Surtees to drive, it’s very
soft riding, it responds to the helm very nicely indeed. This boat has trim
tabs too, which is quite a nice thing the Elektra tabs, just gives us a little bit
more control. The response is great there’s 150 horsepower
Honda on the transom, that’s at the top end of the horsepower range. I
think it’s a good idea to put that power on there it certainly benefits from it. So like all Surtees models,
the 610 has got a flooding ballast chamber, that means
it sits nice and stable in the water when you’re at rest, and it also gives
you a little bit of extra weight in the boat if it gets rough and you really
have to punch through the waves. Now. Our owners are keen divers, so they’ve
opted for the dive ladder, again that’s standard with Surtees, but this is a
particularly useful ladder if you’re a diver because it’s a T type, rather
than the H type. So Sascha and Isabel intend doing quite a bit of overnight trips
in this boat, it’s large enough for them to sleep in the cabin. They’re
quite keen game fishes but they like fishing of all sorts as well as diving,
so this boat is quite well set up for that. In fact like most Surtees boats
it’s really well set up for fishing and that comes down to this transom area
which has had a bit of a redesign. In fact Surtees are working on a new transom
design, and this is probably the first example a little bit hush-hush, you know, there’s
some really good ideas there. Inside the boat.. It’s been nicely done.
Super comfortable seats, these are upholstered, they’ve got a bolster.
They’re on a Easy Rider pedestal base so they’re really comfortable things to
sit in. The hardtop is a feature that the couple really really wanted they
wanted that protection, and they’ve also got the sun protection here with this
extension over the cockpit. So the helm position works pretty well,
nice and comfortable everything’s within easy reach, they’ve certainly sorted out
the ergonomics of this over the years and it’s a good place to sit and
spend time. There’s good visibility, you’re high enough to see easily out through
the screens. The dash sort of console area has a bit more room than it
once did in the old days, so there’s room for gauges and things. But as usual Surtees
likes to mount the electronics up here. It makes them really easy to see, you can
adjust them for height etc. Now.. Sasha and Isabel have opted for a Humminbird
system, often Surtees come with Garmin. Humminbird specifically because it
interfaces with the Minn-Kota Electric trolling motor. That was something they
were really keen on having on the boat and all Surtees models now of this size,
and some smaller as well you can order those with a mounting point for a
Minn-Kota Electric motor. They’re becoming really really popular. So one of the
great features of this boat is the huge huge forward hatch. It gives you
fantastic access to the anchor locker and to the fore-deck, and also to the
Minn-Kota Electric. 610 it’s not a big boat, it’s not a
small boat either, it’s exactly the sort of thing that you could do pretty
much anything in. But it’s not so big that it’s difficult to manage. John Eichelsheim from Boating New Zealand. Thanks for watching! If you’d like to see more of these videos. Please subscribe to our Channel!

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