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Bobby Fischer beats a Grandmaster in 10 moves! (But Reshevsky plays on)

Bobby Fischer beats a Grandmaster in 10 moves! (But Reshevsky plays on)

hello everyone this game was played in 1958 between Bobby Fischer and Samuel Reshevsky and although this is a very short game it’s worth noticing that Samuel Reshevsky was a magnificent player he had a very long chess career and in this career he played against the 11 world champions and of those 11 he defeated seven of them including champions like Lasker Casablanca and Alexander Alekhine so it’s it’s really hard to imagine that he could fall for a trap like this but although you can find this game on the Internet Bobby Bobby Fischer strap or body strap after this game Bobby actually said that he just read about this strap and all the Russian magazine from the 50s and yeah Bobby also said that the somewhere around 1950s he considered Samuel Reshevsky to be the strongest player in the world so let’s see this short game between these two great rivals Bobby is white and he plays efore Reshevsky is black she goes c5 the Sicilian defense Knight to f3 knight c6 d4c takes d4 Knight takes d4 and rg6 the accelerated Dragon Knight c3 Bobby goes for the knight of variation not for the C for the mirach C binder which is more popular nowadays Bishop to g7 Bishop to e3 nice to f6 and here Fischer plays Bishop to c4 his signature move and black castles and black is also setting a trap here he’s hoping for whites to play f3 and organize an attack with Queen d2 with Bishop h6 but this would be a this would be a blunder because the Queen to b6 is a very very very ugly move for white he’s attacking the b2 pawn and after why protected somehow like the bishop could be three now black has this resource of playing Knight X and 4 and this is a at least an equal position for black which Fisher doesn’t allow of course so in this position Fisher plays another another of his signature moves Bishop to b3 and this is a tricky move this is the position that’s called Bobby strap he’s inviting black to play Knight to a5 and try an exchange this stronger light squared Bishop which for no reason similar shows he plays and falls for the trap he plays Knight to a5 and this is what happens next Bobby plays d5 and now if Reshevsky captures on b3 ever then she simply loses the piece after he takes f6 and I take some b1 okay we can just play it here and now this is nice trapped because black has capture the pawn on g7 so after E 5 if the night goes on h5 then simply g4 and the knight is captured so there’s only one place for the night to go in that Knight to e7 but this is a very big blunder as Fischer plays Bishop takes on f7 and in here black can easily resign which shows he probably saw but as I said that we were they were great rivals and if you don’t want to allow Fischer to get this miniature gain accomplished so yeah like I said you know he could resign here but he played the rook takes on f7 and here Fischer plays Knight II 6 and trap to the black queen there is no place for black Queen to go and again this is another position where chef ski could have just resigned but he decided to capture and give up his queen and he played a couple more moves and only after a couple of more moves he resigned but it’s interesting what happens if King captures on f7 if King captures on f7 then again 96 dropping the Queen but now the Kings can capture here King takes an e6 but this is even worse as black kids gaming checkmated Queen to d5 check King goes to a5g4 check King captures rook to g1 check King to h4 Queen to b4 check and after King gage 5.2 g4 checkmate a couple more moves are possible for black but they all lead to checkmate so doesn’t really matter what black plays so yeah this is the position and this is move number move number 7 where Bobby plays Bishop to b3 so this great Grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky makes such a huge blunder and move 8 and plays Knight to a5 and well the rest is history so yeah that’s the game I hope you enjoyed it and see you soon

100 comments on “Bobby Fischer beats a Grandmaster in 10 moves! (But Reshevsky plays on)

  1. At 3:11, could black play Nxc2+? This would deliver a check with the knight, and at least give it some usefulness before it is captured. After white recaptures on c2, black can then capture the pawn on g7. After all this, black would have a rook and 2 pawns for white's 2 knights. Not sure if it is worth it for black in the long run though.

  2. I want to see Fischer's game, (and his opponent), not yours, even if you were as good as these guys.
    I am not trying to be offensive, but I just want to see "Fischer's" game with no second opinion interruptions.
    What we really want to know is What "Fischer" was thinking when he makes his moves, (which I bet you would be pretty good at). Personally, just constructive criticism here, I would rather you try to tell us what he was thinking, other than to see your options, which leaves me confused about who is playing the game.

  3. watching older videos now I appreciate how much better the quality is now on your channel
    by the way are you drunk here? or just sleepy? 😀

  4. I'm not sure Fischer thought Reshevsky the best in the world. I think someone asked him in the 50s if he himself was the best in the US and he rather modestly (considering the kinds of things he said later) said "maybe Reshevsky is better"..

  5. All I thought Fischer invented that trap. I don't remember where is first read this Fischer trap. It's so long ago.

  6. can you please edit out the sound of your keyboard being clickedcan you please edit out the sound of your keyboard being clicked

  7. can you please edit out the sound of your keyboard being clickedcan you please edit out the sound of your keyboard being clicked

  8. WTF!!! He didn't explain why he resigned????? Where was the checkmate????? I am only a beginner at Chess, what's the point of only posting half a chess game and then expecting you to understand the next 10 moves that lead to a checkmate, so frustrating, what a waste of time 🙁 pointless video

  9. The fact that bobby read about the trap and didnt think of it on his own kinda takes away from the brilliance

  10. I think this GM should be embarrassed playing a Sicilian that badly, so many stronger variations and he just got shit on and didn’t develop, ended up with getting baited with the knight to a5. Almost like he underestimated Fischer.

  11. Love your videos but next time drink some coffee before start recording. Obviously you were half sleep. Just messing with you 👍😁

  12. Na5 was mistake; at first black must Play D6 , and then Na5; not good is go in action before be Full mobilised. D6 activate white Square bishop for black.

  13. I want a video about how the enviroment was when these plays were played. Where they were played, newspaper images and more data : )

  14. 3:06 that doesn't look bad, cause u lose two knights and bishop for bishop, rook, and two powns. I think that's fair deal

  15. Hi agadmator nice to see your content..
    But i will correct "10 bergerak" to be "10 langkah". Other words is right.

  16. Good Stuff…
    I had the same question as a comment by "The Mug Shot" — why at 3:06 is that so bad for black?–
    He'll then take the pawn with his knight for a check, and after that take the pawn with his king, and its "kinda" even in material (?)

  17. Every video that is posted with the title "Bobby Fischer" NEVER actually shows a picture of Bobby Fischer 🤔…fyi he is NOT a white boy..🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. I love your channel and really want to learn but could you please try not to violently smack your lips while speaking? please be mindful.

  19. Can someone explain how he won? Because if queen takes knight, black can block with rook and then take with bishop… i dont get what happened im an amateur

  20. I really like watching your videos. I'm learning so much and yet I still suck…it's a mystery. Chess is the greatest game ever invented.

  21. Jesus Christ, I hear Bobby's name as the best everywhere, but now I can see- how he goaded Rushevsky into making mistakes. How the hell did he set traps everywhere along the way?

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