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BRITISH FOOD TOUR in LONDON | Best BRITISH FOOD | Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips, Pies | English food

BRITISH FOOD TOUR in LONDON | Best BRITISH FOOD | Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips, Pies | English food

today we’re in London and we’re here to
eat this London series is about showing you some of the best food this city has
to offer the best food in London celebrates England’s remarkable produce
seafood and meat this is our second video from London and we’re here to hunt
down the best British food watch out for traditional British food like the Sunday
roast, an iconic English pub plus we take you into the kitchen of one of
London’s most celebrated pastry chefs in this three-part series we’ll show you
some of the capital’s best food from British favourites to unusual dishes you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat in this video we’re going to be
exploring some really delicious traditional British foods and our first
stop is one which is super exciting it’s going to be all about pies
we’ve come to a spot called The Pie Room in the heart of London and this space
is absolutely incredible and it’s dedicated to the British institution
that is the pie we’ve entered the hallowed halls of The
Pie Room I am beyond excited to be in here and be a part of all of the action
so if you’ve watched our videos before you’ll know that we love to show
you the best food in the cities that we visit and this is one of the best spots to
get pies in London it just so happens that our mate Calum Franklin is the
Executive Head Chef of Holborn Dining Room and he also has created this
stunning pie room that’s dedicated to pastry he’s been talking us through a lot
of the recipes we’ve been able to watch the pies being made and seeing
everything go in and just watching the meticulous care that the team is taking
in creating these pies they’re works of art and we can’t wait to eat them we’ve got our little picnic so The Pie Room is
take away only you can get hot food and also there’s a cold counter so you
order from this little window grab your pie we’ve got a hand raised pork pie and
their award-winning Scotch egg and off you go to the park this is The Pie Room’s hand raised pork
pie now pork pies are a really traditional
British pie but I reckon that this one is going to be vastly different to any
other pork pie that you might find just from any old random spot because this
thing is a thing of beauty and it is packed with quality ingredients so you
can see that the pastry is really glossy and golden at points it sort of seems to
be quite dark in colour and Calum was saying that that’s because they used an
unbleached flour which is from a heritage grain so you get that darker
finish and then inside is going to be filled with pork obviously so different
cuts of pork there’s pork shoulder, a cut from the leg, lardo sweet cured bacon and
a smoked ham hock and there’s also some mustard, sage and fennel seed so enough
talking time to eat that is amazing the texture of the
pork filling is incredible so because they’ve used lots of different cuts of
pork you’ve got this diverse texture there’s soft bits there’s sort of chunky
meatier bits and you can see in there the mustard seeds there’s fennel in
there and that pastry oh man it’s very buttery but also very light
and at points quite flaky oh that is so good the flavour of the meat is insane you
can taste that it is quality meat and you’ve got little bursts of the fennel seeds
popping through it’s just beautiful this is an amazing pie
now pies have been a part of British food culture since the 1600’s
and Calum was saying that he takes a lot of inspiration from heritage recipes for
the recipes that go into the pies at The Pie Room so it’s just fantastic to be
eating something that has such a long history in Britain it’s amazing we’ve now got to crack into the Scotch
egg so another absolutely classic British food so a Scotch Egg is a hard
or soft boiled chickens egg which is covered in sausage meat then crumbed
and deep-fried so this is a beautiful little crispness on the outside but let’s
cut into have a look at the cross-section of this oh my god look at that egg just burst out oh look at that so you’ve got a pork sausage which has
got a lot of herbs in it that beautiful runny egg and then the crumb on the
outside I have never had a scotch egg that visually even comes close to this
so normally with a Scotch egg I find the egg’s overdone the sausage around the
outside is dry those are both kind of separated from
each other and they’re just not normally very visually appealing but this one is
incredibly sexy I mean look at that egg just running out beautiful golden yolk
and all that lovely sausage oh my god oh it’s perfectly put together the
sausage is incredibly light it’s really well herbed, the egg is super creamy the bread
adds a beautiful beautiful crunch oh man and there’s a lovely saltiness the
sausage itself is just so well seasoned oh my god that is so good it is very easy to see why they won the best Scotch egg in the UK competition a few
years ago oh I’m so glad we’ve got this it is perfection it’s so good
absolutely incredible we’re down to our last mouthful of the pork pie and it has
just gotten so so juicy so the juice from the pork has just been dripping out
and around here you can see here there’s these chunks of lardo
so the lardo is the fat from the back of the pig and they’re just so juicy and
moist so much flavour that was some incredible food to start
this video and I’m loving these London summer days so everyone’s out on their work
lunch break packed out in the park enjoying some sun we’re off for our next
thing now our next meal is for something super British and that is fish and chips now when I was doing the research for this
piece I really wanted to find an old-school traditional fish and chip
shop so we’re here at the Laughing Halibut
fingers crossed the fish and chips are delicious we brought our fish and chips to the park
that’s what I love about London there are heaps of public spaces and
parks in which to picnic in and the view behind me how incredible is it? It’s the
Houses of Parliament alright so let’s just get into these FnC’s
whoa it’s a hefty packet okay what I’m going to do is just rip it right on open ohhh
okay so you can see that the chips pretty soggy because I asked him to pop some
vinegar all over it so salt and vinegar a really common way of eating
fish and chips here we ordered one portion of chips and a piece of fried
cod this is a huge piece of cod it is super chunky and very very weighty so
what I’m gonna do is just rip off a bit off the end whoa look at that
so cod is a really meaty fish it’s quite a mild tasting fish it’s got a beautiful
batter coating it hot that’s really good I was a bit worried there because it’s very common in Britain to
have your fish and your chips already precooked when we walked into the fish and
chip shop the fish was already done it was just in the warming cabinet as were
the chips we’re from New Zealand where fish and chips are a really staple food
and that tradition has come from England but we always have our fish and chips
cooked to order so I was worried that the fish was going to be soggy but it’s not
at all the batter is still super crispy mmm
and very golden and that fish is so fresh it’s very very mild but very meaty it’s
a beautiful beautiful fish let’s let’s give these chips a go they look pretty
soggy but let’s see how they taste hmm okay pretty soggy but I think that’s
because they’ve been sitting around but also because of the vinegar the vinegar
has got a really beautiful tanginess, a slight crispiness on the edge of the
chips but the winner of this meal is definitely the fish its moist its juicy
and that batter is really really crispy and golden now we’re gonna do something you’ve got
to do when you’re in London and that’s have a pint but we didn’t want to go to just
any old pub because there is a lot of pubs here we wanted to go somewhere
very special to show you so we’re at this pub which this site has had a pub
on it for over five hundred years the pub that is there right now is a
relative baby it’s only been there since 1675 let’s go and get a beer before grabbing our pints we’ve been
given an incredible behind-the-scenes look at this pub so I’m now right under
the pub in the cellar they’ve got an amazing wine cellar and I’m in the beer
zone at the moment so this room is slightly chilled and you can see all the
where all the taps are lined up so all the kegs are behind me all the taps and
they’re going straight up to the bar which is right above me at the moment we learnt a lot of history when we were down in the basement of the pub so the physical establishment was established in 1675 like we pointed out
at the front of the pub but the Guinea Grill so the pub now has been around since the 1950s, 1952 and they are famous for their beef so it’s a steakhouse as well as a pub and we have ordered two pints so we’ve got the Young’s Bitter and then also a pint of Guinness for which they are super famous a lot of people have said that this is one of the best Guinnesses in London I love a pint of Guinness and this one is special and one of the best in London because of
the way they pour it so they store it under a bit more pressure than normal which gives it even more bubbles so when it was being poured he told me that there is 3 million bubbles in each pint of Guinness and then you see it all separate out and this has the most beautiful fluffy head of foam on
top oh that is gorgeous it is really aerated
so you’ve got a beautiful little tingle when it hits your tongue and Guinness is the most
brilliant flavour it’s kind of like a cup of Marmite or it’s very smoky it’s just
a very beautiful solid drink so Guinness is Irish actually and the way that they
do it here and serve it is like it’s done in Dublin but it’s not common to
find it served this way in London so that’s what makes this special and the other pint we got was the Young’s Bitter so Young’s is the brewery that owns this
pub so we got these particular two drinks because these are their most
popular so when we asked the staff what should we get this is what they said so a very classic English Bitter so not very bubbly not served overly cold the Guinness
is much more chilled than this Bitter so it’s got obviously a bit of a bitter
taste but it’s not too heavy it’s just a nice drinkable easygoing beer this is a really neat pub it’s got so much history and you can really feel it
and it’s just so ancient it’s got all the beautiful dark wood amazing exterior
it’s just a really really neat place there’s something about pubs in London that is
super special and you will see one on almost every corner but it’s totally
worth finding a very special one one with an amazing history, real stories to
tell this is a great pub that was a great experience classic
London pub so much history and a beautiful street as well so loved those
drinks and next up it’s the most classic British thing you can think of, a Sunday
Roast Sunday Roast is something you’ve just
got to have when you’re in London now most pubs only do it on a Sunday but
most pubs do do it it’s very common to have a Sunday Roast here but not all pub
is created equal so we’ve come to a pretty special place and we had to book this
six weeks ago and even then it was quite hard to get a table so you’ve really got
to plan ahead for a good Sunday roast we’ve come to Blacklock which is actually a restaurant it’s a steak house and what’s special about their Sunday roast is that they roast
their meat over hot coals and English oak oh my goodness our Sunday roast has arrived on the table and it is gigantic so one reason we chose this place to have our
Sunday roast was that you can opt for the “All In” so you get three types of meat so
on the top here is roasted pork loin I just flicked off some of the crackle
over on this side is the lamb leg so Cornish lamb leg and over here are just
some beautiful pieces of 55-day aged beef rump and then to go with it two puffy
Yorkshire puddings and some carrots underneath and also some crispy cabbage
underneath which is finished off in burnt butter and then some duck fat
roasted potatoes they look super golden and crunchy and the condiments to go with the pork we’ve got apple puree, beef goes with the horseradish sauce some mint sauce for the lamb and then a beautiful picture of gravy I’ve been in the kitchen watching them
cooking this meat and it is incredible the smell is so good so we said at the
start they roast it over the oak wood and so they’ve got this pit of charcoal
and wood all burning away and then up on the rack is all the meat so it’s
sitting above the flame quite far above that flame so it can just slowly
roast and it is the most incredible sight there’s so much meat lined up
for today’s service I have loaded up my first plate and I’ve gone with my
favourite meat when it comes to roast and that’s the lamb so I’ve got some lamb and
just basically a bit of everything here and underneath all of that is the
Yorkshire pudding so Yorkshire puddings are a really interesting thing it’s
basically a type of bread I guess but what they used to do way back in the
day was the Yorkshire pudding was served before the meat so you got Yorkshire
pudding and gravy and the publicans would serve that to fill up the
customers so then they didn’t eat as much of the meat because obviously the
meat was worth a lot more money than the Yorkshire pud which is just made out of
very simple ingredients flour, water, milk I think so a very basic thing to
fill them all up so they didn’t eat too much of their meat Yorkshire pud and some lamb and on that
lamb we’ve got the gravy and also some of that mint sauce so the beautiful
vinegary taste of mint sauce plus the beautiful rich gravy and I’m gonna get just a
tiny bit of that burnt cabbage which has been cooked over the flame oh my god that is good the Yorkshire puddings a beautiful crunch on the outside nice and fluffy on
the inside the meat is like butter so tender and a beautiful
beautiful flavour really well seasoned meat and I get a beautiful burnt flavour from
this cabbage and you can really see where those cabbage leaves have all
been burnt around the edges and they add a really deep flavour let’s grab a piece
of this pork loin and look at the amount of fat on there so obviously fat brings
flavour so I imagine this is going to taste incredible and to go with
that we’ll get some of the apple sauce a nice thick apple sauce actually so we’ll
take a little dribble of that on the side and I want to crack into this potato because look how golden it is oh yeah
really fluffy inside beautiful and as for the pork I want to cut off this nice fatty end
to get that real flavour and I might actually go just naked with the pork
it’s just got a little bit of that apple sauce on and a little bit of gravy so tender again same as the lamb incredibly
well-seasoned and the pork tastes like pork sometimes bad quality pork tastes like nothing actually this doesn’t this is
good quality pork, beautiful flavour that fat so good a little bit caramelised on
the outside and then a absolute burst of juiciness on the inside of the fat and
so much flavour that came with that apple sauce really good too a little bit
tangy so just balances out the fat so you get a little bit of tanginess and
sweetness and sort of acid-y flavour balancing out that burst of fat look at this incredible pool of gravy that’s forming in the bottom of the Yorkshire
pud so it’s getting all soggy down there and what is better than grabbing a spud
a nice roasted spud and dunking it in gravy supersoft on the inside not actually
that crunchy on the outside but a beautiful texture and dunked in that gravy which is nice and salty so deep and rich in flavour my mouth was watering as I
was filming Thomas the food just smells so beautiful now I have loaded up my plate
with the roast beef so it’s the beef rump and the colour of it is just
incredible it’s a really rich red colour I’ve swiped on a bit of horseradish
sauce on there so I’m just gonna get a big slice of a big mouthful of beef with a bit of that horseradish sauce some carrot the meat has got so much flavour it is
absolutely just bursting with intense smokiness and just that really great
flavour of really good beef really good quality beef
the horseradish isn’t too sharp so horseradish is in the same family as mustard
and wasabi but it’s not too tangy it doesn’t go up your nose, it’s nice and creamy the
carrots are really sweet and buttery it is just knock your socks off, it has got such a great flavour it does not get much better than a nice
beer here in London and a roast like this and this is outstanding it was
incredibly good and I just found a nice little piece of pork crackling
hiding under my Yorkshire pud super crunchy oh an absolute burst of flavour this is an incredible roast

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