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Bodø – Friluftsliv, kveitefiske og nordlys / Bodø – Wilderness, Halibut fishing and northern light

Bodø – Friluftsliv, kveitefiske og nordlys / Bodø – Wilderness, Halibut fishing and northern light

Hallo, and welcome to Bodø. I will be here for three days. Im here for just relaxing, make some good food, sleep out in the wilderness, fishing…. Dont care how much fish I get. But of course it would be nice to catch some fish. And I hope to see some northern light. And catch it on tape. And the rest is just chilling outside. Enjoy life. Join me. This is a movie just for fun and enjoy. Just arrived, and then I saw that fish. Crazy! Its time to get the fishing rod ready. That fish is big. There was not so much fishing. The reel crank arm has rusted and is stuck. I forgot to check it out. So i need som WD40 to fix the problem. Typical. Thats life. As I told before. Im here for recreation. So I just relax and enjoy life. I take it as a hike instead. The nature is so beautiful. All the mountains… Autumn colors. Im speechless. Just relax. Just relax. Are you a coffee baileys? No, not really. But it was a gift. I have to drink, if not im not polite. But do you also drink wodka and coffee?
– no! I dont drink. What? – I dont drink.
– Well, you drink baileys. Yes, now I do. I drink only one time in a year you know. Aha, I understand.- Maybe not that much either. Well, I cant say that I drink much. But a little bit more often then you do. Good morning We had a night outdoors. It was very good. And the temperature was good as well. Yesterday didnt went after the plan because of the fishing reel problem I had. A big mistake by me. Its so stupid that you dont check the equipment before you go out. A good friend of my gave me some WD40. And the problem was solved. And Raymond went with some extra wood. The night was perfect. We also got the northern light. I only made one shot. It was there fore only 30 seconds, so I only made one good shot. It was cool, but sad it was for short periode. Now I will make some breakfast. Really good food will we make now. And everything is preset. Thats a good tips if you are outdoors in tent. I should have some coffee…. Its empty after the coffee bailey last night. So we go straight on with some eggs. The best thing to sleep in tent is that you have bed room and kitchen together. And if you pre set everithing before you go to bed. You just start the primus. Get some heat in the tent. Put some eggs in the pan, and the breakfast is served. You do this on two minutes. In the theory means that you can wait and wait to you get hungry. And that is briliant. Just be in your sleeping bag and wait for the breakfast is ready. You still keep warm, and you dont have to get up from “bed”. And if you get tired, you can just go to sleep again. Many benefits with tent. Some salami here. That is perfect. I think we take to slices on today. Is this not delicious, then I dont know what is delicious. Then we are back where we saw the big fish. The reel is in good condition now. We try to catch some big fish today. Now its low tide. Suddenly its a beautiful beach. My theory is that here on this place it is a lot of currents when the tide water is pumping in. The big fish coming in, and when the water level go down, the big fish go out again. The tide water was on way down when I saw the big fish. I will try now to fish outside. And try to come back here before its to much water. Fish on. No! I lost it. Now. And this is bigger. Are you kidding me. Look at this. What is this? It almost empty battery on the camera. But this is a big fish. Its a flat fish or something. It is a halibut. Crazy. Maybe he get loose. I dont know how I can get it up. I will try. If I fall out in the water, I fall out. Are you kidding? Its crazy! Its crazy! Look at this. Thank you for the tips, Marius Berg. Thank you. Its time for lunch. Finally I got my first halibut. So perfect. We are now waiting for the beach will fill up with water. I will try some sight fishing. Fish after fish who are coming in to the shallow. It difficult and challenging, and need some patient. But it is very exciting. Its most exctiting for me. If I hade my fly rod here… I did not bring it with me. I thought it would be more wind. But it also cool with spinning reel, and funny if we get some big fish on. To be hones, its the same if I get some fish or not. I got the halibut and im so happy with that. I also got some small other fish. And everything is fine. Now it will be som real spot fishing. Some coffee and some lunch now, and then lets go. This book is very funny. Have you read this book before? Three in Norway : by two of them You have to read it. Its a book that every wilderness people will love. Fisher men, hunters, everyone would like it. It is very interesting depictions. It was writting at 1880’s. And you still will understand a lot of dpictions today. Just listen at this part. Here day talk about sight fishing. Like what I will do today. This is trout fishing with fly rod. What is most interest whit this, Is the biggest finenesse required. You have to put on the finest leader, your smallest flie, and throw light as possible. And you would have no fish if you dont use an extremely long leader. If the wish rise, you will see it. Clear water, and you can just enjoy the view. You are most lucky if two fishes fight about the same fly. The fish will try to reach it first. And the both fishes will try to take the good bite without thinking. Its just like that. Its just what we dream about. I hope this will happend today. Cut, cut cut. Its not possible. I fooled you know? The camera is down there, because I want to take some night shots. I hope to get the landscape and the stars. So everything is pre set. The focus is all set, and let it be dark. I make some sausages in the meanwhile. I think im maybe gonna sleep here tonight. wake up here with the beautiful sunrise. Its good. Its so amazing. I will relax now. This is the last night in Bodø. It will be fishing tomorow as well. 5-6 hours with fishing tomorow. I think I will try trout tomorow. But nothing are decided. I will think about it tonight. Im so happy with the halibut. I will not get any bigger trophy in the ocean any way. So maybe I can find a good size of trout, and that would be wonderful. This trip have been perfect. Been with some good friends, told some funny stories together. Ate a lot of good food. I havent walked that much. But I have seen a lot of beautiful nature in good weather conditions. Saw the northern light and got a big fish. What else can I ask for? Its perfect. I can show you this view. Cut along the bones.

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