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British Guys Try to Cook… Authentic Mexican Carnitas

British Guys Try to Cook… Authentic Mexican Carnitas

I’m pretty sure that I read that pork is one of if not, the most eaten meat in the entire world regardless of whether that is true it is ‘Pork Week’ So carnitas traditional Mexican so traditional and Mexican that we are trying our very best to make these authentic Ben: Yeah
Mike: “we” So Mexican dish based around pork and it’s a long slow cook so you’ve got a massive hunk of pork shoulder Mike: Aw thanks mate Ben: And we need to take the skin off, the string off and cut it into big chunks and while one of us does that the other will do the flavours Now most of these were suggested by you guys So we’re talking cloves bay leaves, garlic, orange, oregano cinnamon, all going into the pan with our chopped up pork Jamie: Stop Mike: Wait a minute Jamie: I have a treat for us Mike: Go on Jamie: Ben Mike: Ahh
Ben: Why why specifically me? Jamie: Well, and me and you bitched a moan because I wasn’t ready for filming whilst I was getting the beers ready so me and Ben are going to enjoy a beer. Ben, when you finish that one there’s another one there with your name on it as well. Likewise, I also have another one because Barry didn’t turn up Mike: I have eaten actual real carnitas in El Paso which is Texas so.. I haven’t actually eaten these properly in Mexico
Ben: But you have been to Mexico Mike: But those versions– No I sort of– mainly at the umm all inclusive buffet uhh in the hotel that I was in in Cancun can’t really say that I had much of a cultural experience Ben: Then it’s very lucky that we’ve got you guys who told us exactly how to do this you said we’ve got to cook it in pig fat or lard so we’ve melted this in the microwave so it’s easier to work with You all said low and slow about 3 hours is good ’cause chunks like that by then will be super tender succulent and full of all those flavours. Lid on. Mike: Right prepare yourselves because this pickled onion bit is amazing These are some red onions that Ebbers is cutting up here Basically you’re going to take those blanche them in boiling water for about 30 seconds whip those out and then squeeze over limes some salt some sugar and leave it for about ughh you told me this earlier Mike mumbling: How long was it? Ben: ’bout an hour Mike: For about an hour! and then drain it all off and it tastes delicious Ben: Right! Luckily for you, Jay we haven’t got to wait 3 hours to try our carnitas Jamie: Whoo! Ben: What I have is some that we made earlier Mike: You just implied that he’s hungry Ben: Well he’s always hungry But what we do have is this amazing pork shoulder that is pre cooked and if it’s done properly it should–
Mike: Right Ben: It should literally just Mike: Fall apart! So people were saying slightly crispier on the outside and rougher on the outside and just pull apart and juicy in the middle Ben: Yeah, and what we’re going to do you guys suggested lay out on a tray and put it under a hot grill and you get crispy edges as well So we’re going to scoop out the meat break it up and give Jamie a little bit to try just as is Would you like a little bit to try just as is? Mike: Yes, please. I mean, I am helping. Ben: So our pork is going to go under the grill to crisp up and in the meantime, we’re going to make some amazing sides to go with it We’ve got our onions pickling but all of this juice now needs to be strained and i’m going to double strain it into a little jug ’cause we want to then skim off the fat this jug will do that for us Mike: Do you want to tell us how this jug works? Ben: Well fat rises to the top which is why you can normally skim it off with something like a ladle However this pours from the bottom so you should get the fat rised to top and it will pour from the bottom Having cooked this in lard most of this is fat However underneath all the sediment which is loaded flavour and here the clear bit we want we’re just going to literally pour out the first couple of tablespoons before we get to fat Jamie: Ben Ben: Yeah? Jamie: If I don’t want to invest in one of those little juggy things How would I be doing this? Ben: This cost me £3.99 Alternatively you can just skim off the fat with a ladle so anytime you cook, fat will always rise to the surface so just with a ladle you put that into the water or into your liquid the fat will go into the ladle you can just literally skim it off Jamie: And you’re left with the liquid underneath Ben: And you’re left with the liquid
Jamie: Alright Ben: When it’s this little amount it’s quite tricky
Jamie: Yup! Ben: But this is kind of optional so what we’re going to do is reduce that down and then stir chopped, diced tomatoes and coriander into it and it’s like a meaty tomato salsa Jamie: Did you know we’ve gone through this whole video so far without any ‘DId you Know’ facts? Ben: You’ve done well Mike: I- I know that Ben: Have you got any to add? Jamie: Did you know? Ben: Good news to add Jamie: Ben Ben: Ohh Jamie: Is the opposite of a pig because a pig has zero sweat gland’s Ben: Really I have a lot Jamie: Whereas Ben has all of the sweat gland’s Ben: I do have all of the pig’s sweat gland’s All that is left to do is contruct your warm taco with some of that– whoa that is warm Mike: That looks warm mate Ben: It’s warm with some of our even warmer pork some of this gorgeous tomato salsa with those juices Look at the colour on those onions after a good sort of hour or so Place some of those chili’s lime and coriander and there we go carnitas Ben:Sorted!
Mike: Sorted Ben: Right, no cutlery for carnitas dig in Oops that chili fell off oops that chii fell off Jamie & Mike: Oh Ben! Ben: But you guys said lime over everything Mike: Nope don’t try to make it up
Ben: So absolutely Mike: Here goes That is… Ben: Decent pork that is just brought to life by the onions Mike: Jalapeños so strong (lauging) Jamie: The thing I love about any taco is that you get kinda the whole difference between the meat which is really tender and then you get the crunch from the salsa and from the onio– eghh It’s always dripping all the way down my hand Ben: So yes it takes 3 hours in the oven but you saw what we did we basically just stuck it in a pan and stuck it in the oven it’s so easy and so tasty Mike: How did we get on? comment down below and let us know! Jamie: And if you want to make this and I know that you do you’re going to find all the details downstairs Ben: I was struggling to put it all in my mouth Mike: I’m going to have to put that down because I’ve got lard on my elbow (laughing) Mike: Click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favourites

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  1. or just buy a separating funnel from lab supply company (brand new of course dont want to accidentally poison yourself with a used one) #chemistryrules

  2. Don't care if it's authentic, it looks good (as long as I imagine that the horrible coriander is parsley. No soap flavour, please!)

  3. I have the exact same fat separator! Finally I have a kitchen tool the same as Ben! And I'm pretty sure I paid less than Ben too. #sorrynotsorry

  4. There's a lot of recipes but the basics lard, pork and orange. The pork is braced in lard with the orante, you can't call this carnitas that's more a brit-mex interpretation. You need research more.

  5. I cook my carnitas in chicken stalk until the liquid is completely gone, I know I've don't it right if I just have to stir it to separate the meat. Then I crisp it up in the oven and serve with CORN tortillas

  6. Usaron tortillas de harina :'c yo se que no tienen maíz pero es muy triste ver como comen carnitas con tortilla de harina :'c

  7. You guys should do an episode where you take all recipes you think didn't work out as well as you'd hoped and make them even better.

  8. Okay as a mexican I will say these were not wrong, but they are the most fancy carnitas tacos out there. You guys should try to visit any city in Mexico and try street food carnitas. Hit me up if you want a certified tacos guide lol

  9. Hey guys, so, I work in a mexican restaurant and I make carnitas almost every day. Im surprised to see that you did not use any vinegar while pickling your onions. Also surprised by the lack of cumin. I guess its a bit ironic, I'm a vegetarian, but this recipe seems quite different from what I do at work.

  10. I really love that you take on dishes from all over the world, specially when you try dishes from my country! Please keep doing Mexican recipes! You could try Pozole next time.

  11. awesome ! I MUST try making the pickled red onions !!! * I also liked the tip about cooking the pork in Lard… another thing I must try !!

  12. This sounds like great food to take on a picnic 😊 thanks I'm defiantly going to make this on date night (now all I need is the date 😂)

  13. Now you only need a "salsa", other than that, the recipe is pretty accurate. 😀 and guys, you need and intensive class of "how to eat and hold a taco properly". Great video!

  14. if you ever get the chance, the capital of carnitas is in Quiroga, Michoacán, México. You HAVE to try them there.

  15. My dad just made an amazing chili verse, we keep kosher so we used chicken, the other white meat works really well for all these recipes if you're avoiding pork

  16. You guys over complicated tacos were is the corn tortilla why did you pickle the onion and just use regular red salsa not drizzled with whatever you did I worked with guys raised in Mexico and that’s how they said they were made and that’s how every restaurant in Mexico made them

  17. If time isn't a factor, you can also remove large stuff and refrigerate your liquid. The fat solidifies and you can easily remove it.

  18. from someone that grew up in Mexico (also I spent a couple of year in Uruapan which is like the capital of carnitas in Mexico even though the real capital is a small town near Uruapan but we play with technicalities), I think you guys did well. I mean of course, if you are aiming to be authentic it's a little though because there some misconceptions and confusion between real Mexican food and Mexican American food. first, the method of preparation is a bit different but it got you to kind of the same place and not expecting you to get the actual tools to do it (believe me its hard to get them abroad). the tortilla (it's not a taco T.T) it supposes to be corn but it's understandable because corn tortillas are not a popular abroad.. as for the toppings all good we usually use onion over tomatoes, but the onions you guys make are pretty popular (without the sugar). you guys could have done some salsa but apart from that all good hahaha sorry for the lengthy message I really enjoyed the video hahaha.

  19. I was a very nice try, the meat looks nice, but you only have to put cilantro, chopped onion, salt, and a Mexican sauce, 🙂 but nice try

  20. Lime white onion and cilantro(coriander) are the traditional condiments. Each taco need two CORN tortillas.

  21. Easier:
    Pork Shoulder, don't trim the fat. Cook in a slow cooker with orange juice, spice blend, cooked onions, and 1/2 cup of stock. After it's tender, pull meat out and cool for 30 -40 min, and let the juices separate in the fridge in the gravy cup.

    Fire up the broiler, shred the pork, removing the squidgy bits, and lay on the baking sheet as shown.

    Add several tablespoons of rendered oil over the shredded pork, and broil until crispy. Turn once, and repeat.

  22. I really hope those are corn tortillas, but they look like wheat. Don't ask if it's authentic if you don't use a corn tortilla. The salsa looks good, but it's not like anything I've seen before.

  23. Not bad, give you a pass on the flour tortillas because I understand how difficult it is to find corn tortillas in europe or asia. Didn't really need the tomato, and usually would use white onion instead of red not pickled for carnitas, from my 20+ years of eating Mexican food. Either way, I'd eat it.

  24. Sorry Chef I will give a 5 out of 10. Presentation is a 7. The way to make carnitas is slow cook with pork fat for about 4 to 5 hrs. To get the nice golden color in the outside of the meat has to be sear first with the pork fat. Also shoulder meat is great cheap cut if meat. But the traditional carnitas have pork feet, skin ribs Ect. Also the orange does not need to be cut in slices just only a few hole in it, traditional we add a beer or Coca Cola to add little sweetness, and we used a large amouth of salt.

  25. Good effort guys! I honestly don't know where the orange came from… Honestly, it's a simple but delicious dish. It didn't need all that seasoning but it's a nice interpretation. It still looked good.

    Tip for eating tacos: Once folded, hold it from the top of the tortilla. That way when the sauces drip, they fall on the plate not all over your hand and arm. 😜😂

  26. The main thing, don't use jalapeños to top this. Try a proper salsa, it incorporates better on the meat. Also, when pickling the onions, either squeeze half a habanero on them or leave one soaking for a little bit before serving. It doesn't give the extreme heat of the habanero, but gives it a very particular tangy flavour. Plus, it's a lot more authentic. These NEED to be served with corn tortillas. Wheat tends to overpower the flavour a lot.

  27. Nice try guys. As a mexican myself, I give a 7 out of 10 as they look kinda similar, but there are several differences to how they are actually made here in Mexico. Also, I did not like that thing with the chopped tomatoes, coriander and the juice of the meat… just a regular "pico de hallo" would have sufficed

  28. there is a taco truck in my town that makes the pickled onions and they are addictive. they make fantastic carnitas as well

  29. Not counting the lack of corn tortillas this is pretty good for British people cooking Mexican food. However, if you're ever in Mexico or the Southwestern US go and get some good authentic Mexican food. If spice is a concern don't worry there are many dishes that are not spicy, but always ask because some of the salsas will blow your mind.

  30. As a mexican I don´t really eat carnitas that much (recently found out it´s cook in lard and lost the taste for them), but this recipe seems legit. If you want to try them with a homemade salsa you can broil green tomatoes, white onion and chili preferably green (you can play with the measurements to your taste), put them in a blender add some water and salt. If you want to can add a little coriander.

  31. I know this is kind of late, but how do those pickled onions taste without any vinegar? I assumed that it was required for any pickled food.

  32. You have to go with a corn tortilla, chopped raw onion, cilantro, and lime juice. Maybe salsa if you're feeling fancy, but it doesn't need it. It's a life-changing combination. The corn tortilla (versus the flour) makes a big difference in the flavour and texture.

  33. I cringe every time Ben cuts the fat-cap off of a piece of pork. The weird thing is he turned around and added a bottle of liquid lard. He could've gotten the same effect if he had just allowed the fat to render from the he removed.

  34. Every time someone says “corriander” I freakin’ taste soap. Bleeeeh.

    However. I will make this, but ignore that herb. 😀

  35. Would give it a 7/10. I am a Texan and spent lots of time in Mexico. The water, beef, chicken and ETC is just different…but looked great. Ben is a stud!

  36. I know this is almost 2 years old, but just wanted to comment that you don't need pork fat to make the salsa as the pork is already flavorful on its own (in fact I don't know of any Mexican salsas that use it). Just make a pico de gallo which is chopped tomatoes, cilantro (coriander), white/brown chopped onions, and jalapeño or serrano green peppers. A tablespoon of lemon juice/vinegar is optional. Its a bit healthier (and authentic) that way. Another option is to blend tomatoes and toasted peppers to make a salsa.

  37. 2:53 "Would you like a little bit to try just as it is?"
    "Yes please, I mean I am helping!"
    Just the way they both said that speaks volumes

  38. Hey I live in El Paso! Don’t worry, the carnitas you had were authentic, pretty much everyone in El Paso frequents to Mexico since the border is literally in our city. Because of that, the Mexican restaurants here are as Mexican as they get!

  39. Living in the u.s. I didn't realize how Mexican food is actually pretty exotic especially to European countries

  40. If you are being authentic, you are using cilantro and not coriander. Coriander is the whole plant, cilantro is the leaves.Also, corn tortillas over flour

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