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Boating on Nainital Lake | Naini Jheel | Tourists, Boating and Fishes

Boating on Nainital Lake | Naini Jheel | Tourists, Boating and Fishes

[Nainital Lake with Lots of Boats] [Nainital Lake is filled with fishes, boats, and tourists] [Scenic beauty of Nainital Lake] [Going for a boat ride on Naini Lake, onboarding the boat] With a heavy heart, we have came to boating here, as Me and Geeta afraid of waterbodies! Where is your life jacket Bhaiya (boat rider)! It’s behind you. OK. It’s very safe to ride a boat here. Safeness of boat ride might depend on the weather here. Is it safe to ride a boat here? It’s very safe, and you can have a life jacket if afraid! I have heard of accidents here. No No. It usually happens when you are riding the boat drunk. If the person is drunk heavily and the boatman also drunk then only accidents happen. Are we coming in the frame? Today we are taking a boat ride in Naini Lake. If there is no lake here, then no body will come. I am taking the Nainital Lake background too. Bhaiya, please do take about the boat. Yes yes I am taking care. There are many fishes here & we are enjoying boating here. We used to have a fear of boating, but bhaiya has given us confidence. He told us, it’s very safe to boat here. In a rare case, accidents happen. When someone is drunk or the weather is too bad. We are enjoying the boat ride, and when you will come here, do have a boat ride. See so many fishes. See the orange one. People feed them here. [Tourists riding a boat at Nainital Lake] So bhaiya, whats other than lake is famous here? Famous here is just lake if you have roamed all over Nainital but not done boating your visit is incomplete. Tourist comes here for this lake if no lake here then nothing here. Guide, restaurants, boatmen, shops are surviving due to this lake only. Naini Jheel is the best jheel here. Not big but deepest. Bheemtal is long, but Naini Lake is deep. Ending the boat ride. Getting off the boat. Lots of food available Behind the scenes. See friends this is Nainital’s main attraction. You know one is this lake and the other one is to click a photo in this Attire! I was not meant to do it, but the companion Geeta has forced to do so. [Giggles] And she is enjoying it.

9 comments on “Boating on Nainital Lake | Naini Jheel | Tourists, Boating and Fishes

  1. जिस गली में तेरा घर न हो बालमा,
    उस गली से हमे तो गुज़रना नहीं!
    जो डगर तेरे द्वारे से जाती न हो,
    उस डगर पर हमे पांव रखना नहीं !

    आ ये रसमें ये कसमें सभी तोड़ के,
    तू चली आ चुनर प्यार की ओढ़ के !
    या चला जाऊंगा मैं ये जग छोड़ के,
    जिस जगह याद तेरी सताने लगे ,
    उस जगह एक पल भी ठहरना नहीं ! .

    जिस गली में तेरा घर न हो बालमा …

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