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Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (HBO Documentary Films)

Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (HBO Documentary Films)

next door to each other.
Mommy, mommy, I’m home. -DEBBIE: Hello!
-CARRIE: You cannot keep
that phone. That’s from when they first
invented cellphones. -It works fine.
-CARRIE: It’s ridiculous. Just dandy. CARRIE:I have to go
and start rehearsals
forStar Wars Seven… ty-two.CARRIE:I’m concerned because
my mother is not feeling well.
-CARRIE:Is this for the show?
-DEBBIE:I forgot I had it.That’s what’s good about
losing your memory is there’s so many surprises. It’s like the old days in a way,
but I’m like the old days, so. (LAUGHS) My family in particular
could overwhelm most people.It wasn’t just my mother
that was super famous.
My dad was a world class singer.They were the couple of America.
One heck of a marketing tool.
CARRIE:My mother,
she’ll forget. She’s not 35.
Age is horrible for all of us,but she falls from
a greater height. DEBBIE:Manic-depressive
is a disease.
That was not diagnosed then.So nobody kind of knew
what was going on with Carrie. CARRIE:I went too fast,
I was too much.
I couldn’t handle it.That’s it. That’s all. CARRIE: Okay, look– Turn around this way,
because your rear end is to the camera. CARRIE:I’m my mom’s
best friend.
I share everything
with my daughter. Not quite. Especially the check. Far more than I ever
would want to, I know what my mother
feels and wants. Just do what your mother says,
it makes life easier. As if. There’s a lot of it.

100 comments on “Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (HBO Documentary Films)

  1. Seriously now if Carrie wasn't on drugs over the years she would be more prettier and younger as her mother.

    remember kids: dont do drugs

    RIP Carrie Fisher / RIP Debbie Reynolds.

  2. Loved both HBO specials starring Carrie when she did her whole standup Hollywood scenes Fantastic!!!! 2010 Also Trailer Tales Starring Tracey Ullman CO STARRING DEBBIE REYNOLDS 2003 Fabulous

  3. Rip Carrie fisher grew up watching her on star wars gone but not forgotten made me laugh to on some of her interviews. rip Debbie Reynolds

  4. People keep asking about Carrie's looks and speech and it has become annoying. In the early to mid 2000's her front teeth changed, bridge or dentures. This altered her facial features and speech through the years, add in some plastic surgery and a hard life. Her great personality and wit, however, never changed and that is all that matters.

  5. Beautiful documentary. Very touching. I did not know Ms. Reynolds was so frail. She was always so fantastic on every interview. Even Carrie was frail.

  6. I want to watch it cause they were great but a part of me is sick because its being released now with all the media attention from their deaths. All for the ratings i guess.

  7. Someone's death does not become more tragic simply because they were "famous", and because you may have felt a "connection" to them as a fan. Everyone who dies leaves behind others who must grieve and mourn and whose life changes forever.

    Read the obituaries today – do the deaths of all those people not known to you personally move you?

  8. Just a friendly warning. This documentary is a must see but I have sobbed my way through it. Watch with tissues.

  9. It's amazing how Debbie sounded much younger than Carrie. Smoking ruins your voice, your skin, your health. Not to mention alcohol and drugs. Such a shame Carrie traded at least 20 years of her life for those addictions… Mental illness didn't help.
    Two remarkable women gone too soon.

  10. My Debbie Reynolds gone.I changed My name to Debbie.1958. After Hers. Sad we are nearly all going !! R.I.P. from central London. Age.79. Wait for Amazon to get Bright Lights.

  11. I've never watched anything with either of these 2 in (I'm young) but since seeing them in the news I have become obsessed with some of the shows they were in and there acting – isn't it tragic that some people like me only find out about real talent like these when they have died… this is a heartbreaking documentary- RIP to 2 wonderful people.

  12. Wow……You can tell that Carrie was just a tiny little thing and so damn adorable!!! My heart aches that Carrie passed. But she is with her dear mother….hand in hand for eternity. Carrie is "with the force" and she is "singing in the rain" with her mother in paradise…..Fly high sweet princess……fly high

  13. My husband and I watched "Bright Lights" what a loving family. It should win an Emmy. Debbie has always been so honest, I wish I had followed Carrie, She was a genius. I think I was around ten years old when Eddie, that monster, left her with two very young children. Debbie always smiling and singing. What a talent! Rest in Heavenly Peace.

  14. Unfortunately Carrie got her Dad's sexual libido and penchant for drugs. As she said in her book "The Princess Diarist" he looked on sex as an olympic event. She got her mom's sense of humour.
    You can see Debbie is looking very frail.

  15. i started watching this thinking, "oh, thats great! ☺ ive got to see that!"
    Then, remembered 💔 i cant believe they're both gone…
    and it made me think of my Momma….

  16. I wanted to see this since I saw it in Carrie's tweets. Now I want to see it more than ever, but I don't get HBO. I hope it comes to Netflix soon. Their relationship seems so wonderful. I think any daughter can relate to this. It reminds me of my relationship with my mother. I miss her so much and I was my her best friend/she was mine. Heartbreaking.

  17. I share everything with my daughter especially the check,, lol….Their sense of humors were impeccable. I know they are both laughing at the table of harmony in the land called Paradise. Gotta love them.

  18. God bless them and may they both Rest In Peace. Love and joy to their family and to our dear love Billie who's going through a hard time. We love you and stay strong

  19. it's so hard to have it reinforced through this documentary that these are two of the greatest humans on earth only to have to face that they are no longer with us.

  20. You can order it on Amazon… I got it and couldn't wait to see it… After reading about and hearing so much of this, you think it's going to be the best ever…. I was disappointed…the first disappointment is that I'm hearing impaired and I need captions and this dvd does not have the option for captions… so that sucks… but after watching it, it didn't matter that there weren't any captions because the movie is 80% Carrie Fisher… very little on Debbie Reynolds and that's great if you're a Carrie Fisher fan… I'm not.. I'm a Debbie Reynolds fan… it could have been so much better and I'm sure there is a lot more film that wasn't used, so maybe it's the editing that sucked for me… They should re-edit and put in more Debbie Reynolds and good grief, delete the part with the ailing Eddie Fisher… that was just not a scene that should be made public…

  21. May the force be with Carrie Fisher. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears when I go see Star Wars 8.

  22. Two lovely, funny, feisty and amazing ladies. I still cannot believe both of them are gone. R.I.P to an amazing mother and daughter duo who have given us so many laughs and memories. They are missed so much.

  23. I never squirmed so much whilst watching a documentary… damn these women were fucked up…and I still love them.

  24. What an amazing love story and friendship they had. RIP Carrie and Debbie, forever missed. So many people adored you both.

  25. Dvr'd this last yr. Haven't been able to watch it all the way through yet. Still hard to believe they're both gone. Wasn't a broken for Debbie, forget the term I read/heard. Anyway, really wanted to put it on DVD from dvr, but protected content prevents it…even trying to go dvr-vhs-dvd i got protected content. But then I find it on youtube???


  27. Wish I was that close to my mom but we never was she made it impossible cuz she hated my father who was a very good man it was her who broke up the marriage

  28. This was such a great documentary & it was so cool to see the dynamic between them, and how much they loved each other & their family. To see how cool Carrie was, how unique she was. One of a kind, both of them.

  29. I saw this when it came out on HBO and I got hooked always loved the movie post card from the Edge that Carrie wrote I had it on video lol now I have it on DVD but i finally bought this had to order it through Barnes and Noble .you have to go order at store pay for it and they mail to your address. Pain. But worth it .so sad their gone. 😢😞😭💚💜💙All Fans. Should buy this film it is very special..

  30. Omg 😓😓😪😪😪😫😫😥😥😥😥😖😖😭😭😭😱😰

  31. LOVED it. And yeah…..bring a hanky. Bless everyone who watched it, and felt that special teardrop. There were many.

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