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Bread paste for fishing

Bread paste for fishing

Bread paste is one of those baits that fish immediately understand as food Even on a river where the fish rarely see an angler they will take bread paste There are several ways of making this attractive bait, and I would like to tell you mine Use a fresh Tin loaf of bread and cut off all the crusts leaving just the crumb Bread paste is best made from stale bread Put the crumb somewhere warm and let it go stale over a few days Check it now and then, turn it over, until it’s thoroughly dried hard Before you start, give your hands a good wash in water don’t use soap Put the hard stale crumb into a plastic bag and crush it to dust with a rolling pin Add a little water to the bread dust and start to knead I find wetting my hand is a good way to slowly increase the water content Keep adding small amounts of water until a soft smooth paste is made The finished paste should be soft enough for the hook to pull through on the strike This paste will keep in a fridge for a few days, or in a freezer for much longer Stale bread, dust or otherwise, will keep for months, so long as you keep it dry You could put some into a container and keep it in your fishing bag For making paste at the water as and when you need it That’s how I make a plain bread paste If I want a simple cheese paste, then I just use one part bread dust to one part liquidized cheese Mix the two together dry and then add the water Because the cheese is liquidized, it mixes easily with the bread dust and produces a nice smooth paste Thanks for watching Please visit the amateur angling [YouTube] channel or the amateur angling website and blog for more films and articles on fishing

47 comments on “Bread paste for fishing

  1. greetings from Germany and thanks for sharing your tipps and tricks within your channel

    Do you think this respective technique would allow adding "flavours" like garlic as well, allowing you to create individualized bait for commercial trout-lakes?

  2. Oh, why is it closed season, I'd have gone down the river this weekend, I'm using this recipe this summer, thanks.

  3. Would your bread paste or cheese paste work for trout? Also, do you know how to make any floating paste, such as the Berkley Powerbait ones?

  4. I normally just wack sliced bread crust n all in a blender then leave on a tray for a few days until its bone dry then,just use additives
    like salmon oil,molasses,cheese(dried Parmigiana ) or any other bait additive that takes your fancy.I've use pretty much every spice from the shop and i've found hot curry powder,ground chilli ,turmeric with molasses to sweeten it up a little and just mix it up on the bank with pond water then add the water to the bread until you reach the consistency your after.

    Yes you can catch trout on flavoured bread as i've had a few myself even tho i never target them.

  5. just getting into coarse fishing and watching everything I can to learn a bit to feel it's worth a try of luck on the river, and wasn't sure about bread paste – until now! thanks for your simple and helpful instruction. wish me luck!

  6. Has anyone added tuna oil to this bread paste? I was thinking bread paste alone is great for many species particularly mullet, but for other ocean minnows such as yellowtail and tailor, I was thinking the tuna oil might be a great ingredient.

  7. I use loaf bread and pimento cheese. Hand mix it together to the consistency of play dough. You can add garlic powder
    for and extra kick. This is great for trout.

  8. Очень просто и понятно. буду пробовать ловить на такое.а вдруг?

  9. very interesting video, thanks for your explanation , I use to fishing with the bread bait since i was 12. And still sometimes use this methode , in Maltese islands it s an old tradition fishing with bread and cheese.

  10. this bait work goods for carp family fish's.. been lucky lots of time using that simple bait.. sweetness makes it double..

  11. Such a simple video yet very effective bait. Why aren’t all videos like this. To the point, explained extremely well. Thank you

  12. Too much work. Just roll/compress the bread into a small ball and put it on a hook. Even better, use that crust. Cut the crust into small chunks with plenty of bread left on and put that on a hook. The crust will stay on the hook longer and attract occasional hits from larger fish. With either, feel free to sprinkle a little garlic salt and/or add small dots of food coloring. A well proven bait.

  13. Such a simple way to use bread. I cannot for the life of me understand why these "old school" baits are not used widely. It is so simple to make and i have had some great sessions when all else fails. Keep the videos coming they are excellent.

  14. Any tips on preventing it from falling off the hook? I do a very soft side cast but it seems to fall off after touching the water

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