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Bobby Fisher’s Trap! or how to WIN in the chess game in 10 MOVES!

Bobby Fisher’s Trap! or how to WIN in the chess game in 10 MOVES!

This blitz chess game Bobby Fischer and
Reuben Fine played in New York in 1963. Philidor Defence.
e4, e5 Nf3, d6 d4, Nd7 The strongest continuation
here accepted e:d, N:d4 Nf6 The game Black played Nd7 and after Bc4 a short castling followed Be7 and d:e Black also
takes e:d Here Fischer puts
a trap Qe2! To give
advantage, White had another
opportunity for example Ng5 with the attack f7-square B:g5 Qh5 double strike
threatens mate to f7 and win back the White knight, taking a bishop on g5 Qe7, protecting the f7-square and Q:g5 In this case,
White has the initiative and significant
advantage. Let’s go to the game. Instead of Ng5 Fisher moved Qe2, putting a trap Probably it is a psychological trap
as well as black do the usual move, as they think they move Ngf6? The usual developing move leads to defeat. Correctly
It was to play h6 protecting g5-square from invading a knight-f3 and after the move of White b3,
play Ngf6 it would be correct
move order In The game followed after Qe2,
Ngf6 As a result, g5-square free for the knight.
White played Rd1 Black moved from ligament Qc7 and Ng5 Black think, that is all right and plays 0-0 and
stunning blow followed B:f7+! and after R:f7 Qc4 and it turns out the rook
f7 undefended That is why, after short castling and B:f7+ black resigned. I would be note that
if Black will not take a bishop by the rook and depart Kh8 then Ne6 follow attack on the queen and rook Qb6 and N:f8 After N:f8 White has an extra pawn, exchange and an attack, so they must win well after strike Ng5 with attack on
f7-pawn not saved Rf8-move because B:f7+, R:f7 and Qc4 Rf8 Ne6 double strike Qb6, N: g7 + Kd8, Ne6 + Ke8 and white wins
a rook-f8 Here’s a
remarkable combination Robert James Fisher spent
against Reuben Fine in the blitz game It began by the move
Qe2 and let’s see
it again Ngf6, Rd1, Qc7 Ng5, 0-0 B:f7+ R:f7 and finish strike Qc4! Necessarily
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