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BREAKING! Russia Seized Five Japanese Octopus-Fishing Boats Near Russian Kuril islands

BREAKING! Russia Seized Five Japanese Octopus-Fishing Boats Near Russian Kuril islands

The FSB today explained the detention in the area of ​​the South Kuril Islands of Japanese fishing vessels. It turned out that when checking the schooners, Russian border guards found more than six tons of unaccounted seafood. The catch figures were much lower In logbooks. Official Tokyo demands the release of its sailors. Ekaterina Mironova reports on this issue. Without really understanding, the Japanese government called the detention of their ships by Russian border guards unacceptable. The 1st reaction from Tokyo is bewilderment: after all, according to the signed treaties, Japanese fishermen can fish in the area of ​​the Kuril ridge in Russian territorial waters. We are making all necessary efforts to clarify the circumstances of the case. We demand the return of the ships. For the sake of humanitarian reasons, we demand the speedy release of the sailors. The FSB explained later that there were no complaints about the whereabouts of Japanese ships. The border guards were confused by the amount of catch that had to be double-checked right on board. Seafood production, giant octopus – 19 kilograms. The ship turned out to have much more seafood than indicated in the logbook entries. As a result, 5 Japanese schooners and 24 sailors were detained. More than 6 tons of unaccounted octopus catches were found on foreign vessels. In order to establish all circumstances and due to the deterioration of meteorological conditions, Japanese vessels were escorted to Yuzhno-Kurilsk. The fate of the fishermen and schooners will be decided after the necessary verification. This is not the first time that Russian border guards have detained Japanese vessels for illegal fishing. In February, FSB officers stopped a schooner in Primorye, where they discovered 7.5 tons of live crab, and more than 200 illegally established crab traps were lifted from the water. The damage exceeded 39 million rubles ($600,000). Ekaterina Mironova, Vesti (News). Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today called on Tokyo to take measures to implement an agreement to combat poaching. This was stated during a briefing by the official representative of the department Maria Zakharova

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  1. With this rate; asian countries'll deplete their entire ecosystems into extinction; china did; they hunt fish in Africa as of now; the less sair about indonesia; the better

  2. Excellent job ,Putin is an awesome leader ,punish those thieves so they never do it again ! We need the same strong response to our illegal invasion ,Make it so .

  3. Russian💪

  4. meanwhile, Japanese whaling ships are hunting whales in the territorial waters of Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. Strangely, the two countries did nothing to prevent it.

  5. Why Tokyo gets so upset?! Let the Japanese government look at itself first and ask what it is doing to the its people. The Japanese are literally working to death, the suicides in Japan are the highest in the world, there is no children, if they already have a relationship, they have it with a sex doll. The Japanese government has done nothing to protect its citizens. They work 100+ hours a week, they sleep 10 hours a week – this is a realistic picture of Japan. And now we see them act as if they care about its citizens- All of this is worth considering, though I have not even spoke about radioactive issue. People are literally cooking in radioactivity, and the PM says everything is in order. Does anyone have a brain? Let someone ask him what happens to the territory and atmosphere after a nuclear accident.

  6. Thank you Россия.
    Мария could you please also go after those fake whale hunting ships who claim they are doing research.

  7. Japanese have been causing disturbance creating chaos destabilizing the Region opening the door for their American LORDS.!! playing and paying to do 9 billion dollars business with Americans to protect Japan? Why not let's do this.!! This is not American water but Russian territory.!! Let's rewrite the old treaties again.!! Catch and release.!! Japan must know who is in Charge here.!! Dying Nation living well not quite Dead YET.!! The Japanese Hidden Kingdom and Emperor of Japan will deal with the Emperor of the Mongol Empire once again and His name is Khan.!!~~>>0

  8. They are the worse , than any other fisherman, they destroy all environment in sea by their style and ways of fishing..Japanese have to be Stopped! 🇨🇦

  9. I’m from Japan and Kuril Islands are from RUSSIA!!!
    As a Japanese I’m sorry for my fellow illegal Japanese fishermen who crossed the territorial waters in RUSSIA.

  10. its been 5 years since those countries can not steal fishes from Indonesian water because Indonesian sink all the ships no matter from which country , now they move up to the north to steal the fish .

  11. Poaching is illegal all over the world. The fact that people think that Russia is picking on them is a type of victim mentality

  12. Imagine if RUSSIAN ships were spotted fishing in Japanese waters .
    Just imagine the hysteria not just from Japan but the fitlhy West

  13. Japan must stop killing the sea!!! Japan pays no attention to any size of fish therefore they catch everything and never release back small fish. Why Russia let Japan kill the fish on their coast is beyond me ???????!!!!! Banning them from coming back is the way to go and fine Japan. However, if you want to be fair to Japan send them 10 Thermo Nuclear Missiles and explode them in the Sea hahahahahahahaha I bet they will never do it again!

  14. I would love if President Putin helped us conservatives in America to rid us of the disease known as liberal democrats! The democrats get on America’s news all day every day and accuse Putin and Russia of terrible crimes and I cannot believe how they drag them through the mud! They should not get away with the sick lies they tell on Putin and Russia! The world would be better off without the parasites known as the democrats!!

  15. Матушка Россия, молодец, за храбрость и решительность. Вы очень любимы на западе. мы любим тебя.

  16. At last, someone prepared to take action against the Japanese fishing fleet. A nation who thinks that slaughtering Dolphins, Sharks and Whales for profit is OK here in 2019. The West should have shut them down years ago! "Oh, we only kill them for research purposes!" Oh yeah….? Can I have a bowl of research fin soup, please? #fuckthejapanesewhalers

  17. totally dont support fishing whales and octopuses and japanese eating every moving thing and those that dont move – they move and eat!

  18. Well if anyone would ever look they would notice that there are a whole bunch more oceans on the back side of the flat earth. Go fish there.

  19. So were any living sea life returned to the ocean? What was the conclusion to this story? Veganism would stop this poaching problem immediately

  20. ALERT!: This may be a provocation by Japan if Japan got orders from the American rulers to provoke Russia.
    Japan is a vassal state taking orders from the masters

    Russian spy ship off US coast operating in 'unsafe manner,' officials say

    By Ryan Browne, CNN

    Updated 7:02 PM ET, Tue December 17, 2019
    you guys need to work with Japan to counter the china threat….is russia insight all Jews?

  22. Japan would be a great ally. In a country that was based on HONOR, do you think they care about the people who nuked them? 🤔

  23. Clearly Japanese government sponsors illegal fishing confiscation of the catch a fine set them free second offence confiscate the ship's. Crew caught a 3rd time Prison.

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