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Bounty Hunter/Fisher/Teknetics pinpointer REVIEW, external modifications

Bounty Hunter/Fisher/Teknetics pinpointer REVIEW, external modifications

so hey what’s going on I just want to talk about this cheap
pinpointer and how we can possibly make it a little bit more useful if possible so yeah I got this pin pointer because
it was thrown in with my low-end metal detector and it goes by the brand of
bounty hunter teknetics and Fisher and if you want to get it separately at
the internet is thirty-five to forty dollars and you know they say it’s
sensitive up to two inches but keep in mind that’s probably if you’re trying to
detect a huge metal pipe for a coin it’s probably going to get set off at
about of a quarter of an inch so yeah when I got this thrown in with my kit I didn’t even know how to work it I had
to call the company to find out and they didn’t tell me that you’re supposed to
take the cap off for the battery this way i think i must have taken it off
this way and that’s how I broke the clip inside so the two main problems with
this pin pointer is it’s not very sensitive and as dial is so loose that
it always gets bumped a position unfortunately they did not make an
on-off switch it’s just you turn the dial and you
stopped when the buzzing stops so let me just demonstrate here we go so you have the buzzing and vibrating
stops oh it’s on but it always gets bumped that way or
that way so okay to modify these problems I did try to make the dial stiff for i
took this thing off and put a bunch of rubber hair bands on there and it could
help but it definitely didn’t cure the problem and it’s possible that you could
make it stiffer internally I haven’t looked inside of it yet so to make this more sensitive you can
take the guts out of it and modify it that way and I don’t think it’s very
hard i’m going to try that next but to modify
it externally you need a piece of metal like something
like this or maybe like this around the rod and
you basically need to well the pin pointers on you need to
push this piece of metal up towards the tip until it gets that off and then
slightly bring it back and then it does make it more sensitive it really does but in the field it is
just so cumbersome because what if I’m pushing the piece of metal up like look
where my hand is it’s bumping the dial and even if i do
it this way like my hand always bumps that dial so maybe we can work with other pin
pointers but it’s going to be tough with this one other people have said that you can use
a ring on your thumb or index finger and brought down the ride or you could use
something like this you know like honor glove but I’ve tried all of these things
and they just don’t really work great in the field so yeah I think that this is better than
nothing you know I think it makes metal detecting safer but i would strongly
advise against buying it unless you are extremely strapped for
money and you won’t be getting a better pinpointer something like this for a
really long time so yeah and let me just demonstrate here turn it
on again ok so here we go without the
modification quarter of an inch i think ok so now let me attempt to modify this
thing to push it up and then slightly back ok so my try again okay i think i added quarter of an inch
so yeah let me know what you think and i will check you later what see the ok now ok yeah okay bye

15 comments on “Bounty Hunter/Fisher/Teknetics pinpointer REVIEW, external modifications

  1. nice tip im sure the pin-pointer i got ordered is maybe a slight better design be to be honest the one I have order looks cheaper but will maybe do a vid on it and try this cool mod

  2. If you need a good budget pin pointer I'd recommend the Bulls Eye pin pointer.I still carry it when I go out hunting as a back up to my Deteknix Land pin pointer.This pin pointer is garbage.

  3. There's a thin nut behind the knob. Get a deep socket or needle nose pliers on it and give it a turn and that might solve your problem . You don't need such a heavy piece of metal. I used a slide on pen clip and it works fine. Thanks for your video, you seem like a nice young lady.

  4. Nice vid, I got these same pinpointer , and let me tell you!it sucks literally. I turn Mine on inside the house works fine! But When I take it out in the field, works fine for a little bit and then stays vibrating and beeping all the time it won’t shut up, it it’s really disappointing, my advice for all the hunters out there, don’t buy it,

  5. I still have the one I got years ago. You’re right about the limitations. Moved on from using it after a few months. Used my finds pay for the Pro-Pointer, which I still have and use. You’re a lot more patient than I am. HH and all the best.

  6. I've seen you with the Garret Carrot. Sounds like this one has earned a place in the circular recycling containment chamber. 🙂

  7. This metal detector is awesome!!>>> I've never owned a metal detector or have really tried it but it's awesome! So I went metal detecting at St. Augustine FL and I started to find bottle caps, pull tabs tent stakes, etc. But today on September 11 2016, I found a musket ball!!! I'll try to add a pic but the musket ball is in perfect condition after getting the rust off. I am truly amazed! 😆 I would totally recommend this to someone who would like metal detecting!

  8. I just bought one of these from Canadian Tire. Cost me 65$. Put a fresh 9 volt in and it was dead within half hour. Is that normal ? Are you suppose to shut them completely off while detecting and turn it back on for a couple seconds to use it, then off again ? To be honest, I found it didn't really enhance my detecting experience at all.

  9. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
    This is my metal detecting set up:
    (Affiliate links)

    1) Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro metal detector

    2) Garrett ProPointer AT hand-held pinpointer
    (states includes 9 volt battery and belt holster in description)

    3) White's Digmaster digging knife

    4) RTG Kick It Sand Scoop

    5) I have big headphones that came with my metal detector, but I also have these that would work fine with my metal detector:

    6) SURFACE sunblock stick (nongreasy)
    (I use the non-tinted.)


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